Featured: F4AF Contest Winners

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We got over almost 800 entries for a Funeral For A Friend / Moments In Grace contest which was running last week. As it was announcied earlier, contest ended today April 5th. 5 contest winners are:

  • Jono Huppi from US
  • Kyle Roberts from US
  • Skot Copley from UK
  • Nick Baer from US
  • Justin Nusom

    All winners will recieve prize pack with Funeral For A Friend signed poster and Funeral For A Friend / Moments In Grace limited edtion split 7" single. All winners will be notified thru email additionally.

    We will be running more UG contests soon! Stay tuned!

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      I don't like the fact that 3/4s of the winners were from the US when they're a British band, but ah well. Life goes on..... Congrats to the winners
      Congrats!!! Hey Zapp! Are there going to be any guitar giveaway contests?!? wink wink...nudge nudge... SHIBBY
      andrewbiles: I don't like the fact that 3/4s of the winners were from the US when
      4/5ths actually
      ChAos55: 4/5ths actually
      At the time I didn't know where riffamortis221 was from, so it was 3/4s at the time. m2j, that's a great link man, just as close as my link in that one of my long gone ex's goes to uni with one of the brothers of one of the band members.
      congrats, people who took my prize. just kidding. but hey, americans ARE allowed to like british music. especially considering the fact that they're welsch and...nevermind.
      Ok, thank you very much. My e-mail is screwy at times, and I think it assumed your message was spam. I apologize for the inconvenience.
      funeralforafrie: I didn't win, *** you all *cries*
      don't cry... we will be running more F4AF contests soon!
      andrew, keep in mind that 75% were from US. so, result was pretty predictable.
      my mates gf went to school with the guitarist mwahah
      No Irish either (tear) I love ffaf i don't even now if Im allowed go to the gig on Friday that I have a ticket for cause of thew May day riots. DAMN YOU NEO-NAZIS I WANT MY FFAF!