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Here is our next UG Featured band: UK-based Callous - a powerful mix of metal, grunge and acoustic riffs!

  • Band Bio:

    Hi, we are Callous, a new style rock band from Nottingham, England. The band was formed in summer 2002 when Matt (vocals and guitar) and Simon (guitar) began working on acoustic versions of famous rock songs to play the Nottingham circuit. They soon realised that they prefered the idea of having a full line up and as if by magic a drummer appeared. Matt had been working with Drew for about three days when the subject of bands came up. Drew had been actively gigging with bands in the Notts area since the mid 90s and was currently looking for another project that suited him. He was invited to hear Matt and Si in Simon's garage that friday and upon hearing them made an instant decision to join. Lee, a long-standing friend completed the line-up on bass very soon afterwards and his was the choice of name that struck the right chord.

    Gaining a regular slot at magnet Rehearsal Studios, Callous quickly began writing material and, in May 2003 played their first gig to a packed room in their home town. They continued writing and developing a very different style that appealed to a large cross-section of people from all many genres of music and in July 2003 entered the recording studio to produce their "In Progress" EP.

    Callous hit upon a piece of luck when the journalist who discovered Papa Roach heard the recording and was blown away by it saying that the American market would go for their sound in a big way. She also could not actually fit their style into any particular category.

    Callous' music is being hailed by musicians and music fans alike. Their 7th gig on 27th October in a Nottingham club saw them play to over 200 people, most of whom became solid fans immediately.

    Their music mixes powerful metal riffs with almost acoustic sections in a dynamic unlike any bands currently known, and with Matt's very melodic vocals and Drew's backing harmonies on many songs, the sound is crafted to perfection.

    With vague rumours of tv appearances and some open air events possibly in the pipeline plus a daily growing fanbase, Callous are set to take on the world and follow bands like the Darkness in showing that the UK still has a wealth of rock talent to pour onto the world stage.

  • Pictures Of The Band:

    These come from two of the most recent gigs we've played in Nottingham and Leicester

    01. Callous in full swing (pic) 02. Lee leading the sound in Decay (pic) 03. Matt and Lee engrossed in Just Me (pic) 04. Drew giving Devil eyes following a sound problem (pic) 05. Simon riffing like a madman (pic)

  • Audio:

    01. Led Astray (WMA, MP3, full song) 02. Decay (WMA, MP3, 2 min sample) 03. Reflections (WMA, MP3, 2 min sample) 04. Just Me (WMA, MP3, 2 min sample)

  • Official Website:

    Since Callous posted their website in April 2003 they have had well over 3500 hits from all over the world from the USA to the old "Eastern Block", Denmark to Australia. This traffic increased markedly when they posted mp3s of their EP onto the site and introduced streaming audio.

    Callous' site can be viewed at Nu-Grunge.Com and the following links are the streaming audio files form their EP.

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      hmmmm... good job so far guys....! hopefully u guys keep playing together for a while. Singer reminds me of incubus
      Hi All. It is with sadness that I say that Callous (as known) has split. Alot of people have said alot of nice things about us and we'll remember them. On a more positive angle, Matt(singer/guitarist) and Drew(drummer) have decided to stay together. In deference to Simon(guitarist) we have decided to form a new band and find a new name. The sound of Callous will continue as it was due mostly to Matt's writing style. The new stuff, however, will be better than ever and as soon as we have been in the studio we will create a new page here to tell you about it. Simon is about to embark on a new project playing a more american bluesy style of rock that he is more comfortable with. AS more news develops I will post it here. Thanks again to you all and I hope you'll keep an eye on here for news.
      I listen to 'Led Astray' on an occasional basis, I actually think that it ***ing rocks
      Got the first EP about a week ago. I bought 4CD's this week and this bands stuff to me is certainly up amonst the quality of the other 3. Good going guys. 1 request, on the next CD try doing a more acoustic set cos that would be interesting to here =)
      Hi all. Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments you have left for us and especially thanks to those of you that have mailed me. All comments are appreciated and if you don't like our stuff or are not that bothered, you are fully entitled to that opinion and I'm glad you're honest. Couple of bits of news: Our CD will be on sale at Rockheavy in the West End Arcade in Nottingham from 13th march, we're playing at the Old Angel in Nottingham on 19th, The Roost, Long Eaton, Notts on 13th April and ROCK CITY Nottingham on 2nd May, main stage as the opening band for a BIG charity event. Come along!!! We're also sorting out dates to record our second EP. More about that when they are confirmed. Thanks again and please keep visiting the site.
      Hey Callous... could you put some gig dates up and our your CD's available at that CD shop in nottingham can't meber the name but it had a section for local bands. Next time im down there (next week) im buying your CD if i see it you guys are great!! Keep it up.
      they sound like a harder incubus to me, i like it tho, they are good, but nothing earth shaking
      and the singer is totally goin for the Silverchair singer's sound/look.
      I wouldn't call it new. But it was pretty good. Good vocals especially, those are difficult to find.
      It's alright nothing Jaw droping.
      Still,Jarle H. Olsen Project is the best band featured on UG.
      wow, your music is REALLY tidy, its well produced and polished. Nice Job guys.
      Yet another post from me here. The new band is now called Rite-Off and the members are Myself (drums), Matt (Vocals/guitar), Andy(Bass) and Sam (Lead Guitar). Andy and Sam are fantastic musicians and writing is going at speed. We have recently had a call from Parlophone requesting a demo which is rather encouraging. The new site is http://nu-grunge.com/rite_off but it will move to "nu-grunge.com" in the near future. If you visit, please sign the guestbook. Ta.