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Hey hey, whats up? After a short New Year's holidays brake we are here and ready to impress you with the next featured UG band: Maniscus! Read the info below.

  • Band Bio/ History:

    Hi, we're Maniscus, don't ask what the name means because we' ve got no idea, but when chatting up women, we tend to use defenitions such as 'it's french for, men who are hung like horse', etc etc.

    Anyway, down to business, we're a 4 piece Emo-Rock band from Liverpool, UK, playing heavy chord progressions, fast riffs and solos, with powerful high pitched vocals and banging drums!

    Our musical influences are pretty varied, and strangely the music I write sounds almost nothing like the music I tend to listen to? Some of my favourite bands are AC/DC, the Darkness, Queen, Oasis, and any 70's classic rock - Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc!

    The other members of the band, Mark on Bass, Martin on Vocals and Karl (limo) on behind the kit have an enormous variety of taste, and a lot of our songs come from this massive amount of variation within our personal tastes, to create something very different, and difficult to categorise.

    We've been around for about 2 years now, starting at the end of high school predominantly as a way to pull girls! However, since then we've moved on a lot, and at 18 and 19 were now able to really travel and expand our music to try and reach the biggest audience we possibly can. We play gigs regularly around Liverpool, but are desperate for an opportunity to travel elsewhere - we'll play pretty much anywhere!

  • Interesting facts?:

    Hmmm, interesting facts? We successfully got 15 people in a shower cubicle in our changing rooms at a gig this year.

  • Why should people listen to our music?

    Hmmm, well were great for parties, jumping around, going mad too. We generally concentrate a lot on rhythm when we write, we want every song to be the kind of thing that makes you want to throw yourselves around, and so if you get to see us live, you can expect a hell of a night - if a few broken bones.

  • Band Pics:

    You can check us out our official website - theres all so some mp3's, lyrics and loads of information and pictures there so have a look, and please sign our forum with what you think!

    For a few quick easy links to us, you can get photos at:

    - Band Picture #1 - Band Picture #2 - Band Picture #3 - Band Picture #4

  • Audio Files:

    And a quick link to one of our mp3's is here.

    - Si (lead guitar), Maniscus

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      sounds pretty cool keep it up and i like mostly the same bands that u do like zeppelin, ac/dc, thin lizzy, deep purple, rush, some skynard to, van halen,and some alice cooper, "ROCK ON"
      sorry but u guys r shuyte!!! ive gotta admire ya though ur goin down with a fight...well done but sorry that ur crap
      wow! ya's rly r doin gr8! gud luck 4 thursday guys, will b an amazin show! lol, luv stef x x x
      ye sorry about that, ultimate-guitar have made a mistake in the link, but go to our site at www.maniscus.co.uk and you can download as many as you want. cheers, si
      Meniscus is also the padding that absorbes shock and reduces friction between the bones of the knee joint.
      heylo u know us! wer really proud of ya's and we hope it all goes well 4 u all!!! love ya's loads laura and stef x x x x
      Sorry about that, i turned the host off by mistake - being a stupid prick i didnt notice. Should be working again, hopefully you'll get chance to have a listen either tonight or tomorrow some time. Sorry bout the wait, Si
      The MP3 you posted here has a 404 error, I'll see if I can find the one on your site
      thanks a lot dude, appreciated when people who dont necessarily like the genre still have a listen and are positive, cheers. Si
      I think you suck. As for the band, it's not quite my thing but I really think you've got potential, denfinitely keep it up!
      omal @ eddie, always relied upon to take the different approach, but nice one anyway m8 lol, cya 2morro. Si
      Well Meniscus is what water forms when its in a graduated cyliner...
      you guys ***ing suck and i hate you LOL HI GUYS SEE YOU TOMORROW
      hey, its stef dutton! ya's no me! just wanted 2 say well-dun 4 makin homepage! im ded happy 4 ya's, gud luck wit ya band, ull do gr8! cya 2morra, luv ya's all loads, stef x x x x
      oh also, forgot to mention, we are actually looking for a record deal at the moment so anybody who could help please get in touch. thanks, Si
      hey everyone, Si from Maniscus here, just wanted to say im ***in overwhelmed by the feed back we've had and shit, came on here last night and was like holy shit, thats my band on the home page lol, genuine shock!! Thanks a lot to everyone who's posted some feedback, we really appreciate it. Sorry the pics dont work, i cant do anything to change it unfortunately Theres more mp3s of us on www.Maniscus.co.uk - hopefully you'll all like them too. If you really like us, leave us a message on our website forums. Thanks again to every1, Si
      sorry bout that last one was just testin it lol! weyhey u guys for gettin featured on this here site! u rock hehe! keep goin doooods! and yeh for one of them their pulling really did work luv sarah xxx
      I love these guys, lucky enough for me i met 3 of them, and pulled Si. They're music is great and i hope to see them go alot further like they deserve
      hopefully the band will see this, because i think you guys are totally great and your pulling would definitely work on me anyway that mp3 is great, and the one on your site called too late is maybe even better. luv kerry
      quote:easily the best band to be featured so far, im loving that song, i guess its called last weeks girl! only too true
      easily the best band to be featured so far, im loving that song, i guess its called last weeks girl! anyway, keep up the good work, do you guys have a record deal?
      You play mainly to attract girls, you like some pretty cool 70's rock band, but I don't know how these are influencial to... emo rock. I won't bash you because you do have a band, which is a step higher than me, but I wonder how serious you are about the music, rather than the image.
      yeah its the downward bend of the surface of e water of a graduated cylinder..... but i wouldnt be telling anybody when they ask you what your nam means.
      well thanks a lot for your input - ***ing wanker. say something productive or dont say anything at all, and after the gig we did last night, im not taking any shit from a wanker like you, so good luck with your music career and for the rest of you who just wanna be critical and leave unproductive posts, go *** yourselves. Im sure that any other musicians agree with me that construcvitve criticism is always more than welcome, and if anyone has ideas about how we can improve our band, im always more than happy to hear, in fact im grateful, but if your just gonna say 'your shite' you can go *** yourself. Si