Featured Band: Jarle H. Olsen Project

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  • Band Bio

    It all started out when I was 13 years and decided to start playing the guitar. I was noodeling around with my brothers guitar and tried to play songs of Iron Maiden and Metallica. When I was 16, I started getting more serious into the music and took some guitar lessons. At this time I practiced really hard and a lot for like 10++ hours a day. I had already experience from serval bands and was tired of the conflics we had within the band about what music we should play, what style etc.

    So I decided to start my own solo project. The project of Jarle H. Olsen band will I say started in '98 when I recorded my first demo cd at home using an four track fostex. I did all the guitars, bass, keyboard and drum programing myself. The music was very neoclassical influenced at that time and the demo got some great feedback from peoples in the local area. After that, I started working with musicians and we rehersed a lot. The project was "on ice" for about two years because of problems with the line up and stuff like that.

    In '02 I recorded my second demo cd "Osiris" which got very good feedback and reviews from the web and in the press. I also have a full lineup now and we did a concert recently at one of Norways biggets festivals. The musical style is now more in the real of progressive neoclassical/fusion and are much more complex than earlier.

  • Band Name

    Jarle H. Olsen Project. The reason for this name, is that I does all the composing and is the brain behind all the compositions. Location: Bergen, Norway

  • Members

    The band is a quartet and contains the following peoples: Jarle H. Olsen - guitar Bjarte K. Helland - drums Malla - bass Lars Peder Devold - keyboards

  • My Influences

    A lot of bands and players trough the years. Metallica, Testament, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Alex Skolnick, Yngwie Malmsteen, Becker/Friedman to mention a few. I really like to more progressive types of music with a lot of different elements in it's rhythms, melodies, solos etc. I really like the combination of heavy music combined with classic music and the way that woeks out together. I don't like too much of the nu-metal stuff that is out. A lot of that is too much run-on-the-mill for me and sounds kinda sany and boring after two songs.

  • Interesting Facts

    Hm... the band contains some of the finest musicians in Norway and are very focused on delivering high quality music and performances.

  • Why People Should Listen To Your Music

    Well, I think the music contains a lot of different styles and would be interesting for a die hard metal fan to a more jazz fusion fan as well. The music combines elements of heavy motoric rhythms, odd time meter and signatures. Exotic melodies and a lot of classical stylish music elements as well. It has a very fresh and unqie wibe and will give the listener emotional moments and a lot in his/her mind. A lot of peoples who has listened to the music, keep tells me it gives them a "magical wibe"

  • Photos

    Photo of me and the band members and from live shows are all under the "photo gallery" section of my website.

  • Audio/Video

    01. Osiris (mp3)

    All guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programing was recorded by Jarle. This demo was recorded at DIM studios in Bergen 02'.

    01. Improvisation (video) 02. Live @ Lost Weekend (video #1) 03. Live @ Lost Weekend (video #2) 04. Drum Solo (video) 05. Bass Solo (video)

  • Website

    Link to my website: www.jarleholsen.com

    Best Regards, Jarle H. Olsen

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      tainted tears
      That is what I call talent. Every one of those guys has it. I loved the bass solo, ive never seen tapping on a bass so it was definitly something new. Vocals or not this band will go far. personally i do like lyrics but with this band, they could do fine withoutthem. Excellent work. Look forward to the CD.
      Kick Me
      Damn. That was awesome. I watched Improvisation. You did that so effortlessly! It was one of those videos where you just sit there grinning the entire time thinking "this is sweet." Whatever style of music you like you can't deny that this is incredible. Jarle H. Olsen Project is by far the best band UG has ever featured.
      even though my band was a featured band no to long ago, i must say that you are the best featured band, you put my guitar skils to shame haha. by the way what kinda equipment do you use live? guitars-amps?
      ^how the *** do I get my band featured? or will it be prejusdged because of the type of music?
      This is one crazy band. Everyone is awesome, not just the guitarist. These dudes are gonna b on a much bigger stage soon, says me...
      I doubt anyother featured band are as good as y'all. y'all kick ass, we need U.S. releases!
      holy f***ing sh*t u guys are awsome. but u seriuosly need to consider a few vocals, u don't need them to be good but they add a lot to the tone and felling of the song
      Spank: "If you'd have some voclas in there you'd have some sweet shit. but right now it's just good elevator music" what the hell!? its called INSTRUMENTAL! i hate people who think singing is the most and/or only important part of music. listen to beethoven's 5th. that dates back hundreds of years, and is still one of the best compositions ever written. and guess what? NO SINGING!
      "osiris" is PERFECT how it is! it might be interesting to see olsen get a singer, but songs like this are best left how they are. singing would probably ruin this great songs. if it's not broken don't fix it.
      Dude great music keep up the good work. Best band so far in UG. You and Angelo Marruzzi are far the best on this site so far!
      dude never mind wha ti said before, i just heard and saw all you music, so far you the best damn guitarists I've heard in a while. Great f#$%ing work man!!!
      Dude I never listened to osiris last time because the link was down, but that is some good sh*t.
      downloadin the live clip now, i must say that its good that my fellow country men can rock well enough to be on the site. Veldig bra gjort, hvis det er noen som kan norsk sa skjoenner de kansje hva jeg nettop har skrevet!
      ...And another PS, is it just me or is a majority of great bands from Europe/Norway/Sweden, ect., overlooked?
      amazing band, great guitarist, remindes me of Yngwie Malmsteen!!! \m/(- \m/ Rock On!!!
      wow! the guitar, bass, and drums are all like crazy insane good!
      Nice Watched one video and my mouth would not shut. Reminds me of Dream Theater. Keep up the good work.
      Kick Me
      My computer is a peice of crap and ive only downloaded 4% of Osiris and I thought it was awesome. Seriously I only heard 9 seconds. More up dates when I actually download it.....
      I watched the Improv video, and all I can say is "Wow." That's some crazy guitar playin'. Very nice.
      Hey man I'm listening this stuff and watching videos it's blasting from my mind that where have u been hiding u should be doing some cds.
      thats ***ing impressive, best featured band so far. Where have you been, you have beyond the talent to go mainstream
      im not into this metal thing but HOLY F*CKING SH!T!!! i think ur the best band featured so far you should send ur stuff into sony or some sh!t like that cuz i bet u can kick metallica's @$$
      p.s. your bass and drum player are gods too. you REALLY need to send your stuff to some comapnies man, you could be a very rich man
      What the hell kinds of guitar techniques is this guy using? I can't even see his fingers!
      If you'd have some voclas in there you'd have some sweet shit. but right now it's just good elevator music
      Bah. You don't need vocals for music to be good. At least not to me. In fact, some of my favorite songs don't have vocals at all.
      yeah u kinda do need vocals, Yngwie Malmsteen started out with no vocals, and to guitarist hes amazing....but to the mainstream its just to much. i would try to get a singer, the music is amazing tho!!!