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  • Band Info:

    Rock music has been dissected in so many ways it has become incredibly difficult to create something we haven't heard. We have made a pledge to not follow mainstream patterns/styles of writing, at least strive to break the typical mold with epic songs that are reminiscent of the classic underground scene of the late 60's and Vietnam era. Bands such as MC5, the Byrds, and later Pink Floyd began expanding the sonic possibilities of their music. Instead of embracing concise verse-chorus-verse patterns of rock music, they migrated toward more free-form, and fluid song structure.

  • Band Biograpghy:

    Guerrilla Transmission was formed in the summer of 2000. Four veteran members of the Washington, DC underground scene came together with a commitment to create anti-mainstream music that is experimental and edgy.

    As members of former hardcore/punk and metal acts out of the early 80's, the influence of bands like Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, and Slayer can be detected in their blend of hard rock and psychedelia. Without abandoning the raw nature of their background, the music has combined distortion and mania together in a cohesive explosion of modern day acid rock. The American underground scene that once cultivated an era is alive in the sounds of Guerrilla Transmission, as they move along in secrecy capturing the tone of our nation with relevant, avant-garde music.

  • What's In Name?

    guer.ril.la or gue.ril.la: A member of an irregular force operating usually in small, independent groups capable of great speed and mobility.

    trans.mis.sion: The state of being transmitted; a voice or message.

  • Band Members:

    No. of members: 4

    - Mike McCrea - guitar - Wade Jennings - vocal - Erik Jenkins - drum - James Reeves - bass

  • Genres Of Music / Influencies:

    Hard Rock. Dislikes: where music is going. Likes: where music hasn't been. We are influenced by classic rock, metal, or anything cutting edge that borrows from the foundation of rock music and spins it in a way we have never heard. "Play what you haven't heard", (c) Miles Davis.

  • Some Interesting Facts About Your Band:

    Part of a national movement to unseat Bush and call attention to the voting crisis in America...and to get young people engaged in the process of governing this country before the right wing strips our civil liberties away like a thief.

  • Why People Should Listen To Your Music?

    Guerrilla Transmission has something to say...nothing new...but something to say.

  • Photos:

    01. Main Pics Page #1 (link) 02. Main Pics Page #1 (link)

  • Audio:

    01. My Life Your Water (mp3) 02. I Can't Change (mp3) 03. Save Me From Myself (mp3) 04. Crumbs (mp3) 05. Fly So High (mp3) 06. Zarathustra (mp3) 07. A.m. Radio Takeover (mp3) 08. Pray For Your Life (mp3)

  • Official Website:

    You may reach Guerrilla Transmission website at this location.

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      1st. But I feel the same way they do on a lot of their political views. NO MORE BUSH!
      I think you can rework the songs. They're pretty good but i found them boring, because are the same all the time, you need something to contrast.
      you're on a great mission and I salute you for that! I'm downloading one of your tracks right now.. haven't heard any yet.. but based on the comments, i assume i'm going to like it! excellent website!
      THIS ISN'T POLITICS 101 FOR THOSE OF YOUR COMPLAINING ABOUT LIBERALS OR CONSERVATIVES. Stop with that shit now before it gets any worse, nothing spoils a bit of excitement worse than politics where it shouldn't be.
      ok that 1st song was really really really boring. different? sounds like some nu metal song played for too long. ok number 2 is a bit different, but really its not that exciting or avant-garde. sounds a bit like a mix between at the drive in and some random nu metal band, and more nu metal. and a bit of electronica. for the bleeps....
      Hey Guerrilla Transmission what did you use to make your website? The songs are pretty good. Keep up the good work.
      I like change - diff. styles of music is one of the best things in the world - but why the F*ck does ever damn band have to be political now? i mean come on? isnt anybody esle getting sick of bands rising against the people who keep them free?? if u want to be a damn communist or socialist like Cuba and former Russia just go there and leave our music the hell alone
      Very Different, you deffinetly accomplished that goal, and i love the solo in save me from myself
      i dont like the interlude in something to change; its pretty boring....but damn thats one crazy ass solo!
      UHH... tired of the same liberal left-wing ignorants preaching about the conservatives and their "civil liberty stripping". Shut the *** up, it gets old. The Right controls right now and will again in November. Face it.
      oh btw at first i thought they were boring but after repeated listenings i began to like your songs good job
      i gotta say, you guys are good, i love your experimental approach, very promising, keep it up
      FUCK YEAH! you guys rock. that wasn't recorded in a studio was it? cause quality is all you guys need.
      The solo on save me from myself is pretty sweet but yea the first 4 minutes were kinda boring.
      you gusy are pretty good.... i found some of the songs to be really boring though... it seems like the songs got dragged out too long for no reason. As if something needs to build instead of just doing nothing. I mean sure... in "save me from myself" theres a pretty sweet solo.. but it takes like 4 minutes of bore to get there. Everything in in tune... everything works with everyone, but its just boring in my opinion.