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We are glad to present our next featured band - alternative rock from Mexico - SYN! Read the info below.

  • Band Name:

    What's a sin? A sin is something forbidden, something that you are not meant to do. It happens when you do something either no one else around you has done before, or when you do something insulting someone else's liberty. SYN started as the only English band in town, the only Alternative Rock band in town. The only genre that was still sacred, therefore the name SYN, because we broke into something sacred, and conquered it.

  • Band Biography:

    The story starts in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico, on May 29th, 2001, when Andrés Mata (Vocals, Guitars) and Hernán Sosa (Bass, Backup Vocals) meet with a great desire of making a band. Andrés Mata had a vision from the early 90's of where he wanted to go, but it wasn't until he saw the so-called "new Metallica" on the TV, when he decided to pick up a guitar. It went from there to the year 2001, in McAllen, TX, Andrés would go to a concert that would change his life in just a two-hour span. After witnessing awesome vocal displays by Fuel and 3 Doors Down, Andrés decided he would be singing from now on. And after briefly chatting with the 3DD vocalist, he was fueled up to tune up his voice and start a band.

    Earlier, though, in Poza Rica, Hernán Sosa had been playing with other bands, without getting nowhere. He had played with Antonio Rivera (Drums) in another band which never got any attention. Hernán had started building a following, and was commited to be one of the best players in town. After a call from Hernán and Andrés, Antonio got in the band, and the trip was just starting.

    4 days after the band was formed, SYN debuted at a party, and the week after that, they formally debuted on the now-extinct most known club in town, Opulencia. At the beggining, most people were there because they knew Andrés from his earlier years as a Junior High King and Football player; or because they knew Hernán from his other bands. But everything quickly changed after witnessing the potential this band had.

    After two months, SYN had already played 3 times in Opulencia, and had more than 20 covers on their repertoire. After playing an exhaustive 2 hour show in one of the two biggest schools in town, Colegio Motolinía, SYN decided they were ready for the next step, and started composing, slowly, what is now known as "Breathe".

    The months went by, and SYN had already a big following. People liked their presence, and they were amazed at how big the band had grown in just a small year, but it wasn't until November 20th, 2002, that SYN established themselves as one of the best bands in town. It was the last rock show at Opulencia, and more than 10 local bands were invited. Right before the closing act, SYN started changing the face of what they had done. Deafening chants to the covers, but mostly an amazing stage presence, followed with two songs, "What About Us?" and "Without You", made SYN the most remembered memory of that club, with an uncontrollable euphoria that made every soul rock in the place.

    After that, SYN was done with covers. They started arranging the three songs they had throughout the year, and finally went in February to Xalapa, Veracruz and entered the studio to record "The Theory of Evolution", a short, yet to the point demo. And it was until they came back, when they realized people wanted more from them. They didn't want them to stop there, they wanted everything they could give.

    And so be it, SYN gave everything, and worked on another song, "Down To Pieces", which gained them a big radio exposure locally. More songs were completed in few time, and SYN returned to Xalapa to record "The Speed Sessions", which was combined with their earlier demo, to form "Speed Away", a 10-track, hard-hitting album, which carries the theme of opression and deception, down to agression and anger, but a big accident came to play.

    SYN had just finished recording their record, when Andrés got several tendons of his hand split separate, due to a broken bottle he didn't see. SYN may have finished, but the accident only made Andrés better. After two surgeries, and an extensive 2 month recovery, SYN reclaimed their place locally, and got a great acclaim from the people.

    But SYN won't stop there... if something can be remembered of SYN whenever they stop making music (if ever), is their amazing stage presence, and that "hard-hitting alternative rock" mix, which no one can master better than SYN.

  • Audio:

    The songs below are from 2001's demo CD "Speed Away". You may downloads more songs of the band at this location.

    01. What About Us? (Mp3) 02. Out Of Control (Mp3 Sample) 03. Breathe (Mp3 Sample) 04. Down To Pieces (Mp3) 05. All You Meant To Me (Mp3 Sample) 06. Don't Feel The Same (Mp3 Sample) 07. Just Need To Live (Mp3 Sample) 08. Speed Away (Mp3 Sample) 09. All You Meant To Me (Acoustic) (Mp3 Sample) 10. Without You (Mp3)

  • Video:

    01. Just Need To Live (Windows Media) 02. Breathe (Windows Media) 03. Down To Pieces (Windows Media)

  • Official Website:

    More material on SYN can be found at this location.

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      checkered stars
      hmm.. good stuff. nice cover art as well. like i said really good stuff. keep up the excellent work.
      Hmm that's really good, you guys can go far. Keep it up and we'll probably hear you on the radio soon. Nice
      woah... good stuff.. i want more... if u could translate the site into an english version that would be cool..
      The Unforgiven
      Hey, I wanted to thank everyone who's left comments on us, and to UG for having us as a featured band. Our CD will be available through the website in a week or less, and I will also add some videos of the regional TV show we appeared just today, called ROCKOTECA. Thanks a lot for listening to us, and you're welcome to keep visiting our website! For those of you who are in South Texas, we'll be there on September 11th, at the Scorcher, taking place in Dodge Arena, Hidalgo, TX. Thanks once again, and see you sometime soon!! AxMx (Vocalz/Guitarz on SYN) http://www.roc kpoza rica.com
      The Unforgiven
      Hey... thanks a lot for reading the feature on my band. I've received several comments from you, and I really appreciate it... I hope you understand the navigation through our website, and listen to the LIVE material, which we feel, is better performed than our recording. I know the mix isn't all that good, but the live material shows what we're doing as of now. Thanks for the support, you're welcome to leave messages through this forum, or contact us through our website at www.rockpozarica.com.
      Not bad, not bad I'm gonna watch some of the videos now.
      The Unforgiven
      Just in case anyone still sees this page... SYN will be doing THE SCORCHER, this SATURDAY the 11th, at the DODGE ARENA, in South Texas... Featuring TANTRIC, WWE Superstars Booker T / Batista, Playboy Playmates Carmella DeCesare and Kimberly Holland...