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Hello fellow UGers, meet our next featured band of the week - 3 piece punk/emo act Strike 3!

  • Band Biography:

    Our band, Strike 3, is a punk / emo band from Ellicott City, MD. We currently have 3 members, and are looking for a fourth, but manage none the less. There isn't really a great story behind our name, a girl in Andrew's yearbook class thought it up after listening to our band and saying that we are really good and can't go on without a name. And viola; Strike 3, its from baseball, it kinda seems fitting to the whole punk/emo scene.

    We practice pretty much as often as possible, 2-3 times a week, and record with Brendan's basement studio. People should listen to our music because it is pretty good. It has a nice mixture of good vocals, catchy guitar and bass riffs, along with powerful drums. We haven't really played a real show yet. We have performed for a couple of people who have been around during jams and family as well as given out demos produced in Brendan's basement. We don't have any pictures of our band playing but we do have the more important thing which is music. Our influences consist mainly of Yellowcard, The Startine Line, Allister, Dashboard Confessional, and Green Day.

  • Band Members:

    The band currently consists of signer/guitar/songwriter Brendan Biondi, 17, bass/backups Andrew Lassise, 16, and Drummer, Max Kromer, 15. We all know each other from school and jamming with each other. Andrew and Max were previously in a band called Nonpolar and Brendan was in a much more successful band called The Denouncements.

  • Audio:

    01. Starting Over (Mp3) 02. Falling Over Again (Mp3) 03. Waiting For You (Mp3) 04. Rollercoaster Tragedy (Mp3) 05. Galaxies (Mp3) 06. Letters To You (Finch cover) (Mp3)

  • Official Website:

    You may find our official website at this location. Hopefully you enjoy it, we really do take pride in our music, and any advice is appreciated.

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      Pretty good, would have been better if you had some photos. I don't really like Emo/Punk but this is some neat stuff, there's quite alot of a Tempo Change which is pretty good. The chords and stuff are quite unpredictable, and the singing is very Emo, but the drumming is out of time at bits of 'Starting Over' but it's some good stuff. Keep It Up
      Steph Bets
      falling over was tops roller coaster tradgedy rocked my socks of!! but the sped up bit.. eh lets just say i wouldve kept the song as intro speed waiting for you was a little odd, but alright
      i didn't like it Like all punk bands but it didn't sound professional, specially drums
      i've been a fan since they were known as orion. . .i like them and their styles...the drummer needs to shape up a bit but otherwise an all around good ameteur band. . keep it up and check out my schols band ... called lithium.. www.purevolume.com/lithiu mPA
      guitar and everything is overall excellent. However, I hate the effects. They ruin the songs. And sorry, vocals arent that good. Work on singin on key. But i cant blame ya, it is a little hard to sing while playin. By the way, great solos!
      just a little fyi to everyone, our current drummer wasn't featured on any of those tracks, it was the singer/guitar player. our drummer is on our purevolume songs, but not our bass player oh well haha.
      ay that was pritty gud.... a few leaks and cracks here and there but it sounded ok.... positive things: -singer is gud -shows some good style by changing the tempo and loudness.. -gud band name Negative things: -drummer is unorganized.. there's no real pattern -recording sucks -lyrics are ok but topics are just lame. Advice: -have your drummer practice more. maybe less roll ups.. or if not.. then fix up his roll ups -try to sing about different topics... -solos are deffenently needed in there if you've got a punk band. -keep it up!
      falling over again is a sweet song - thats all ive listened to so far, the guitar sounds awesome, keep up the work
      hey i would say atleast this dudes are trying so need to bash on them
      The synth in waiting for you is terrible. The singer sounds like he's half-assing it.
      Good stuff, finally an unsigned band who realises the joys of vocal harmonies :p
      Russa Aryl
      oh come on... it's good stuff.. IT's not necessarily my type of music, but I thought for what they were doing, and their experience, they're doing pretty well.. This girl gives you a big thumbs up lol.. keep it up mates! ciao Russa Aryl P.S. I usually don't knock ppls comments, but IamRandyRhoads needed to slow down abit... If he doesn't like the music in the first place, then he really should have read, then realised his mistake and gone elsewhere.. I'm srry but it's true... Anyway, I thought you did good : Russa Aryl russa_aryl@yahoo.co m lol same for yahoo IM.. just russa_Aryl : c ya' around mates!
      i really hate this kind of music and was UNpleasantly surprised when i downloaded the clip and found out what style it was. i shouldve read before i downloaded, my mistake, but may i just say that u need guitar solos, lots of them, that is, if u can play guitar solos (good ones)
      this kicks ass, especially bc im from ellicott city. I gotta check out one of ure gigs. But u also gotta check out lowercase. ther freshman at my school they kick ass. www.lowercase.tk and www.purevolume.com/lowerc ase
      i'd say it really sucks. and for the record, there is already a band called 3rd strike. look for a new name.
      The songs are stellar!! The dude who sings is pretty good. NEwayz, I can play acoustic guitar pretty well and I can sing. I was wondering, where could I contact you???
      i like it. i probably wouldn't buy a CD, but i wouldn't change the station if one of your songs came on the radio one day...