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We are excited to introduce you Angelo Marruzzi -- a guitarist, composer, recording engineer and producer from Boston! He is scheduled to tour in the Summer with actor Steven Seagal's Blues band is also stated to play some gigs with original Iron Maiden singer Paul D'ianno later this year.

  • Biography:

    Angelo Marruzzi was born in 1961 and raised in the around Boston, Massachusetts. He started listening to all types of music at a very early age. He switched from trumpet to thr guitar in 1975, practicing 8 hours a day. 6 months later angelo started his first band Void, which featured mostly his original heavy rock and blues material. He continued to play in and around the Boston area, and was a member of the infamous and very popular Boston-based heavy metal band Steel Assassin in the early 80's, which also inlcuded Marc (Schuman) Ferarri before he joined Keel.

  • Guitar Skill:

    Angelo recieved a B.A. in music and audio/visual at Mass College of Art before he moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to study music theory at Musician's Institute. Since then has been working in and around Hollywood as a studio guitarist, recording engineer, composer/arranger, producer, and guitar tech, in many prestigious studios such as Capital Records and now defunct Devonshire Studios. He has toured both domestically and internationally.

    He is proficient in writing and perfoming Rock, Blues, Fusion, and Classical stles, and also plays bass and several instruments of the mandolin family. He was first runner-up in the November 1989 Guitar Player Magazine Sound-page competition after his girlfriend submitted a particuarly emotional instrumental blues.

  • Guitar Gear:

    Angelo's main guitars are 62 and 66 Stratocasters, a 59 LP Junior, and a Gibson Flying V with original 50's PAF pickups. He employs vintage Marshall and Orange amps, and a Leslie 122 rotating speaker. He also sometimes uses overdrive and treble boost devices on his own design and construction.

    Angelo is currently working on his latest effort, a CD of progressive heavy rock/blues and plans on shopping labels for distribution and hopefully a deal upon its completion. He was also recently commissioned to compose the orchestral score for an independent film.

    Angelo looks forward to working on different musical projects in the future and strives to work in an environment that can make good use of his many talents, His goal as a guitarist is to achieve mass recognition and exposure for his own playing and writing, and to tour with his own band.

  • Audio:

    04. Fingerbreaker (mp3). 02. Blues #3 (mp3). Recorded with a Fender Telecaster straight into a '62 VoxAC30. 03. Spy Vs. Spy (mp3). Angelo playing all the guitars and bass. 04. Cattango (mp3). Original composition with Angelo playing all instruments, featuring both classical guitars and mandolin.

  • Contacts:

    Angelo Marruzzi can be contacted at: Email: solasound@comcast.net Website: www.MusicLord.net.

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      All i have to say is f@#%ing good music man, it's about time somebody played this kind of music!!!!
      I've always wanted to learn to play spanish style guitar haha. That blues song is amazing too
      Ya I would have to sayJarle H. Olsen Project is still the best band at UG.
      He fused blues and rock like a Rock God It's fresh and you can feel its raw power.
      Probably my favorite artist featured so far. That blues number was great....god how I love those Vox AC30's.