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Thanks to the mass eruption of social media and YouTube our opinions are no longer sacred. God forbid you dislike something for valid reasons because you're going to be swarmed by a mass of fanboys jumping down your throat. So, that leaves us with a long-debated question of what the differences are between being a legitimate "Fan" and being a "Fanboy." Let me set the tone for everyone. Back in the year 2000 as a weekly treat my dad would take me out and let me buy a CD if all of my chores were done and if my grades were acceptable in school. I quickly built up a nice little collection and started to run into bands I had never listened to. Cold had just released "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage" and a co-worker suggested I grabbed it. Instantly it became one of my most favorite albums; which it still is. The next week I grabbed their older self-titled album and loved it just as much. One could say I was a "Fanboy" at the time - I'll get to the dividing line momentarily. I'd tell everyone in school just how awesome this music was and expected everyone to like the same thing. Keep in mind it was high school - I had yet to experience the reality that cultures vary greatly even in a small group of people. If someone said they hated Cold I'd jump their **** and get frustrated over something so immature. Fast forward to the present. Between military experience, living on my own, and being almost constantly drunk through my party years, I quickly realized that almost no one has the same taste of music as I do. Given the wrong place at the wrong time (especially with drunk people) things sometimes got heated. Now I like to say I'm more open about all different kinds of music (except rap) and recommend bands as a friendly suggestion and nothing more.

Dividing the Two

Being a Fan:

In order to be considered a fan of a certain band you're obviously very familiar with their style and you're not afraid to say "Hmm... This is by far not the best I've heard, and while I do not like it, I'm glad they at least put a new album out." Tool is a great example. A lot of true Tool fans I've read comments from in UG articles said something along the lines of "I'm happy with what I have so far. If it takes them another 5 years to release something so be it. I'll have something additionally worth listening to that I know they've taken their time on to make my listening experience just that much better." A "Fan" is always happy with what they have and if they don't like something they can still accept it. ("Lulu" anyone?) Metallica fans typically don't like "Lulu" and aren't afraid to say it's not their best album by far, but they still respect the band.

Being a Fanboy:

When Cold released "A Different Kind of Pain" I was mature enough that I no longer listened to them because it was "a band that not many people liked and/or knew about," it was for their actual music. I did not like the said album (and absolutely despise their newest "Superfiction") and left a simple comment stating that I had been a fan for years but I wasn't pleased at the direction they were going - I respected it but I had the choice to listen and I didn't care for it. Immediately I had an ambush of replies ranging from "You just hate them because they're trying something new!" to "F*** off you **** **** **** (insert your own bad words)." These people jumping my stuff, like I had once done myself, are what we consider "Fanboys." Maybe they legitimately like the music, maybe they secretly dislike it, but either way they take the defensive position because you're "Disrespecting the best band in the world!" Tool fanboys are easily distinguishable. "It has been too long!" "We need another album!" "I wear their shirts every day to show my love and they're not releasing another CD because I want them to!". A fan, as mentioned above, is quite content with what they have. Let me prove a point by being honest. A few of my least favorite bands are: U2, Rush, Rolling Stones, AFI, and Jane's Addiction. Yes, I probably mentioned a band that you might like a lot. A fan would simply respect my opinion, a fanboy would automatically label me as a "musical idiot" and proceed to belittle me. The same can be said for a few of my favorite bands like: NIN, Tool, Periphery, Stone Sour, and (gasp!) Theory Of A Deadman. I'll leave you with this. Post a band and/or album that you like that has some mixed reviews; or a band and/or album you dislike that has mass appeal, and we'll see who the "Fans" and "Fanboys" are. This is my first article and if you'd like me to write about something specific I'll be more than happy to do so.

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    i am a trivium fan but their fanboys are the worst fanboys of all... their latest album sucks ass but everything else is great in my opinion.
