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Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I am Brian Gildea the guitarist of the band Another Day's Gain. Another Day's Gain is:

Brian Gildea - Guitar Mike Trudnack - Percussion Steve Weber - Vocals Greg McMichael - Bass

  • What Does Our Name Mean?

    Well here is something that may help answer that question. What sets one day apart from the next? Today from tomorrow or for that matter, today from any other day? To us the answer to that question is life. The fact that your alive right now, and you have air to fill your lungs. Yesterday is nothing more than a memory. However shouldn't today bring something more than yesterday? Seeing as yesterday is gone shouldn't we be better people than we were yesterday? We had one whole day of experience to get smarter, or more experienced at something. We believe life should be filled with a constant improvement. That improvement is what you acquire (gain)out of a day. And to us this band is Another Day's Gain.

  • A Little About My Band.

    Another Day's Gain is a four piece emotional hardcore band out of North Eastern Pennsylvania. ADG is music is said to infuse sounds of aggression and emotion while being passionate, inspirational, and heartfelt. The band started in the fall of 2001 and has had almost a complete facelift to the current time. The band came together with hopes of playing hardcore with a message people can relate to and benefit from. In October 2002 our first ep "Time to Start Again" was released. There were about 100 original copies of it. It circulated mostly as an mp3 album though, and did quite well online. ADG brought in 2003 with quite an accomplishment for an independent band they were voted listeners pic of the week on Radiotakeover.com. Currently ADG is writing its brand new full length "Forever is Today".

    My first gig with Another Day's Gain was at a small venue in wilkes-barre PA called cafe metro. It was a small benifit concert and we brought lots of people and rocked! I did not start My band it was established before I joined. ADG started out as more or an emocore band and lost its drummer and guitarist and my freind mike joined and introdusced me to them and I was imedietly accepted into ADG. With me and mike haveing more of a hardcore music background we opened up ADG to a new type of musical freedom. Our guitarist Adam and Brian eventuly moved away for college and we had our good friend Greg join us and since then we have been a 4 piece harcore band.

  • Some Equipment We Use.

    Brian [Guitar]:

    -- Gibson Sg -- Jackson -- Epiphone Les Paul -- Peavey Ultra Plus Head -- Peavey 5150 4-12 Cabinet -- Boss Effect Pedals

    Greg [Bass]: -- Hartke Half Stack -- Ibanez K-5 Bass

    Mike [Drums]:

    -- Tama Drums -- Zyldian Cymbals -- Iron Corba Double Bass

    Steve [Vocals]: -- Sure or Samson Microphones

  • Official Website.

    Our site is AnotherDaysGain.Com.

    There are some pics of us on our site I'm having a hard time putting the pics up on a different page. We try to Make music that people can get there aggression and emotion out and have as much fun as possible. Being an independent band has its disadvanages but we work as hard as possible to get out music out. We play music not for money, popularity or fame, we just play to have fun and get our message out. I would love for as many people as possible to hear our music.

  • Sounds.

    There are 3 songs available for download in mp3 format: -- Introspection (from forthcoming "Forever is Today" LP); -- Linear Thoughts (from forthcoming "Forever is Today" LP); -- This Alteration (from "Time to Start Again" EP).

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      I think you guys have an awesome band but yeah the singer needs to actually sing more than growl/yell but besides than its the best one yet.
      dude that shit sucked ass stop ***ing screaming and maybe people could understand what the hell you are saying...the only you reason you scream so much is because you can't sing...just a thought
      It's not bad stuff. More partial to metalcore than hardcore, but it's not bad for what it is. The drums could be sped up a little, in my opinion, but good overall.
      I enjoy this...Drop a line when you're coming to the Detroit, Michigan area. End up in St. Andre's Hall. I'd go to watch.
      I have no problem w/ the singer. I have to listen to mudvayne's world so cold to actually understand what he's saying when he goes into his screaming growl and killswitch engage is hard to understand until they get to the chorus. But what I'm really trying to say is w/ most bands like these, you'll never understand what they're saying unless you listen to their songs more that once. By the way, good job!!! Best recording I've heard yet
      Again I just want to thank everyone who has taken a second to listen and form any oppinion at all. These mp3s are all demos we recently got a new guitarist so we most likely will have to redo everything for "Forever is Today".
      i checked you guys out...i didnt have too much trouble understanding what you were saying strange enough...iono i guess modest mouse and bands like that prepared me...you guys are pretty awesome...iono the whole emocore thing is a little *poopy* excuse the term but i really couldnt think of a word that better described it..in my opinion
      im lazy...and i wonder if i should waste my time...hey maybe ill regret it after i look...guess we will see
      it sounds professional but your singer have to pronounciate the words better. i didn't understand a word your singer said. people have to understand what you guys are saying just by listening, instead of trying to figure out the words by looking for lyrics online.
      Linear Thoughts has some awesome riffs and has very good transitions. i heard that song before around the forums and kept listening to it, then i forgot who sang it. im glad i found it again. very good song. only bad thing is that the singer is just ... screaming and growling and u cant really understand what he is saying. if u had some nice vovals in the style of nickelback or something, that would be just awesome!!!
      Thanks to everyone for checking us out. For those who cant understand what I am saying follow along with the lyrics theyre on the site. For those that dont want to download the songs and still want to hear them go here http://www.pahardcore.com /bands/bands.cfm?id=2005
      well, we are a screamo/hardcore band wich i guess can explain the screaming, i understand how many people dont like the hole screaming thing it took me awile to get into and i admit it is quite iritating when you first listen to screamo but i love it now. We have been playing together for about a year now, and i used dropped d tuning,I used to love drop c but i cant use it casue it sounds to muddy and we just added another guitarist "justin ash" and iv found that useing drop c just drains out the sound live, its just my personal prefereance i guess. Ya emo does suck for the simple fact that it is boring, we are called emotional hardore casue we just dont go out and hit our guitars we have soft parts that are like heartfelt i guess you can say. im not a fan of emo. and we are working on backup vocals to, and i apoligize for the recording quality, it was done on a low budget and costed us like 170$ for 6 songs haha talk about cheap but its not the worst iv heard. and if you like to hear what my singer is saying check out our site and read some of the lyrics if your interested. later-brian
      Sounds good. back up on screaming. actual vocals would be nice to hear (unless your aiming for a converge style).
      your guys are pretty good,how long have you guys been playing together?im not to found of your singer,i dont like people with high voicem,esp when they growl.you guys don\\\'t have any rhytem,the songs stop and start too fast.Lol,almost like this message.