Featured Band: Pouring Glass Dreams

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  • Band Bio:

    An almost lifeless old man clings desperately to his box. It is the one of the few things in this world that he really cares about. Before his end he gives it to another. This person is struggling, in every aspect of the word. He is part of a group without any direction, who are searching for their way. They open it and for the first time they see the path before them ...

    Pouring Glass Dreams located in Stevensville, Ontario, Canada. Our main genre is Hard Rock with Alternative Slurs.

  • Band Members:

    - Nathan Hoffmann - Vocals, Guitar - Matt Delazzer - Guitar - Matt Hughes - Bass Guitar - Eli Hoffmann - Drums

    Nathan is a nice lad who would like nothing more than to spend his days laying on a beach while listening to Sparta's Wiretap Scars and his nights rockin out all over the globe. Matt is a simple and shy guy. Hes artistic and has a big heart but generally hes confused. He is currently going to Niagara College for Art and Design, but has no idea what to do with his future. He likes books and movies, and good conversation.

    Hughes Dawg is a promiscouos drunkard vampire, he loves the sun, you can never burn too much. This crazy bassist is the most likely band member to get thrown in jail, or overdose. H-Dawg likes sk8in and boardin, and watchin crazy movies. Fave scary movie is Event Horizon, fave dish is female bodily fluids and Fave bands are Alexisonfire, Thursday, Radiohead. Studies at Brock U, St.kitts. Thats all folks.

    Eli is a man who enjoys tapping on the drums. He courageously attempts to keep the beat, and on some occassions you may find him agreeing with the music he is playing by nodding his head or even letting out a passionate battle cry during the climax of a song. This is a rare treat and should be viewed by people who enjoy the timeless art of "musical battle crys".

    *note: All bios reflect each persons' own view and not the band as a whole

  • Why People Should Listen To Your Music?:

    People should listen to our tunes because they take you away to a place that we all long to be. Music is an escape for people and we want to help them find it.

  • Pictures:

    For band pictures of all kinds please visit www.pouringpictures.tk. - Band Pics (click here) - Live Pics (click here) - Misc Pics (click here)

  • Audio Files:

    You can find alot of my work at Soundclick. Here are the direct links to mp3. These files are stored at Soundclick website - you should be registered to be able to download these files.

    01. The Ship Is Goin Down... (mp3) 02. Beautifully Terrified (mp3) 03. Snuggling Close Together By The Bonfire (mp3)

  • Link Website:

    Our website: www.pouringglassdreams.tk For band pictures of all kinds please visit www.pouringpictures.tk For our music please visit www.pouringmusic.tk

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      Kick Me
      I saw you guys were influinced by Chevelle. I can tell! You guys rock, the best featured band I've heard on this site so far. Rock on.
      good job guys...the sound quality on some of those songs isn't the best so its hard to tell exactly how you guys sound...given some studio time and practice you could really have some good music! keep it up
      turn up your lead guitar and your singer wait maybe get a new singer. I like what you guys got going I think you got a good chance at a record deal if you advertise your music alot. yeah a studio recording would help too.
      matt has a mother***ing cool guitar. it better not be an imitation f*cken epiphone coz if it is im gonna crack some skulls rock on and listen to dream evil + other swedish metal
      This is decent music. Here are my suggestions: #1 Better recording quality. #2 Get one of the other guys to back up your lead singer. (It's obvious he isn't the best singer.) But you can still make it work with some vocal practice. #3 This is probably the most important point I have to make. (your guitars/drums/vocals can be argued over all we want, but until you get a decent recording, who really knows...) What really matters is your overall view of how to get your feelings across in your music. Don't take this the wrong way, but it most certainly seems that you are trying to "force" this "feeling of power and desperation" into your music. It is most noticable in the lead singers voice tones. Those feelings are not communicated like that... You cannot make another person feel your emotion by simply screaming louder, and groaning more intensely. Many people are trying to do the same thing, and it just doesn't sound good. Listen to some of the stuff by "Smashing Pumpkins" Billy Corgan is a genius at getting his emotions across in a beautiful and power (musically correct) way. Keep playing guys, sounds pretty good. Ryan.
      An almost lifeless old man clings desperately to his box. It is the one of the few things in this world that he really cares about. Why does this old man have a vagina? Is he lifeless because of a transgender operation gone wrong? Why does he give his box to a stranger, isn't sex dangerous when lifeless? Or is this person in question a necropheliac? .... kiddin man, looks cool, I dig alternative rock. I dont have time to listen to you but Im sure you're good.