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    I couldn't get into the new album. In Waves took me long time to get into but now I really love it. Everything else, I think is awesome, especially the Crusade.
    Trivium haters are possibly even worse. One guy once gave me shit for wearing a T-shirt of Trivium at a concert of another band.
    I do legitimately like the new album too. I don't really think I've heard a bad song by them yet. Some are better than others, but all are good. Seriously, I think quite a lot of the hate is due to Draiman been involved, but I really think he brought in some rather interesting aspects to the music.
    Falling in Reverse.... COME AT ME.. Joke, I dislike Falling in Reverse xD
    I love how there aren't any fanboys on this post. Good job calling them out ColdTheory, proud of ya.
    I'm actually looking at going to a FiR and EtF concert soon. This is after having just been to a We Still Dream! show and a BTBAM show in September. I have odd musical tastes.
    Black Sabbath's album 13, absolutely love most of it. But I suppose some people feel a bit differently.
    It's a good album and it's what they pretty much had to do in their position, but for exactly those reasons it's problematic because stylistically it follows on from what Sabbath were doing 30+ years ago, when they actually had a lot of really good albums since, beyond the obvious Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules albums.
    You think you have it bad? Try Being a Burzum fan and putting up with the Neo-Nazi fanboys.....
    Metallicas St. Anger, Its far from what Metallica usually sounds (even Load and Reload has a closer Metallica style) but still Its a pretty good record, I like it. but Hordes of "fans/Fanboys" seems to hate it
    I think Foo Fighters is wildly over-rated. They only get that much praise because Dave Grohl was part of Nirvana. Also, I don't think Nickelback is half as bad as people try to make them out to be. Yeah, they're not ground breaking but they sure know how to write a straight forward rock track.
    Agree about Foo Fighters....they're alright but no better than dozens of other bands in that genre. a greatest hits collection is probably all you need
    I happen to enjoy Lulu. I understand people's reservations about it, but I also think too many people went into it wanting a Metallica album, which is definitely not what Lou Reed and the band were aiming to create. It was something different for all involved, including the listener.
    The Beatles are possibly the most overrated band in history and even though I love their later albums and contributions to recording advancements I still believe a lot of their legendary status is due to marketing, appearance, and hype. I await the onslaught.
    I admit that I'm an Oasis fanboy. I even tried to imitate Liam Gallagher's walk when I was growing up. Oh I miss the 90s... Other than that I'm pretty much a normal music fan... but I'm curious to see what kinds of shitstorms this article will initiate.
    Oasis sucks!
    haha i think all of us oasis fanboys have tried to imitate liam gallagher at some point in our lives
    Tell you what... the secret formula is: walk as if your shoulders were both dislocated and your knees were in deep pain. Worked for me.
    Alright, I'll be honest. I think Slipknot is absolutely unlistenable. I understand why people like them, especially back in their biggest years, but my god... I'm not sure about bands, but as far as albums that nobody seemed to like but I do, I'll say Relapse by Eminem. Yes, really. His voice was definitely...Odd, but it doesn't bother me at all. A lot of the songs are lyrically really well done, too (check out Underground). Saying that, I still can't think of even 1 song from Recovery that I like, and trust me I've tried.
    Relapse was not his worst album by far. Encore, Recovery, Bad Meets Evil, and soon to be Marshal Mathers LP II are much worse.
    It did get posted earlier.....but I agree about the Beatles being overrated. To me they were a workaday rock and roll band who had a manager sussed enough to get a deal with a major, who in turn hooked them up with the best producer in the business, who then allowed them to f**k about in the studio long enough to produce something mildy interesting. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
    I love Load, Reload, St. Anger and dislike Death Magnetic. Haven't bothered with listening to Lulu. Also, I've had my share of listening to Tool, but I don't feel like I'm their fan anymore. Too much of a good thing, I guess. I listen to a song or two when I feel like it, but that's it.
    You're the first person that I see enjoying more St. Anger rather than Death Magnetic... not that I agree with you, but it's still an interesting opinion.
