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  • Band Info:

    - Band Name: Fromthisdrive - Location: Leeds, UK - No. Of Members: 5 - Genre Of Music: Melodic Hardcore

  • Band Biography:

    Hardcore, Melodic hardcore, Emo and Post-hardcore are terms that are sure to be thrown about when attempting to describe this bands music. Their hook-laden style and gritty angst is sure to win them many fans. Couple that with their explosive live show and you're just getting started with these guys.

    Born out of the ashes of a few well-known and loved local bands; fromthisdrive got together and tried to make something new and push things further than they already had and promise can be seen from the word go, just take a listen to the first demo.

    Fromthisdrive are very committed to their music, each member is currently studying a music related course at uni or college, and this has helped them greatly in their composing, playing, and even their business and organizational skills.

    Off the back of a demo recorded this year fromthisdrive hope to extend their fanbase to places further a field, and are currently making contacts and organizing gigs in all over the UK, and even abroad.

    "They create a sound that could be considered similar to Funeral For A Friend who met Poison The Well down a back alley. Explosive, Intense and Powerful. Three words to describe this 'three word band' you will be hearing about pretty soon - Ampwireuk

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    01. Whole Band (pic) 02. Banner (pic)

  • Audio:

    01. September 03 (Windows Media) 02. 21314 Your Delusion (Windows Media)

  • Official Website:

    The official website fo fromthisdrive band is located here: www.fromthisdrive.co.uk.

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      I how there first band practice went over ... "Hey guys lets make emo music!!!" but what ever i dont like emo .... its boring i need speed fast heavy power METAL
      One more, thing, Guitarist plays with too much distortion. i cant even tell what he's playin.
      Good intstrumentals too! The percussions sound really nice, The vocalists cannot not be heard well, but all the rest is well balanced. The song structures arent balanced or compatable, but... anyway, who will ever notice. good. PS, Vocolist bad
      I hate Emo, But i like them. Nice Punk/Metal. And digitally mastered songs. I like. Good
      checkered stars
      yay another emo band! wee.. september 03 is a good song.. really. and i like their name too, it kinda reminds me of alexisonfire though.
      .....they are kinda like funeral for a friend.. but their both british bands... so it doesnt surpise me much.. i like em
      i dont really like emo all that much but as far as emo goes they dont sound all that bad.. they sound like they would be a great live band.. something you can just go to with a good chick friend or girlfriend and just have a good time.
      ok but to much distortion,went out of time to much,but the melodey was awesome but I prefer METAL!!!