Even More Cover Songs You Never Knew Existed

Here are seven more amusing covers you probably haven't heard of.

Ultimate Guitar

Since my previous articles on the subject (first one and second one) attracted significant interest, I present to the good folks at Ultimate Guitar... even more covers that aren't well known!

Number 1: Fall Out Boy - "Love Will Tear Us Apart," originally performed by Joy Division

I have absolutely no idea how any of the members of Fall Out Boy ever heard any Joy Division songs, but well, speaking as a Division fan, this cover of the post-punk groups' biggest hit actually manages to not suck.

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Number 2: Yngwie Malmsteen - "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme," originally performed by ABBA

ABBA are Swedish music legends. Yngwie is also a Swedish music legend. Is this cover logical? You decide.

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Number 3: Nirvana - "Heartbreaker," originally performed by Led Zeppelin

My personal favorite thing from Nirvana's rarities album "Sliver: Best Of The Box."

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Number 4: Living Colour - "Sunshine Of Your Love," originally performed by Cream

This odd cover appears on the soundtrack to the 1994 film "True Lies" and can also be found on most Living Colour hits CDs.

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Number 5: Reckless Love - "Hysteria," originally performed by Def Leppard

An acoustic take on the title track from Def Leppard's most popular album, this cover can be found on the "Cool Edition" of Reckless Love's self-titled debut album.

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Number 6: Johnny Cash - "Cat's In The Cradle," originally by Harry Chapin

I don't know what album this song was on originally, but I found it on one of those ICON compilation CDs that seem to flood the 5.99 bins nowadays.

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Number 7: Judas Priest - "Johnny B. Goode," originally performed by Chuck Berry

This is not so much a "you haven't heard it" cover, as an "it's awesome" cover.

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Finally, to wrap up, here's Ace Frehley's take on "New York Groove." Why? Because I can!

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Hope this was fun for all.

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    Well - I did not know that any of these existed, or that the Frehley's tune was a remake itself. Actually I may have heard the JP song, but didn't know it was them.