    I kinda like reload and load, but dislike both death magnetic and st. anger and lulu of course was terrible.
    Most of Nirvanas stuff. I really think that Kurt and Nirvana didn't deserve any of the credit they got for their music, and i am tired of people acting like Kurt was a god. I thought he was a terrible musician.
    You have to give them SOME credit. You can't deny that they had a few songs that were catchy and different. But ya, Cobain is definitely not the master songwriter and musician that fanboys make him out to be.
    A lot of the scene kids my age are Nirvana fanboys/girls, the thing that annoys me most about them is they think even Cobains most ridiculous lyrics are some subtle insight into his mind.
    Kurt had been known to swap verses and even omit entire lyrics while performing live. I don't know how someone could take his lyrics seriously if Kurt himself couldn't even remember them. I like Nirvana for the music. It's not overly complex or written by a bunch of virtuosos, but it's still pretty entertaining to listen to.
    Yeah, they made a couple of good songs, but i think that they are very overrated, and i really don't like the hype Kurt got after his death. i really don't think that he was a good songwriter.
    Wow, I really am a Nirvana fanboy... that comment really hurted me xD but I wont throw any sh-t at you... I get that they cannot appeal to ANYONE, especially when we are far from the time when they became famous (and for Nirvana that's something to consider) Anyway... I love Nirvana. And I think that Kurt was a good enough musician to express what he wanted to... there, I said it xD
    In some ways the fact they became popular was just a huge influence on the moving away from the old glamorous appearance of the 90s, and that's what gained them a lot of status. For the time it was something different. In my opinion also, I think they had good songs.
    If you weren't there, you will never understand.
    I WAS there and had trouble understanding it haha. Nirvana was a much-welcomed change in music that soon became a phenom. I still have trouble, though, with people who think Kurt was a "God" , when who he really was, was a talented man whose dreams of rock stardom materialized very quickly. Then, with the help of heroin and a histrionic wife, found out that getting everything you want doesn't necessarily make you happy. Shit, we played gigs with all of the Seattle based grunge bands way back in the 80s. We were jealous as **** when they all started making it big. But some of those we were jealous of are now dead, and I am still breathing. I don't have much; but I have talent and my sanity (sort of).
    And as far as dislikes go, i either got the most offensive opinion or the fanboys are on the loose.
    Eh, not really. You're free to the opinion but people should be just as free to let you know they don't agree. What were you expecting? Upvotes?
    actually i just wanted to see peoples reaction, and the one with the fanboys was meant as a joke, but as i am the only down voted comment yet, you can't deny that i also must be the most offensive.
    I too enjoy a lot of Trivium's stuff. Some of their songs I really don't care for, but I think overall I actually like the majority of their work.
    Ryan Withers
    Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band and synister gates is my favorite guitarist. i think the music is interesting and they never do the same thing twice. they are unique and ever changing. and syns phrasing on guitar is awesome i always enjoy the solo's with the exception of a few. that being said, the new album was decent, i only enjoyed half the tracks on it
    I liked almost all their previous stuff. There were some week songs, especially on 'sounding...' and city of evil is one of the best albums of the 21st century. But I was terribly disappointed with the new album. I can't really find any song that I'd want to hear again from that album.
    In my younger teenage years, I was kind of a snob/fanboy (these 2 are more frequently related than most care to admit). I'd listen only to what I thought was good (which wasn't much) and my most frequent answer to someone whose musical taste was even slightly different was to immediatly ridicularize that person's taste. It took me 3 years to actually realize how immature I was and how I was hurting only myself for not listening to some great stuff that was outside the wall I built. I guess we all go through that fanboy stage, especially in the younger teenage years, and most of the times these two are related to one another. Which brings me to a point: There's only three kinds of fanboys: 1 - The teenager who just recently started getting interested in music; 2 - The guy whose head is shoved so far upon his/her ass that just doesn't know any better; 3 - The guy that just wants to watch the world burn.
