Dying Fetus Coincidences

A brutal tale depicted through song titles of the even more brutal metal band Dying Fetus.

Ultimate Guitar

The Eviscerated Offspring had been Tearing Inside The Womb for months, but had finally been Born In Sodom on Judgement Day. Permanently Disfigured from the day his mother was Vomiting The Fetal Embryo (she had been Raped On The Altar), he had been brought into life with Wretched Flesh Consumption, a compulsive disorder that stemmed from the Fate of The Condemned. Reduced To Slavery In Times Of War, he joined the Ancient Rivalry between the enemies and his homeland. He would Stop At Nothing to destroy the Fornication Terrorists.

The battlefield had only one rule: Destroy The Opposition. Eager to spill blood and flesh, the Offspring charged ahead of his comrades, shouting outward We Are Your Enemy! After you are dead, I shall Kill Your Mother and Rape Your Dog!. With his rifle he continuously aimed and fired. For many opposing soldiers, their fate was the same; One Shot, One Kill. Killing On Adrenaline, the Offspring's Unadulterated Hatred fueled his Onslaught of Malice, completely eradicating the enemy's Obsolete Deterrence. Abandon All Hope, he laughed. There is Nothing Left To Pray For but Homicidal Retribution!

An enemy soldier showing Absolute Defiance towards the Offspring attempted to attack but was met with a Grotesque Impalement as he was pierced by his bayonet. Your Blood Is My Wine, he whispered into the man suffocating on his own blood. The Offspring took out his weapon and started feasting on the crimson coloured substance that poured out of him. He then smashed the man's skull wide open with the stock end of his rifle, immediately inducing Blunt Force Trauma. After Beaten Into Submission, the man was Skull F--ked as the Offspring inserted his genitals into the dead enemy's open head. The battle had been won with this final opponent killed and raped, the Schematics of his insides being very much appreciated by his killer, but his fellow comrades were traumatized by this Insidious Repression. One of the comrades he had attempted to Visualize Permanent Damnation and failed to imagine a fate worse than what was before him- stepped out to stop the Offspring from his defilement. Vengeance Unleashed for interrupting his scrotum Bathe In Entrails (he was just about to start Pissing in the Mainstream of the corpse's frontal cortex), the Offspring flung himself at his intruding comrade but was quickly help captive and knocked unconscious by others.

Awoken in the corner of a jail cell, the Offspring was soon overcome by an Epidemic of Hate. He had been punished by the same Institutions of Deceit he had fought and killed for, and he now knew what his next goal was; After raping the enemy, it was now time to begin Raping The System that had betrayed him.

that raped woman didn't want to Procreate the Malformed, a nearby meal said, his words provoking his inevitable Forced Elimination. One of those Parasites Of Catastrophe like you said, fueled on blood and war, no matter the side. You should have seen the way he penetrated him, not just with his rifle! That was no Justifiable Homicide, it was Intentional Manslaughter no doubt, especially after he charged at me. Felt like I had been Purged Of My Worldly Being just watching it. They're planning a Nocturnal Crucifixion for the bastard next week if you can't fix' him. Here's his cell, Father

Standing on the other side of the cell was the man who had ruined his previous feasting and an old priest holding a wooden cross and a bible. The Offspring was at first alarmed but then surprised that the holy man did not recognize him. The soldier opened the gate with his left hand, held a .32 in his other for caution and let the priest inside. Already initiating his Brutal Assault, the Offspring charged towards the priest and held him hostage as the soldier steadied the gun on him.

What is wrong with you, fiend?! Are you For Us or Against Us?! The Soldier found his answer as Streaks of Blood ran down the priest's robe; he had been stabbed with his cross.

Praise the Lord, the Offspring chuckled, content that revenge against this Father, his father, had finally been fulfilled for violating his mother, for making him the thing he is today. He threw his creator's corpse at the soldier knocking them both down and realized he was still famished. He decided he would feast on the man who stopped his previous supper.

And The Weak Shall Be Crushed, he said.

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    The problem is that half of the song names are silly enough to be funny without this. Streaks of Blood? Eviscerated Offspring? It's like calling a song Raining Bloo- Oh, wait.