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Hey hey hey, whats up? We're a little late with our first band promotion due to some tech difficulties here on UG. But now everything sorted out and things should start rolling. UG is proud to present first UG Featured band: Losing Streak!

  • Band Info:

    We picked this name because all of the members agreed on it, and all of the names we really wanted were taken. We will probably change our name soon. Losing Streak is from Blairstown, NJ.

  • Members:

    Ian Hammons: Lead Guitar, Vocals Jon Hackett: Bass, Vocals Brian Skuropacki: Rhythm Guitar Tim Varro: Drums (Temporary)

    We take influence from most types of punk rock (Pop-punk, Skate punk, Hardcore, Ska-punk etc.), but also enjoy artists from such genres as Alt Metal, Speed Metal, and other kinds of rock. Main influences include Blink-182, Green Day, A.F.I., Finch, and Sum 41.

  • Biography:

    Losing Streak started out as an stray idea in the twisted mind of Ian Hammons in the summer of 2002. He always wanted one, and finnaly had gotten the motavation to do it. While practicing with his side band Dirty Sanchez, Ian decided to get Keith Haynes over to play bass for recording. A month or so later, Ian asked Keith to join W.L.E (at that time AfTeRsHoCk). With a bassist gotten, Ian put up signs in such places such as the A&P for a drummer. Eric Dryburgh saw one of these signs, and was brought into the band. With a lineup solidly set, the band was ready to start practicing. But a second guitarist was unexpectedly added, as Brian Skuropatki IMed Ian one day after a freind of Ian's gave Brian his AOL screenname. Brian asked to join the band, and Ian, deciding two guitars would be a good idea, agreed. Eric thought the band needed a new name, and suggested What's Least Expected. The others liked it, and it stuck. They practiced hard, and played a well-received show at the Trinity Church. Since then, there were two member changes, as Jon Hackett replaced Keith, and Eric Dryburgh left. Also, Losing Streak was chosen as the new name after Eric left. The band looks to become a big part of the NJ underground scene, and release numerous E.P.'s and C.D.'s. Look for them to rise!

  • Interesting Facts:

    Jon has only been playing bass for a few months, yet can play some pretty technical riffs and solos. Ian also plays the saxaphone. Ian and Jon have met Bowling For Soup.

  • Why people should listen your our music?

    Because I think we are able to combine some of the best music in the world and mold it into powerful, yet catchy songs that people can really enjoy.

  • Link to website: Losingstreaknj.Cjb.Net

  • Pictures:

    Ian Hammons - Playing Guitar, at recording, Jon Hackett - Playing Bass and Singing, at recording Brian Skuropacki - Playing Guitar, at recording Tim Varro - Playing Drums, at recording

    Misc. Band Photos - Link to all Misc. pics Band Live Shows Photos - Link to all Live Show pics

  • Audio Files:

    I'll Be Fine - Right Click, Save As Double Take - Right Click, Save As.

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      Lyrics are cookie-cutter, and the singing is terrible, which is made evident by the judicious use of reverb or chorus or god knows what other echo effects you used. Though I like the instruments, that seems to be your fort.
      Yeah I think ya'll aren't good at all.....no offense but the singer is just sick and not in a good way He needs to try and sing more after you take a year off and practice non- stop cause its just gross. Bass is good for a new beginner I'll give him that. Guitar is alright. Thats my truthful opinion. BTW ALS Rocks.....Thats Another Losing Streak and it has a better meaning and thought process behind it. We're outta Jacksonville so check us out sometime if your in the area
      Uh, I kinda only hear some...stuff. Left speaker is giving me that annoying Metallica St. Anger style drumming and the really fuzzy guitar. Right speaker is giving me pretty decent bass and what I can only describe as...a distortion filter playing rhythm...or is it lead? Singing is just reverbed talking. (For "Double Take". Actually, it kinda sounds like it was done in two takes.) Emphasize the singing, there's a nice going into chrous bit, but the talking just makes it seem like..."okay, chorus is coming up, yay". Try to reduce the fuzz and the "distortion filtered" sound from the guitar. It'd be pretty decent that way in my opinion. And I dont get why making a band particularly comes from a "twisted mind". That's all.
      i'll be find - starts off really great, then that drum beat come on doesnt fit in well. And whats with the voice - cut the effects, Lyrics need work and im sure u sing outta key a few times or maybe its too much loud music for my ears. The breakdown starts way to late whats with the big pause????? The solo is pretty nice goes with the riff well. I think u have sommit good it just needs work on, u need to link the sessions better and work on the lyrics
      i forgot the sight, its WWW.YourLosingStreak.TK, losing streak is pop punk that will tickle your fancy. our losing streak..not these dudes, they are just pop punk.
      Sorry fellas, the name Losing Streak is already taken, but im sure more than our to bands has it. umm...hah we are in NC though. well go to our sight and check us out, we dont have audio or anything, but uh..for positive feedback, work on the vocals. we had that problem a while ago.
      your original music is decent, but the finch cover was ... different. I'd give you a B- but it seems everyone else enjoys it so who cares what i think, good job.
      i listened to letters to you... take out the screaming, finch would appreciate it, and add the whoas. the guitar was on cue, couldnt really hear the drums.
      Great job, its pretty awesome, considering im working on a band myself, i really like the instrument parts, the lyrics are great, the vocals could be more quiet and the drums and guitars louder, also the singing could use a bit of work, no offense though cause i dont think im the greatest singer either. also some timing and entrances could use work, along with the solo. Im not trying to be mean, just to help, you guys are great
      Misc Debris
      Take off the sound on the vocals.Also work on timing.Other than that,GOOD JOB!!!!!
      I enjoy this bands music, Id buy a cd if they made one. Just a tip for the drummer, the cymbals were a good volume but you could hardly hear the drums, maybe its just the recording, or its supposed to be quiet. Anyway, great work guys. Ian, you know who I am, I hope. By the way, I feel bad about cutting you in the lunch line a few weeks ago.
      is a Less Than Jake song, I knew someone who had a punk midis site and had a band named Losing Streak too
      This band sucks! I am sorry for making you listen to the crap we pulled off as recorded material! For our newest incarnation, check out Across the Tracks at http://acrossthetracksnj. cjb.net and http://www.purevolume.com /acrossthetracks/ We are some kind of emocore now but mixed with metal and alot of other crap. Basicly it blows this garbage to shame. - Ian Hammons