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"It's an interesting genre, the "Horror Rock 'n Roll" scene, if that's the right term. A lot of it is influenced from The Misfits, and I'm sure these guys are fans of Glen Danzig's old band. Having said that, these guys are going to have a broader appeal as they are not full-blown punk and contain some good old fashioned Rock N' Roll into the mix. Put it this way, I was very pleasantly surprised as a lot these bands tend to be more about the makeup and acting scary. These guys can play, the drumming is dead on, the backing vocals are tight, the guitars are blistering and frontman "Screamin" Elvis Sleaze can carry a tune." - RockHardPlace.

With a mix of 50s doo-wop, rock n roll cord progressions, sex, violence, and horror movies - The Memphis Murder Men take rock 'n roll seriously and make sure you know it.

  • Band Members:

    - "Screamin" Elvis Sleaze - vocals - Dre - bass - Danny Valentino - guitar - Jesse - drums

  • Band Biography:

    The Memphis Murder Men (formerly known as The Brain Invaders) formed over 6 years ago, and have played every venu in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Along with shows in Philadelpia, New York, Virginia, and D.C. The Memphis Murder Men have recently left pittsburgh and traveled west to Berkeley Ca. With high hopes to reach stardom, the band is now attacking the music scene with plans to rock harder and take their music more seriously than ever before. With help of the newest releases: One Night To Kill (ep), Bloody Bottles And Broken Hearts (full length cd)and two previous self promoted albums (The Day The Earth Stands Still, and Sometimes They'll Come Back). The Memphis Murder Men Have plenty of great material under their belts and feel extremely confident they can accomplish their goals.

    The Memphis Murder Men have one of the best live performances. They feel "if you want to hear a band- buy the cd. If you want to see a band go to a show". The Memphis Murder Men put on a supercharged stage show with non stop energy along with violent lyrics, in your face distortion, and heart pounding drums. With help of all of these elements The Memphis Murder Men gladly stand out from your typical "cookie cutter" Pittsburgh punk / rock n roll bands. The bands music and stage show appeals to many styles of music and has something for the punks,rock a billy crowd, skinheads, greasers, and even metalheads.

    "We're putting the nail in the coffin of bad rock n' roll and won't stop until we've made sure we've accomplished our goal. We're from Pittsburgh, home of the zombie flicks. If anyone has any right to play music about sex, death, and rock n' roll, it's us. We are rock n' roll."

  • Pictures:

    01. The Memphis Murder Men (Main Pictures Page) 02. Live (Pics) 03. The Band (Pics) 04. Recording Studio (Pics) 05. Graceland Trip (Pics)

  • Audio Files:

    01. Shes My Baby (Mp3)

  • Official Website:

    Please visit The Memphis Murder Men official website for more info: bio, pictures, mp3s and merchandise.

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      yeah, well it has the rock n roll in there hey, its a bit altered though...then it goes into some punky stuff i guess, not really my cup of tea. but could work..
      Hey Memphis Murder Men what program did you use to make our website? You guys are very good.
      Ratiug567 is a wanker - has to comment on every fukin band - and its all bad - GET A BAND U ASS HOLE !!!!! Then maybe you will appreciate music more! oh and get a life. love u xxxxx
      foolstar, that is pretty close. Thats great, i love good punk and i love rooney.
      personally i thought this is really good,actually sounds like real punk not like goo charlotte shit. reminds me of misfits or the ramones
      the term "rock 'n roll"... i hate that... anyways your chords are predictable... VERY much so... your singer sucks goddamn... thought grown men would be at least-hmmm-good.
      i agree. good vocals, catchy chord progression---overall good sound. distantly reminds me of something, but i can't put my finger on it...anyways, keep it up!