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Check this new band Sanitarius, which mission is to bring real metal back to the world and banish nu-metal for good.

  • Band Biography:

    Sanitarius were formed in May of 2002. The name was chosen by a close friend of the band and it was sort of just random, he spit it out and we liked it. In latin Sanitarius mean sanitary but that has nothing to do with them.

  • Band Members:

    Sanitarius now cosists of Robert Quartarar on Guitar and Vocals, Greg Sammis on Guitar, Stewart Ustick on the Bass, and Adam Lechillgrien on the drums.

  • Band Info:

    Sanitarius' first gig was October 11, 2002 at Dock Street on Staten Island, New York. At this time they were only a 3 piece. In January of the next year long time friend of Rob, Greg Sammis joined the band. They got rid of all the old material they had and started new. The first song they created was Graceful Fury a strong, fast and powerful thrash metal song. Later that year they played at Lamour's in Brooklyn and it was so successful that the crowd was singing the words to every song they played that night.

  • Influences:

    The influences of this band include thrash, NWOBHM and power metal bands such as: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Slayer, Death, Annihilator, Vader and many others.

  • Pictures:

    01. Dockstreets (pics) 02. L'amours (pics) 03. Random (pics)

  • Audio:

    01. Eternal Slave (mp3) 02. Sanitarius - Graceful Fury (Garage Recording) (mp3) 03. Graceful Fury (mp3)

  • Video:

    01. Graceful Fury (video) 02. Sanitarius - Fade To Black (video)

  • Official Website:

    Our website located here. You can find pictures, MP3's, bios, and other things related to the band at the site.

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      not too bad... the one guy in the fade to black video near the end has the same guitar i do
      wow we actually got on here that is great. Oh and a really big thanks to anyone who checks us out. Much respect Metalheads! peace.
      *** that I downloaded the whole thing on 56k and it didn't work. Oh well i'm sure you're good enough anyways
      kool, some bits are a bit outa time, but good to hear that your not screamin tho, seein as most metal bands these days seem to think that metal is all about screamin, dam them.
      bring back "real" metal how arrogant is that? most probably all of you here will disagree with me, but nu-metal bands got me into the metal scene. albeit i don't like all metal, but i got introduced to arch enemy (which is one amazing band) so i still have respect for nu-metal even though most of the bands in nu metal suck
      badass.....sounds like an earlier metallica before they became the musical geniusus and gods they are now
      xo broken sound
      For beginners, you guys are amazing. You've got a lot of talent and with the right connections and a whole lot of effort, you can really make it somewhere. I'm proud to call greg my cousin. Good Luck with everything..im sure you guys will do great!
      I live in Staten Island and I am friends with a relative of the bassist, his name is Mike Ustick. I'll be sure to check you guys out next time you play, if you go to Tottenville, just ask Mike for me...
      Got hold of one of their demo's and really like it. Covers of Metallica and Maiden are good. Their original songs show real promise. See them if you get a chance- good luck guys
      nice metal guys, great music. just some problems with the videos...good luck