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Hello fellow UGers, meet our next band -- slovenian Gwynn Ap Nudd, metal band with different rhythm values and sounds. Something new in metal.

  • Band Info:

    The band was formed in 2002 and contains 4 members. The music is metal but in generally it is quite different of normal metal. We call it power metal.

  • Band Members:

    01. Klemen Susnik - vocal 01. Uros Kavcic - guitar, backvocal 01. Miha Ursic - bass guitar 01. Mihael Zvan - drums

  • Band Name Story: Gwynn Ap Nudd is south welsh celtic god, A Cthonic divinity, leader of the Wild Hunt, in chase of the White Stag. Closely parallelling the Gaulish Cernunnos and British Herne, he also has affiliations with the northern Welsh Arawn. The Welsh Guardian of the Dark Portals of the Underworld. He rode the Night in a flowing grey cloak upon a pale horse following his Hounds called Cwn Annwn (very large, white with red tipped ears). They would seek out and collect souls. In translation means "Son Of Nudd".
  • Audio:

    We have released a new EP CD with 3 songs on it. In next 1-3 months our song will be released on "Compilation Of Slovenian Best Metal Bands" CD with 12 other bands; and one song on "compilation of alternative music". Last year we released Live CD with 8 songs on it and by the autumn this year the whole album with 12 new songs will be out, if everything goes as planned. You can download our mp3 files from here:

    01. Mistake (Mp3) 02. Against Us (Mp3) 03. Fuck The Police (Mp3) - Gwynn Ap Nudd, uros.kavcic@siol.net.

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      dont hate cuz we were born in the USA, if it wasnt for us there would be no rock music!
      New ep cd will be released within one or two months with 3, maybe 4 new songs: somnabulism, psycho, contra and maybe one more. We haven`t decided yet. All 3 songs will be also available on the net in 126bit mp3 versions. We`ll let you know when that happen. A full LP CD with 12 new songs is planned to be released somewhere in automn this year. Greetings from Slovenia Gwynn Ap Nudd
      hahahaha! still i say the vocals need to be worked on! you don't have to make your voice sound melodic, man.. but you shouldn't sound like cookie monster either! I mean, no matter what you say, you still sound like cookie monster! at least come up with an angrier growl! you don't sound angry at all.. actually, you don't sound like any emotion.. you sound like.. well... cookie monster!
      Hi everybody. So why do you complain so much about vocals? If you don't like it start your own f***ing band on organise your vocals however you want. I suggest you to read our lyrics (although there aren't many on the net -> but there will be) so you would know what's all about. In the meantime I'm planning to spice my vocal a little bit with some vocal effects, but I must tell you it cost some money. I know myself that it becomes boring to listen to same pattern over and over again, but we are metal band and not some heavy metal with melodic vocal or some how you call it modern age metal with this f***ing voice of boybands. F*** them! And F*** you if you thing that we're trying to become one. As there were in a history of rock music some other vocals that people didn't like in the first place (same happened to rock music in the very beginning) but later on all loved it. And there is one more thing to tell you. As Jim Morrison said: ROCK IS DEAD!!! We are trying to get to the very meaning of rock music: to inform people, from ignorance that we're dealing with in this F***ing perfect world. F**K YOU ALL THAT LISTEN TO THE MUSIC IN YOUR PRIMITIVE WAY. MUSIC LIBERATES PEOPLE AND DON?T TRY TO DENY IT! Thank you! Klemen S (vocal)
      MetalMania30: dont hate cuz we were born in the USA, if it wasnt for us there would be no rock music!
      How stupid are you? I live in the US as well, and I love my Country. But Jesus God, your gay... Ever heard of a little band called the "Beatles"? Yeah, they are the very reason rock exists. Period. Oh and I hope I don't have to tell you this, but they are from ENGLAND. That's not in North Dakota either. Get a map, then some fuking intelligence before you speak. Oh, and as far as Gwynnnn ap nude Naua ... etc. Your music just needs some good vocalists. Keep playing. -Ryan-
      ...and by the way. All links work, you folks just didn`t click on download stream but on on the name
      1st place on "glasbena scena" (music scene in Slovenia) in general with song Fuck The Police. Go here to check it out, if interested: http://www.gla sbenascena. com/index.php?lestvica=on
      Don`t know why the links don`t work and the homepage isn`t included maybe we forgot to send it. However visit to official homepage i gave you above
      it sounds like the fu cking cookie monster started a metal band... these guys suck major a$$.
      ^ who cares about the fuking names, such a ***** people lives in the US
      i havent tried the links but their is a NWA song called *** the police i think, not that it matters im just saying
      futurelegend546: i havent tried the links but their is a NWA song called *** the police i think, not that it matters im just saying
      the_smile_lines: there s a rage song with the same name too
      Ababil_Albarn: wow my band has a song called Fuck the police!
      Everone wants to *** the police...
      Wow, your band has a song called Fuck the Police too! Small world, amazing. Everyone and their mother has done a cover of that song. I havnt listened to Gwynn Ap Nudd's version (if it's even the same thing), the link isn't working for me. A power metal band with Sesame Street vocals - hmmm. . .
      i must agree..that voice has a striking resemblance to cookie monster..except he sounds like cookie monster with diarrhea
      music sounds koo but uhh the vocals sound like the cookie monster
      Hey. I like it but wheres the blue fuzzy suit? One notch above the real cookie monster vocalist of Cookie Mongoloid.