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With the aptly-titled sophomore effort Commitment, Chicago's Lucky Boys Confusion hit the ground running in an unapologetic yet melodic look at life from behind a microphone, guitar amp, or drum kit. It is a defining moment for any hard working band that's ever picked up an instrument or packed into a van and hit the road. Check these guys' music by clicking the links below.

  • Band Bio:

    In the two and a half years since their Elektra debut Throwing The Game, the toils of life on the road have seasoned the group - a run of 250-plus shows in 2001 and hundreds more in the subsequent years has made this determined young band grow up quickly. Memorable stints with everyone from Something Corporate and The Juliana Theory to Blackeyed Peas and a turn on the Warped Tour ensured this resilient fivesome their reputation, but it is their willingness to grow as songwriters that guarantees a bright future for Lucky Boys Confusion. "I was 19 and Adam was 17 when we wrote the songs for Throwing The Game," explains frontman Stubhy. "There's a big difference in maturity and growth on this record. We survived a pretty tough year last year, a lot of soul searching both business and personal. I was never a believer in adversity bringing out the best in you, but it's amazing how a lot of bad stuff can make you a better writer."

  • Band Info:

    With their second release, while being signed with Elektra Records, "Commitment" Lucky Boys Confusion's fan base continues to grow every day. Coming off their latest tour with bands that included Zebrahead, Slightly Stoopid, Plain White T's, and Swizzle Tree.

    With their latest release many people say they have changed styles, going from the "hardcore-punk band" of their earlier released records (Growing Out Of It, Soapbox Spectical, and Throwning The Game) to what Stuby (lead vocals) has called a "power-pop band" when "The Late Show With Kreig Killborn" aired "Hey Driver" this winter.

    When looking at the fact that they did an extensive tour with Slightly Stoopid, I would say that it was impossible not for the band to change at least a little. Then they got Michael "Miguel" Happoldt to produce "Commitment", he is known for producing records for Sublime and Long Beach dub Allstars. They also landed "Half Pint" to help out with some vocals in the song "Sunday Afternoon".

    This album truly shows how much the band has grown, the most obvious thing anyone can see or "hear" the first time you hear this album is the bands ability to span across many genre's of music. Songs like Champions Dub and Sunday Afternoon show the Ragee sound (this can also be herd in some of their older songs, Not about Debra and Dumb Pop Song). Songs like Hey Driver and Beware are very catchy, pop-punk songs. Then there are hardcore songs like Atari, and finally they show they can sing about very serious topics in songs like Mr Wilmington and Something To Believe.

    This is all coming from a Chicago local band that made their name by playing in small venues signing mostly about doing drugs, partying, and all the problems with suburban life. They have now grown into a band that has some very meaningful songs, however, I dont feel that they have lost their roots back here in Chicago.

    While this band is starting to get air time on radio stations across the country, more and more people will be coming in contact with this wonderful group of guys. Between catchy songs, and lyrics that can actually make you think this band is on the road to bigger things. And as we wait to see who they will go out of tour with next I urge you to check out their latest CD "Commitment".

  • Pictures:

    01. LBS Appearance (pics) 02. Songs From A Scene III Show (pics)

  • Audio:

    Click here to listen to "Hey Driver" & "Broken" songs.

  • Official Website:

    Check out their homepage for news, band info, videos and samples of their music.

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      yeah these guys are getting biggg, they came here and i was supposed to go but i couldnt get rides and shit so that sucked, hey driver is awesome and theyre new cd is pretty good too 1st
      LBC is one hell of a band. I saw them first 2 years ago when their first CD came out and loved their sound. The second CD is excellent as well. Yes, it's a little poppy for some, but if you want solid guitar riffs coupled with meaningful lyrics and a singer with a unique voice, I would suggest Lucky Boys Confusion.
      To me these guys are still a local small time band. Any band that drives all day to play some crappy venue in the middle of knowhere Indiana because about 100 fans want them there is not the typical signed band. I first saw these guys 5 years ago at a local festival in Downers Grove, IL. These guys are hometown pride for me ladies and gentlemen and for those of you who dont like them, either you like only country or death-metal or you have not seen them live and listened to all of their stuff. Like any other band they have some good stuff and some bad stuff, but their style is so diverse going from regee to punk to pop to rock its amazing. Their live energy is unmatched if you get in a room of people who remember them from back when LBC was unknown. These guys deserve the attention they are getting now. Just because a band is signed doesnt mean that they have sold out or are getting rich, these guys make very little cash and are still all about the people and the music, to lump them into the rest of the crowd is unfair. Im all for promoting little-known bands, I love hearing new stuff thats still underground, and these guys still are not as recognized as they should be. Thanks for dealing with this long ass post, and please check their stuff out and see them live.
      I agree. I'm always trying to find new bands. There are so many and I think that some bands get dismissed because of the recording quality. When in reality, they're awesome but nobody will giv them a chance. There are a few sites the jumpstart unsigned bands but not enough. I think it would be great if UG would feature unsigned bands. just think what a good reputible site good do for the new guys...not to mentions us. Just some of my thoughts. ~Elizabeth
      It is only fair for UG to feature unsigned bands. This is bullsht. If some of the other bands featured here had the opportunity to use the kind of recording studio that these guys get to, they could most likely produce equal if not better quality music. UG, I ask that you no longer feature signed bands. You are losing the whole reason for this website. We want to get a "first listen" to bands in the making, and not an "advertisement" for a marketed band. Thank you - Ryan Brummitt
      LOl, Elektra is a huge label to. Jet's on that label and they're blowing up liek a damn bomb.
      I always thought the name was Lucky Boys CONFESSION, Lucky Boy's Confusion is gay lol. good music tho.
      i liked brokens verse and the interlude or watever its called. the other song is to pop punk its kool tho
      on the site it says "downloads 2day" but can you actaully download them?