Featured Band: Sinse of Reality

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Ok peope, meet our next featured band from Southeastern Ohio - hardrockers Since Of Reality!

  • Biography:

    Name: Sinse Of Reality. It was chosen by founding drummer. Location: Southeastern Ohio. Genre: Harder rock, all four of us having totally different influences, ranging from Pink Floyd, to Tool, to Nirvana.

  • Band Members:

    Tommy Hill - vocals, guitar. Alex Lowe - guitar. Josh Bunch - bass. Josh Mcdonald - drums.

    Josh (drums), and Josh (bass) have been playing together for two years. After going through a slew of members and names, Tommy came into play guitar in the summer of 2002. Soon after, he started singing along with the other guitar player, who was replaced with Alex in April of 2003. Alex brought a fresh of breath air to the band and pushed their creative forces. The band recorded their debut cd "The Invasion Has Begun" in August of 2003 and was released for everyone to hear in November.

  • Why should people listen to SoR?

    Well, I think we bring a totally unique sound to the table. I think we have successfully blended all our different influences together into something totally new. We all love music so damn much, that we cant think of ourselves doing anything different with our lives.

  • Pics:

    1. Group picture (view) 2. Alex playing (view) 3. Josh playing drums (view) 4. Josh and Tommy (view) 5. Tommy at a show (view) 6. SoR at a show (view)

  • Audio:

    01. "The View From Here" (mp3 sample) 02. "Acid" (mp3) 03. "The Gun" (mp3 sample) 04. "Disengage" (mp3) 05. "Another Day" (mp3 sample) 06. "Darkness Of Light" (mp3 sample)

  • Official Website:

    Check out band official website at www.sinseofreality.com for bio, pics, audio and forum.

