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Rarely does a rock band combine explosive guitars with an intense longing for meaning. Jon Foreman and Switchfoot, however, yearn for something more than what pop-culture is selling. If I'm content as an artist to write a hit song or have a platinum record, then I'll have failed a lot of my fellow human beings, says Foreman. We have the best jobs in the world because we play music for a living and love doing it, but we didn't get into this to try and sell something. For us, it's about communicating and connecting with people on a different level.

On the Columbia/RED Ink debut The Beautiful Letdown, Foreman opens up with self-revelatory songs about hope, love, faith and the desire to be more than what he's been sold. In spacious settings, the singer connects with subtle emotional power, surveying a landscape of mediocrity in More Than Fine, digging for painful truths in title track Beautiful Letdown and stepping on a distortion pedal to scream about the dissonance of the modern age in Ammunition. On lead single Meant To Live, inspired by TS Elliot's The Hollow Men, he strives to survive in a world where love and hate breathe the same air.

Produced by John Fields (Andrew W.K.) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Goo Goo Dolls, Michelle Branch), Tom Lord-Alge (Blink-182, Rolling Stones) and Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, No Doubt), The Beautiful Letdown entered the Billboard Top 200 this past spring at #85. The album, which The Orange County Register described as a rousing rock testament of hope, dreams and inspiration, can attribute its early success to lead single and Modern Rock radio hit Meant To Live.

An opening song of the "Beautiful Letdown" album is all anthemic alt-rock crunch "Meant To Live". The song's companion video was directed by Laurent Briet (Radiohead). Click here to see the "Meant to Live" video now!

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    wow... some good music here. You guys are pertty awesome. Singer is on key the whole time... everything sounds pertty perfect. It would be nice to hear a solo. Good job though
    Switchfoot rocks, I love there song Ment To Live more than anything right now, been playing it non-stop lol... They are going to be BIGGER than any band someday.. I just know it
    Switchfoot is an awesome christian group! They seek answeres in a dark world and admit we're not just here for nothing! Another kool christian band is Thousand Foot Krutch! Keep rockin all you christian bands out there! Remember music is one of the best things God gave us!
    One word, switchfoot is AWESOME!!!. All you Christians out there, Rock on!
    coolguy: Five Iron Frenzy is a great band, but their cds are really hard to get because their label went out of business so you have to back-order, although i do have three of them. blockleader: lifehouse is not a christian band. they have some spiritual lyrics. that is it. switchfoot is a cool band, but i would like to correct a misconception. a christian band is a band that centers their music around jesus christ, hence 'christian.' DC Talk is an example. spiritual lyrics does not make a band christian. anyway, meant to live owns. peace
    Dude this song is so awesome, and my band is gonna get to play in our youth group for a special. Everyone should learn this song, cause it sounds so sweet. Jesus Rocks.:cool:
    lifehouse is on tour with jars of clay and I got word of them coming out with a praISe and worship record, of corse theyre christian!
    not to mention lifehouse was nominated for a couple dove awards, the dove award being a purely christian version of the grammies, i think your werong god bless tremontifan!
    Solus Custos
    Thank God Christian bands are setting the standards!These guys aren't hypocrits either. I had spent some time with them and I'll tell you, even when they're stressed or life has got them down, they still look to God. I remember especially Jon's kindness toward me and his willingness to help. No matter how big they get, they won't let it get to them. THANK GOD! God is so good! :
    aisle5guitar: nobody agrees with me that switchfoot sucks? That's probly cos they dont suck.
    s3xy l3m0n
    Switchfoot is a great band! I'm like obsessed with like Sublime and Rancid which are like the total opposite of Christian music! To be honest with you I didn't even know they were Christian until my friend told me that they were! Rock On!!!
    zappp, in the original post about this the whole feature of this was to "have your band heard". We all knew what that implied, bands with major labels and videos on MTV dont need the spotlight that people like Jarle Olsen and those types of people deserve. Stop being a tool.
    switchfoot is good on their cd but they sucked on saturday night live lol
    To the dipshits saying that the members of Switchfoot are Christians, recently Puddle of Mudd was interviewed on a local station here (99x Atlanta). Someone had brought up Creed and similar bands, and apparently, POM had a conversation with Switchfoot where the frontman asked the band "Do you believe in God?" The guys from Puddle of Mudd gave their opinions, and the guy from Switchfoot goes "Well I don't," and walked away. I just heard it on the radio, so take it with a grain of salt. Both bands suck anyway. Listen to some real ***ing music. "Meant To Live"'s vocal progression was stolen RIGHT from Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians's song "Forgiven". Too bad they can't even write their own music.
    relinet k is not better than switchfoot, ive loved them ever since the legend of chin, back in 97!
    ok for masterchiefx2 YES they are christians! first off I listen to the christian radio station and their ALWAYS playing on that station and if u listen to there song "Gone" they say towards the end "gets us closer to the god." so how could u not call them christians? I suggest that u buy there CD and listen to ALL there songs and you'll learn that they ALL have to do w/ god... it doesn't have to do w/ anything on how they sound... I mean POD waz christian!and this is for digitaloutsider as well... y would they allow themselfs to be played on a christian station if they wern't?? and for that radio station... dont u know that, that could have not been them... I would think u would be smarter then that
    and what does being christian have to do w/ anything?? creed waz christian!! POD waz chistian! some of the best music artists are chistians! I find that to be the most stupid thing I heard in my life! esspesially because of me being chistian! a lot of u dont know gods love so I suggest that u get your sorry butts over to a church and learn about him! you'll be happier that you are now! believe me
    and if u listen to there last song on beautiful let down (twenty-four) he says Spirit take me up in arms w/ u. so theres all your evidence they are christians end of story!
    switchfoot is a good band, and "meant to live" is a great song but personaly i think the best christian band is lifehouse!
    one of the good reasons why christian rock dosent all suck, probably one of the best bands god ever sent out
    Switchfoot are one of my favorite bands i have the loast two albums, they really do rock. The album is top and must for any fan (See my review). If you havent heard these guys you should.
    Switchfoot is very good. I think "Ammunition" is better than "Meant to Live". but great band here.
    Yeah, Switchfoot is a great band. I'm going to go watch 'em in April in Lawrence, KS. Can't wait!!
    I heard "Amy's Song" a LOOOONG time ago, it's still the only Switchfoot song I've ever heard. I quite like it though.
    i've only ever heard meant to live, and i think it's great for a christian song.
    I just saw ur video on much music its pretty awesome to see u on this keep up the awesome work!!
    switchfoot isnt the only awesome Christian band you know. Kutless, Jeremy Camp, Demon Hunter, and Blindside are the best christian bands that i know of, they are primarily hardrock/metal, but christian.
    btw, i love Switchfoot as well, just stating since roo6339 said it was descent for a christian song, when there are plenty of awesome christian songs out there just waiting to be discovered.
    well in short...switchfoot rules-i hav the new cd and i want 2 see them in lawrance 2... and if any of the actual band members happen 2 b reading this-i hav a friend whos jewish and he luvs u guys thanx 2 meant to live!!
    slick shoes is my favorite christian band. but im not christian so whatever
    their ok. I don't view them as great though. But, it is nice to have more artists that actually have significant meanings to their songs.