    Thanks everyone for the positive reception! I'm not a Nirvana fan either but they do have some catchy songs. Trapt is another band I like (in moderate doses) but my wife can't stand them so i don't listen to them as much as I used to. I'm partial to pop music but if I hear that dang "What does the fox say?" Song one more time I'm gonna rip my ears off!
    I used to be a complete Radiohead-fanboy - I would argue with anyone who said they didn't like it, since I had the assumption that Radiohead's sound was so wide that you just had to find them the right song, then they would love it, and otherwise they were just musically ignorant or closeminded - Of course, when I took my next level of education (I have no idea what the american/british equivalent is of the danish "Gymnasium") I quickly discovered that it wasn't that way. I went into a musical line, expecting people to be able to understand and love it - The first 6 months, I would argue with anyone who thought Radiohead to be on a sub-par level, or just didn't like the sound. I was mocked a bit, and later, unwillingly, a joke began to spread were my classmates would compare Radiohead to less, shall we say, "sophisticated" music (Lil' Wayne, Nickelback, Carle Ray Jepsen). At first I was pissed, but suddenly it hit me like a brick how idiotic and immature I had been. Music is of course a very subjective manner, and no matter how "brilliant" or "incredible" I might find a band, others have other personal conceptions of what makes music great, just like my reasons for enjoying Radiohead were nothing but personal opinions. I stopped arguing with others, and decided to flip things around - I would ask what they listened to and check it out, to understand what they saw in music. Quite quickly, I re-discovered that there was a world of different sounds outside the sounds of Radiohead. I challenged myself to listen to a wider array of genres, artists, and bands. I still like Radiohead, but I don't listen to them nearly as much as I used to. I also prefer to keep my musical opinions out when talking to others, since I've come to accept that my taste is (incoming hipster moment) a bit unique, and that most of my friends outside the musical circle don't know them. Still, I've mentally matured enough that you're just as likely find me singing along to the icelandic gibberish of Sigur Ros, as seeing me with my buddies singing/playing along to the newest Coldplay song. I just really don't care about specific bands anymore, if I like a song, then it's okay for me, and if I don't like it, then be happy that others find joy in listning to it.
    Kinda the same for me. Early high school I adored Radiohead and considered them the pinnacle of music (OK C is still my all time favorite album though). Then I started finding bands that were making soundscapes just as good or even better. Also going to poppier stuff cause music can be fun and not groundbreaking. Recently though I've been getting into more experimental electronic music and found a new appreciation for Kid A. But overall I don't listen to them nearly as much.
    You're a musical idiot. I shall now proceed to belittle you. Seriously though, as a Rush fan, you pretty much have to be a true fan. You end up dealing with so much hatred/dislike for Rush.
    Do you? I've never dealt with any hatred for Rush. Maybe that's just a plus for growing up in Canada lol.
    I´m yet to find a Rush song I´d like: I hate the guys voice and find their guitar riffs boring with over produced drums. Same with The Who, cannot get their music. On the other hand, Queen and AC/DC are flawless to my ears. I was also a total GnR fanboy during the Appetite era. But of course, those guys were and still are the greatest, not to mention most dangerous, rock band in the history of human kind. Some things never change.
    Muse-The 2nd law is my favorite album of 2012 and one of my favorite Muse albums and a lot of people don't like it....which is completely fine.....just don't say that "What Does The Fox Say" is real music and The 2nd Law is not.....
    Nickelback,they're not particularly imaginative songwriters but they've written some pretty solid rock songs. Not a great band but I really don't think they deserve all the hate they get.
    I would say that you can say you are a fan when you're in the capability of making fun of your favorite bands and their shity albums hehe
    Alt-J. Some people think they're one of the best new bands around. I think they sound like a really bad Radiohead parody. Their singer's voice annoys the crap out of me. But that's just my opinion.
