Feudin' 2014: Rock Feuds That Ended and Those That Should End

Name a rock/metal feud you're sick of hearing about.

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Feuds seem to be one of those unavoidable things in the hectic rock realm, but we actually had quite a few notable rockstar feuds end during 2014.

Some of them still remain though, so join us for a brief rundown of 2014 feudin'.

Feuds Ended in 2014

Dave Grohl vs. Courtney Love

Following years of feuding and harsh words, Courtney and Dave seemingly ended their feud at this year's Rock Hall induction, even sharing a heartfelt hug.

Geoff Tate vs. Queensryche

We can't be certain on whether the feud's still going on more of a personal level, but Geoff Tate and the rest of the original Queensryche members have ended their two-year lawsuit with a settlement. Geoff was technically on the losing side, but still managed to keep rights to the classic "Operation: Mindcrime" record.

Noel Gallagher vs. Liam Gallagher

We're not sure about putting this on the list of ended feuds, but the Gallagher brothers have reportedly ended their lengthy feud and are planning to open an indie rock-themed restaurant. We're serious, more info here.

Still Ongoing Feuds

Vinnie Paul vs. Phil Anselmo

Most fans probably agree that this is the top feud that should just end now. Vince and Phil have been through a lot together and many fans are eagerly anticipating for two Pantera rockers to burry the hatchet.

Scott Weiland vs. STP

Singer Scott Weiland and the remainder of Stone Temple Pilots had quite a nasty rift and are still in the middle of a double lawsuit. Their relationship is clearly not good, so we'll have to wait a bit and see where this one is headed.

Axl Rose vs. Slash

Another iconic feud, the Rose Vs. Slash battle tends to bore fans after all these years. Slash started refusing to comment any questions regarding his relationship with Axl some time ago, but still so many fans around the globe are hopeful of a full-on GN'R classic lineup reunion.

Got some other notable feuds to share? Do it in the comments.

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    Great list! and although it really seems impossible at this stage, i'd love to see something happening between the Burger king and Dave Lombardo.
    Vinnie and Phil need to bury the hatchet and do a gig for the 10th anniversary of Dime's death, bring Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Scott Ian and Corey Taylor in as well: it'd be a great way to remember him.
    If something like this ever happens i hope it's not under Pantera's name. Just something to honor Dime and everything that great band made, but with different name.
    Gilmour/Waters Seeing all of Dave, Roger, Rick and Nick play at Live 8 was about the coolest thing ever when it happened.
    They're not feuding anymore, and haven't since G8. They got their shit together for that one performance, and Gilmour has played some of Rogers' 'The Wall' shows. That's as good as it's going to ever get. Pink Floyd is dead.
    I doubt that the feud between Noel and Liam is over, to be honest. It was just a rumour spread around by Daily Star, which is possibly the shittiest tabloid in England.
    Irwin Navarro
    Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy...
    I don't think it's an actual feud, it's something far, far more complicated. As far as I know, he gets along with Jordan well, but it appears that it was between James and Mike that the relationship was the most strained, to say the least (they both seem to have pretty strong personalities, so...). No idea about the Johns though, even though they both seem to be very agreeable, peaceful people (although JP just gets shit organised and done, and JM prefers to be more laid back and quiet I guess).
    Nightwish & Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon. Not a reunion or anything, of course, just a reconciliation, that would be nice. Although, it isn't a feud as much as a "I/we don't wanna have anything to do with you" kind of thing.
    I'm not a Nightwish fan and I don't have a huge interest in the band, but from what I've heard and read how they treated Anette, "**** you" is the least I'd tell them in her place. Unless there's something that was revealed later that I don't know.
    Well i think Tarja and Floor Jansen are friends, maybe with the latter in Nightwish (being a big fan and all)could be the step forward to a reconciliation, The problem is Tuomas, he's a bit of a drama queen, I would love to see a For My Pain.. reunion more than a Nightwish and Tarja one right now, Nw needs to take a break after the Imagineareum huge flop :/
    add to the feuds that should end, Scott Reeder and Kyuss, and Tom G Warrior and Martin Eric Ain and Bill Ward and Sabbath
    Black Sabbath and Bill Ward.
    Billy Corgan and James Iha from the smashing pumpkins. They were so good but now there not because everyone left the band except Billy. I think they should just put everything behind them and be one big happy family. it is that easy, right?
    My favourite feud has always been the "Battle of Britpop", between Blur and Oasis back in the 90s. In retrospect, Blur was clearly a MUCH better band (and were much better people), but almost everyone supported Oasis. Now Damon Albarn (of Blur) and Noel have even performed on stage together, so the feud is over I guess.
    Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore, Blackmores war on the rock side of the music industry has been going on far too long. If those idiots at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ever decide to induct Deep Purple and Blackmore decides to not be a part of it just because he doesnt like Ian Gillan then it'd really suck
    Ronnie Radke and Escape The Fate, Ronnie Radke and I See Stars, Ronnie Radke and Ash Avildsen, Ronnie Radke and most of Sumerian Records, Ronnie Radke and his mother, Ronnie Radke and Emo Llama (it probably happened)
    Ronnie and ETF is over already, they even had a "Bury The Hatchet" Tour with ETF and FIR. But yes, Ronnie Radke and the population of planet earth do need to stop fighting.
    What about lars ulrich and dave mustaine?
    Velcro Man
    Lars and Dave have been friends for awhile, as far as I know the only personal issues were Dave Mustaine being upset they let him go, they never really seemed to care lol
    I think the only thing more boring than these feuds, which sometimes are actually quite funny, is people moaning about a feud, you know like having a feud, with a feud...