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After a short brake on our side we are glad to give you another chance to listen to some alternative to the mainstream music. This time it's a one-peice band Faucet Of Scrublife Fame.

  • Band History/Background

    I really can't classify my music, because there's alot to it. I suppose I could say the main sound you'll get is a mix of pop-punk and hip-hop, but it's not just on some rock-rap kinda ordeal, it ventures way out there. I get involed with folk, blues, jazz, drum n' bass, all sorts of fields, I suppose the one thing that stays consitient is the hip-hop element. I've been a rapper for 6 years now, and it wasn't until about 3 years ago I got into bands like Blink, Sum 41, NFG and Mest. Well, I didn't wanna put out another band that sounded like the rest, so I just played the style of music, rapped over it, and hell, it works. The special thing about my hip-hop is I thrive on quality, I won't put out a verse that isn't the finest it can be, I stay real to everything I am, as cliched as that statement may be in rap. I have more one-liners than broke coke addicts. I am from Marysville, WA.

  • Band Name

    Faucet Of Scrublife Fame. I [Austen] came up with that about 5 years ago. It started off as a play on 2pac's ThugLife, but then it just snowballed, so I run with it, I feel it represents me rather well. The name Faucet means nothing, it's just a name I picked.

  • Genre Of Music

    I really can't say just one genre, cuz my influences and likes range from Simon & Garfunkel, to Foo Fighters, to Blink 182, to Coldplay, to GN'R, and all down the lines. I can say that I hate pop-music, but pop doesn't mean popular to me, pop means music made for the sake of making money, not music. These fabricated f@cka-sheet-music-the-only-note-I-care-about-is-a-C-Note marketed to dumbassed teenagers who are just as idiotic as the people putting it out kinda artist. They don't work for what they get, and they don't deserve it, it's embarassing.

  • Biography

    Haha, I've been making music for 6 years and I haven't done one damn show. I've rocked a couple house parties, recently, but that's the extent of it. I don't have a band to play live yet, so, I've had to do it all acousticly and such. I just started making music because I love the fucking hell out of it, nothing makes me happier, not girls, not money, nothing, this is why I'm here, sappy as that sounds.

  • Some Interesting Facts About Your Band

    Um, I do all of it myself. I play guitar, drums, piano, bass, I produce, I do it all. I'm a control freak like that.

  • Why People Should Listen To Your Music?

    They should listen to it if they like it. I don't think I'm the greatest thing to hit music, but I'm pretty damn good. I feel like I can cross-reach all genres of music. Someone who hates rap can vibe to me, someone who hates pop-punk can vibe to me. If anything, my rhymes bring'em in, you can't deny what I'm saying, and you can't-not-be entertained. I'm honest, and I'm doing it for the sake of doing it.

  • Audio Files

    You can find alot of my work at Soundclick. Here are the direct links to mp3. These files are stored at Soundclick website - you should be registered to be able to download these files.

    01. Yaar (mp3) 02. First Date (mp3) 03. Scrublife Anthem (mp3) 04. A Buck 50 (mp3) 05. Just Friends (mp3) 06. Same Hood (mp3)

  • Link to your website Please check out my website at this location.

