Fame And Despair

The metal band Vengance experiences the dark times.

Ultimate Guitar

The summary doesn't explain to well about the story, unlike many of the stories on UG this story focuses on a man and the band around him, and how the eventually go from a band with everytihng to lose, to having nothing to lose, and then eventually nowhere to go but up. Enjoy, this is my first story that I have really written. This story does contain some profanity.

Vengance! Vengance! Vengance! The thousands of fans chant as they wait for the show to begin. The lights soon dim after a few minutes of the constant chants. The slow instrumental passage plays as the band soon makes there way onto the stage being careful not to be seen by anyone in the crowd. The stage has a massive setup including many risers to run up and jump off of. The very energetic lead guitarist, Brandon Stephens, prepares for the intro to come to its end as he waits on top of a riser next to the drums. As the intro slows, there is a small pause. The drums come thundering in with its high paced tempo and as the first bar is over the lights come on and they dance around the stage. The rhythm guitarist Jake begins playing his fast rhythm piece that has a Megadeth and Iron Maiden esque to it. The song soon comes to the first solo. As the it comes closer and closer the lead guitarist Brandon jumps off the riser 10 feet in the air and 15 feet away, landing and beginning the solo just on time. The solo is a series of sweeps that lead into a very fluid legato passage that comes to an end. The verse begins and the two guitarist, Brandon and Jake, make there way up to the front of the stage playing and complimenting each other style, just how they have always done since they were 13 years old. The song progresses and finally ends, and the show goes on for another hour and a half with the same energy and aggression as they had when they started showing almost no signs of tiredness with only having very minor breaks.

The show comes to its crashing crescendo and the fans have had there last encore song. The ringing of the guitars and drums still echo around the arena and the band begins to pack up and head home. There North American leg of the tour is over and they get a week break before there European tour.

Hey Brandon man, what you going to do over little break? Jake says as he catches up to Brandon who is a bit farther ahead of him than his friend. I don't know man, I think I'm going to spend some time with my girl. Brandon shows a somewhat smile as he turns around and waits for Jake.

Yeah, you're going to spend some time' with her aren't you? Jake and Brandon laugh as they walk to the limo. The other band members, James, who plays drums, Chris, who plays Bass, and Tommy, there lead singer, all have left in there respective limos on there way to the airport already anxiously wanting to get home. What are you going to do over it? Brandon says as they ride to the airport. Shit man, I don't even know, maybe I'll go out to some bars around L.A, or something I don't really know. Jake says as he looks out the windows only be able to glimpses of things as they pass by.

What happened to Amy? Brandon questions wondering why he wouldn't be spending time with her.

Shit man, she was f--king using me and sleeping around with a shit load of guys. She was doing all that before we went on tour, probably been doing it for a while. Jake says with a flash of anger showing in him.

That sucks dude, maybe we can chill if you want. As Brandon tries to cheer his friend up a little.

It's cool dude, don't worry about it, I can get some girls from the strip clubs for my good times. Jake burst out laughing. The rest of the ride to the airport was spent with just more small talk and finally with there final good byes as they got out of the limo and made there way to there planes.

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    A little too short, the grammar wasn't too bad, I'm not completely worried, hopefully next episode will be a bit longer and a bit more interesting, story line seems like a good one, and hopefully the story will turn into to something good Keep up the writing!