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      wonder what the hell is stuck up hvymetaldrummer's ass?? must have gotten herpes from his bf or sumthin like that...
      SoR Vocalist
      haha.... dude.... what the *** is your problem. Im not fat nor am I a hick. Im 6'2 and I weigh 200 lbs. I didnt see you refute that I probably get laid a lot more than you, but Im not gonna sit here and argue with you. Im not the only one here who sees how big of a douchebag you are. So, dont let me interupt your appointment with your hand, Im sure you two spend a lot of quality time with eachother
      Cool man, I like it! I love the music a lot! The vocals are decent, but they aren't my style personally, but that's just due to personal taste. I don't really hear that much of a Tool influence, if there is any, it shound't be classified as a rip-off. hvymetaldrummer isn't even worth acknowledging. He's just like most other internet people talking shit because he can't talk shit to anyone face to face, so here, he feels as if he's really smart and threatening. But winning an flame war on the internet is like winning the special olympics. (overused joke). But yeah, I liked it man, good luck.
      these comebacks are getting prettty weak... quality time with your hand??? i know a sixth grader that said somethin like that... age: 11 -wonder what the hell is stuck up hvymetaldrummer's ass?? must have gotten herpes from his bf or sumthin like that... sounds like he was just trying to incorporate herpes into an unrelated topic, just to show that he knows what herpes is... age: 12 kix? i like kix! age: 10 yeah you guys are pretty fat and ugly though alright listen: displacements sucked but at least they are about the right age to be in a garage/basement band. they took a genre and made it shittier, like you did with nu-metal. but look- you guys are getting
      Kick Me
      I think that the music should come before looks.I mean, look at Britney Spears.Sure, she's hot.But can she sing? Hell no! I don't see at all why it matters as long as you love what you are doing.Keep up the good work.
      into your twenties and trust me- theres no room for people like you- nu metals dying and the industry and the fans are currently trying to get the nu metallists out-what you should do now is secure an alternate life style and stick with that. otherwise youll become the classic fat metal band without a contract and without fans and girlfriends that leave you cus youre a failure.
      SoR Vocalist
      since you have all the answers ratiug576, why dont you start a band so you can be famous yourself
      SoR Drummer
      This will probably be my one and only post but anyway here it is. If any of you are in bands you know that constructive criticism is a crock of shit that some dumbass made up to have a logical reason to down what you're doing. It doesn't do anyone any good so why post it unless it's actually reasonable? So what if we are "fat hicks" what does it matter to you? Did you want us to be pretty and civilized and appealing to you? Maybe you should check up on your sexual preference. We're from Southern Ohio, Northern WV, and Northern Kentucky ... we're SUPPOSE to be hicks. So I mean come on people grow up.
      SoR Vocalist
      the first part of my last post was directed toward hvymetaldrummer..... just in case there was confusion... but once again, thanks to everyone whos checked the band out....
      ok now *******s,i havent read all this shit,but im seeing alot of put downs like "fatass's" and "hicks"..man u people that are saying that are idiots LOOKS DONT MATTER IN MUSIC IF YOU THINK LOOKS MATTER THEN GO WATCH SOME MORE MTV.SoR,i havent heard your music,but *** these people that are putting you down.
      hey - fuk what the people on here think man- we got a shitty response off this site - everybody just wants to have a dig at you. But some people are trying to help we took use from some of the critsm. But fuk it as long as you guys enjoy it keep going, we are doing well now we have a few good gigs linned up and have been offered free studio time - so keep doing it fuk those who doubt u just prove them wrong nick(displacements ) on si's account
      Whoa, where exactly in Southeastern Ohio are you from, cause I live in Southeastern Ohio!!
      Oh yer plus its the same guy having a go at you as it was with us!ratiug576 -get ur band on here man - we can tell u how much u suck then! at least we are doing something good with our time - you must sit here all day slagging off bands - no band on here is gonna be polished and as you would see when they are famous. Its a promotion of UNSIGNED LOCAL BANDS. its helping us out unlike you - you must think it really offends bands when you have a go at them - truth is a bet most of the bands just laugh at your pathetic comments hell knows we do cos we av a contract on the line now. TAAAAA N.C & SI
      i think the "singer" should do a little less screaming, but, it's pretty good other than that. You guys had better look out for my nameless rock band that's not comin' round anytime soon!
      I love the medoly progressions on the songs. Drum fill's are good too. Singer is the worse bit along with lyrics but thats no biggie.. i like!
      SoR Vocalist
      Yea..... I gotta say this aint the best representation of the vocals. Most of the songs were done in one take cuz we didnt have the time or money to do more. This cd coulda been so much better. The music, the vocals, the mixing..... it was all rushed, so the final product isnt as good as it should be. It was our first time in the studio, and we were very low on cash, but we learned our lesson, and wont make that mistake again, but thanks for checkin us out and thanks for the constructive criticism
      Well...all I have to say is...the "DEMO" we did is just...well as far as i'm concerned just us ***ing around in the studio nough said...its no big production...so you can't expect much. However...the invasion has only begun...hah
      SoR Vocalist
      True, looks come first when your talkin about stupid pop music..... but when it comes to rock, do you really care what a person looks like? And you can say what you want, but I bet I get more ass than you any day... haha... but moving on... our good friend Mark made our website for us, if youd like to contact him, his AIM screenname is Ganjacyde
      ur drummer must've been stoned when he wrote that down.. Sinse Of Reality.. sinse isnt a word!
      and Since doesnt make sense in the name but hey man it makes ppl remember ur name so its all good
      I think it should be Sence Of Reality instead, but thats a personal opinion i guess. Ne ways the musics is ok but its not the greatest. But hey don't stop keep it up u guys r doing pretty good.
      I've know the guys in SOR for a while. I was in several bands with Alex. They are all very talented guys and have a love for the music. When they are on stage, everyone can tell they live for it. The name is something I dont know the story behind, but there is one. Thanks to everyone for checking them out. Later
      pretty good, band reaks of Tool/APC tho. Singer is like trying to make a hybrid of maynard's vocal progressions with a scream and it dosen't come across as original to me.
      jesus christ, these are 4 of the fattest, and ugliest hicks i've ever seen to come out of south-eastern ohio. more plugs for generic rock bands please.
      SoR Vocalist
      Ummm..... I hate to disappoint, but we are not hicks and I didnt know that looks had anything to do with music. I noticed that you didnt comment on the music, which is the only thing that should matter. Also, I appreciate everyone here who has checked our shit out. Thanks.
      ^ looks do matter in music they always have and always will, it goes with the style, it makes u original, ive never heard somebody say that looks dont go with music.....what r u thinking
      well atleast you're admitting two out of the three. and i think i already did comment on your music by using the word "generic": your supposed influences (pink floyd and nirvana, tool sucks so they don't count) are very absent. you have predictable lyrics and just rehashed sounds from an even crappier band (tool) which makes for uninspired and therefore generic music. i think you people need to set your amp to 11 so your sound won't be mixed in with the countless aspiring generic garage band rockers popping up all across the country like the ugly growing on your necks. ps. tell me if i'm wrong, sense + sins = sinse? that's clever new word then
      SoR Vocalist
      ok man.... you dont like us. Big deal. You cant make all 6 billion people on earth like your band. You have a right to your opinion and I respect it. Its totaly pointless to sit here and argue musical taste with someone, so if you dont like us, dont listen to us. Just dont call us hicks when you have never met us.
      i wonder what ever happened to constructive critisism... Sinse Of Reality is pretty good... not all original but still better than alot of the bands i have heard on the radio around here. u guys should keep up the good work... p.s. you stupid mother F*cker - Tool kix ass!
      looks do matter, TRUE. but they are themselves and wont change looks just to make others happy