    No gasp from me over Theory of a Deadman, I think they're a genuinely quality band
    I love how his girlfriend likes to have it, and even after denied it to her, the b*tch came back
    The Bitch came back, but she likes to shake her ass. People say "Make up your mind, you Got it made", but the truth is I lied. I hate my life and just want to be like the Invisible Man. (Couldn't resist)
    I like Godsmack, though I am not so enamored with their latest album. The music is good, but there's just something lacking in Erna's lyrics. It feels repetitive. It is still a decent album.
    Faceless was my favorite album. The newer stuff isn't as appealing but I love their acoustic album with "Running Blind" on it.
    Go ahead and shoot me, but Dragonforce is one of my favorite bands ever.
    They really are fantastic musicians with some serious-chops. It's too bad everyone only remembers the first few legs of the Inhuman Rampage-tour, when they had subpar stage-production. They are actually a pretty good live-band when they have a competent road-crew.
    I would say I'm a Trivium fanboy, but then again I absolutely despise their latest album so maybe I'm not?
    i always thought i was a trivium fanboy until vengeance falls came out so i dont i am anymore
    Black Veil Brides - i think the actual music is pretty cool for whatever genre they are, but the image and pre teen fangirls have turned them into a laughing stock
    link no1
    I kind of really like their music but their image really puts me off. The only time I have and will ever watch them is at download festival because it's a festival, there where enough people there that I wouldn't be noticed.
    I hate metalica, nirvana, slayer, children of bodom I love motley crue, poison, twisted sister and iron maiden!
    I love Kings of Leon. The majority of people on this forum base their opinions on post-2008 run of the mill KoL but nothing beats their early rawness imo
    Sleaze Disease
    Seems like every Dream Theater fan you talk to is a complete fanboy. Extremely overrated band, IMO.
    I feel that there is a bit of hipocrisy involved in that one... Did you actually read the article? Or should I ask if you can even read?
    I'm a huge Metallica fan, and as well as the rest here, I love the loads, and St. Anger. At first I didn't know what to think of DM, but after listening more and more I developed a liking to it. Same goes with Opeth and heritage. Different, but still Opeth.
    What about the true crap? Miley Cyrus and the lot. can we just categorize their "fans and "fanboys" as the same form of refuse and stuff them in a trash compactor?
    One of my favorite bands is for whatever reason, the most hated band on UG - Avenged Sevenfold. And i don't like Muse
    Everyone is talking crap about Dave Mustaine and "Supercollider". I liked the album I thought it was a good experiment for a somewhat different sound for them.
    P.s., i initially thought "How did UG get a picture of me to use!?" But that guy is bigger than I am.
    My top favorite bands[Rob Zombie,Trivium,Slightly Stoopid,Koffin Kats,Sublime[R.I.P],Rebelution,Less Than Jake,John 5 & Veil of Maya] can do no wrong. I'll admit to being a fanboy for these bands because they have yet to disappoint me and I enjoyed every song they've released. All the other bands I like are easier to judge for some reason.
    I'm a Bad Religion fan, they're not my favourite band by far but they're pretty great, but their fanboys annoy the hell out of me, acting like that because BR have intelligent lyrics and harmonies but are still very much punk, they are more punk than everyone else, and then they will rip you to shreds if you happen to be a street-punk, assuming you're some poseur drunk punk idiot, I'm a street-punk, but I hardly drink and don't like being second guessed...
    I quite The 2nd Law by Muse, when I know a lot of people were disappointed with it. I suppose it has a very wide range of musical genres in it, especially more electronic stuff, which is probably why some fans of Muse's older stuff didn't like it, and maybe I enjoyed it more because I have quite wide musical tastes. Its definitely not their best album to date (I love OoS), but I still quite like it
    The 2nd Law was one of my favorites of 2012, I think. It was just so much fun with all the bombast. Although it didn't seem to get much hate here.