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      your acoustic playing is fantastic mate. the rapping does not go to be honest, but the lyrics are very good
      Dude, in the middle of ScrubLife Anthem, I go into a punk-version of R. Kelly's Ignition Remix, it's obvious that isn't my own song, and everyone knows that. I mean, I guess you can think I have a shitty attitude, but you're saying I'm copying people when I'm not. Unless it's obvious like it is with the R. Kelly song. I appreciate the support, but don't get mad at me when I become defensive at claims that aren't true. As for that other lyric you pointed out, I'm sure I'm not the only rapper to ever rhyme 'moment' and 'hold it'....
      It does not appear that you are an open-minded person. I'm sad to see that, sir. You did a decent job defending your lyrics, but here are the honest facts. "For just one moment, freeze it and hold it." "Sippin' on coke and rum." These are lyrics from two well known rappers. You did not come across these phrases by accident. Your voice tones and the very way you "rap" them is 100% identical. However, I don't think it matters that much. Your music is good, and you have a natural talent. Continue to play/write music, and find ways to improve. My last suggestion: Since you are burning your own cds, (the same way I am doing it) you will need to make sure that you use an excellent computer program to edit and mix your tracks. "Cool Edit" is without question the best program for this. It costs about $299, but can be downloaded from kazaa for free. I will be completely honest with you sir. Three of your songs have been on my Winamp playlist for the last 2 weeks. I listen to them about as much as I listen to my favorite bands. System of a Down, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I respect you for you musical talent. However, I find your character and attitude to be terrible. This is the last post/suggestion that you will see from me. (Sorry for the brutal honesty, sir.) Good luck with your life. Ryan.
      First off.... I've never, in my entire life for one second thought about ripping off another rapper. My lyrics are what I hold most dear to me, it's what I've worked on the hardest my entire time making music. I hardly even listen to rap these days just so I don't hear what's being said, as to prevent anyone from saying I bite other emcees, because I don't. Ever. I've never even asked people for suggestions, like "what should I put here? What rhymes with this?" because I want my lyrics to be 100% me, and they are. It is common however for emcees to use the same metaphor, or smilie or what have you, as tons of people are creative. Second... I multi-track, when I preform however, I rap and play at the same time, it isn't hard. I do want to play with a fullband, it's just hard to get one together, I've got one in the works, however. And, I appreciate the offer, but I got the CD's and the such covered, I record it all at home and just burn demos, I've got no problem doing that. As for everything being all acoustic, it's just that way for now until I get a full band going, so that way when I preform live the kids can hear what they're getting on the record.
      Did you play the acoustic while you were rapping, or did you multi-track it all together? I'm interested in knowing more about you, and what style of music your band plays. Overall, I think your music is good. The lyrics, however, are only decent... I noticed a few areas in which you completely ripped off your words from other rappers. That's not good, Faucet. You need to make sure your lyrics are 100% original. Also, I understand that you like to play it all by yourself... You need to get over the "one man band" idea. I had the same problem at first, but once you start to play with others, and find the joy in making music together, harmonizing, and just plain making friends, you will never again want to play solo. Do you have any cds made yet, by either you or what I think your saying is a band you are in? If not, I have enough money to finance making a good cd. I need to know if your interested, and if your willing to change a few of your views on music. Some ideas: Try adding some good quality bass guitar into your music. Practice breathing inbetween words while rapping. (this will help your voice come across a little more clearly, and you won't notice the occasional heavy-quick breathe in. This can all be editted out in a studio, but not on stage. You might want to use a keyboard to add in some light background... Unless your goal is to get a very natural "acoustic feel". In which case you would need to add either bass or a second acoustic guitar in, to fill the dead space. All this being said, your off to an excellent start. Keep up the good work, sir. (email me: purem8@aol.com)
      *thumbs up* Thanks for the time and the kind words, broster...
      i have to say i like a buck 50 and same hood and everything else is good too cuz it aint easy to just rap with an acoustic guitar so u did a good job with that keep it up
      thanks for the kind words, elbazo, and Rock Show, really appreciate the time. The name works like this. My stage name is Faucet. I'm from ScrubLife. So, my fame is from ScrubLife. Hence, Faucet of ScrubLife Fame. My friend told me to change the name, but eeeh...
      im not particularly fond of tha name (mainly kuz i aint got no idea what tha hell it means) but yur style is superb.....heheh.....su perb..... dam funny word, that is.
      Well, at least you didn't listen, so you know what you're talking about. and, at least you didn't read my entire bio, so you really have a good idea of what's going on. Score points for you, perhaps I should start judging things blindly like you. Wait, no. Because I wanna be more than a janitor when I grow up.
      i didnt bother to listen. seems pretty crap to me. why dont you not be a loser and drop the rap and get a band. play a live show with a band its alot funner tahn playing by your self
      Hey, Everlast? C'mon dudesy, I'm at least fatter than Everlast...and hey, I may suck at the guitar and writing lyrics, but at least....er...um...damn.
      oh...and no real talent at guitar...or lyrical depth...actually. It's horrible
      Thanks, you guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my work and dropping the kind words. S'kick ass of you all. oh, and TenTonHammer, my website addy is www.scrublife.com.
      pretty damn good for a one man band im not into rap/rock but you have some good style i love your guitar riffs
      wow this is like blink 182 corssed with dashboard and sum 41 what the hell. sounds ok i guess. crappy ass name tho