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Hello fellow UGers! Here is our next featured modern-rock band: Tracenine from Canada! It seems like these guys are semi-famous already (since not much of "local bands" played with Foos or Matthew Good). Anyway, I'm shutting up now. Read info below these guys sent to us recently.

  • Biography:

    Cambridge Ontario Canada based Rock-Band Tracenine are no strangers to the bright lights. In the past year, Tracenine has performed at various festivals and venues with the likes of The Foo Fighters, Matthew Good, Sum 41, 54-40, Theory of a Deadman, Ashley MacIsaac and the Killer Dwarfs. This quartet's highly addictive and distinctive sound seems to continually leave you wanting more!

    The band currently has two CD's to their credit, a self-titled LP and an EP called Eye For An Eye. The recording of their third release will no doubt rocket ahead of schedule with the winning of $10,000 from a recent band competition and will contain many of the contest winning songs they performed during this competition.

  • Official Website:

    Please visit www.Tracenine.Com for bands news, bio, pics, music, lyrics, store and funclub. Tracenine has also developed an extensive merchandise line for fans that can be purchased at each of their live shows or on line at www.Tracenine.com. The site also contains MP3 clips, upcoming events, lyrics and pictures of live shows. Be sure to check it out!!

  • Music:

    Tracenine have two albums at th moment - self-titled "Tracenine" (release date: Jan '02) and "Eye For An Eye" (release date: Sep '02). All of them available for download. Please click here for mp3s.

    As in all their creative pursuits, Tracenine blazes a fast and furious trail directly to the nerve centre of everything that matters in modern rock.

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      isn't this page for the new unsigned bands? ones that haven't had the opportunity to play w/ bands like the foo fighters and sum41?.....they already have 2 albums out? just doesn't seem right to me
      UG Gangsta
      best one yet but they sound like everyother band no more hard rock originality the closest thing we have nowadays is the darkness o well better than me so ill stop tlkin shit
      you are right that we use this place for unsigned bands mostly. another thruth is that we call it 'promote your band' - and since this band need more promotion, its here.
      not bad. better than the other band displacement. keep up the good work.