First Squadron. Chapter One

This is the first chapter of a story I'm writing about a Punk Rock band. The story takes place in a fictional town set in Melbourne, Victoria and the locations are heavily influenced by the area I live in.

Ultimate Guitar

"Sh--t!" I heard Alex hiss. I turned and faced away from the side of the stage. In the darkness I could see him urgently fiddling with his amp head, occasional taking a quick look into the crowd before returning to the swearing. He slowly reached up and his hand hovered above the Amp input, before quickly shooting down to the floor of the stage, not too far from where he was kneeling down. he plugged a lead into his cheap Stratocaster copy that he'd bought from 'Stage-bound music' and stood up proudly, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He gave me a thumbs up and a nervous smile and I nodded in reply. I looked to the center of the stage at Daniel, who was moving around the position of the overhead microphones, he didn't seem to have too much to worry about and he gave me a friendly wave from behind the toms - and his thick long blond hair. I took a little look at my own guitar in my hands, a cheap red Casino Guitar I'd grabbed for good price the day before in St. Albans.

Looking at the sound guy through the door to the left of the small outdoor stage, I could tell it was nearly time to start playing. The sound guy was wearing some dark cap backwards and his curly black hair and mustache stood out in the Colorful lights around the stage. He gave me an encouraging nod accompanied by a smile and I slowly made my way to the front of the stage. I walked past Benjamin, sporting his big black bass and our eyes met. He looked as nervous as myself, and he smiled weakly as I made my way past him. He gave me a pat on the back. Reaching the front of the stage, I brushed my medium brown hair out of my eyes and grabbed the mic. It started to get quiet.

"Uh hey, we're First Squadron, this is our first gig tonight. We're a Punk Rock band from around here, we're stoked to be playing tonight. Our biggest influences are Green Day, Blink 182, The Ramones and Rise Against" There was some response from the crowd, nothing negative.

"Alright" I said "This song is called Anthem" I flicked to the bridge pick-up, and enthusiastically looked at Daniel, he raised his drum-sticks. ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR!

So with that we had burst into our first song, the stage lit up and there was a new sense of energy among the group. I was strumming a basic eighth note rhythm chord progression and Alex was taking the lead guitar - which was a little more active playing of octaves to accompany and harmonize with the chords I was playing. There some cheers from some girls in the crowd and the occasional Male voice screaming "Yeah!" made me laugh. Me and the rest of the band begun to chant with the rhythm of the snare.

"HEY! -HEY! - HEY! - HEY!" he yelled. The crowd soon joined in and their chants slowly faded away as the riff changed. This time I was playing a little more active chord progression, and throwing in some natural harmonics. The crowd was really becoming alive and I was filled with joy to see these people appreciating the minutes I spent sitting at a computer monitor punching chords and drum beats into Guitar Pro 5. We got to the chorus, which was basically the intro riff with a more active drum beat and we all sang the lines.

I took the time to look into the crowd and see if I could see anyone I was familiar with. I knew a few friends were showing up, because I'd been talking to them on MSN not long before we all left Alex's house.

We were approaching the end now - it wasn't a very long song and I was enjoying myself. For the outro we played the chorus and had the crowd chanting as we had earlier, it was amazing. We came to an end playing one last note and finished it off. There was cheering and lots of clapping, I would never expect this from a bands first gig. I was no longer shaking and I took a sip of water from my bottle lying next to my half-stack. The noise slowly died down and I moved back to the mic.

"Thank you" I said. "For fans of a more faster, Hardcore Punk rock - This song is for you" And with that, Daniel hit the cymbals once again. He did it a lot faster this time - the next song was a lot faster.


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    The idea is nice mate, but it's just too under-developed, it feels like you wanted to describe everything about the whole story ina very short amount of time, try to write more, and remember you don't have to detail EVERYTHING in one paragraph dude, write in a nice pace, develop things..other than that, nice story
    its kinda cheesy. okay, we get it, pop punk band, what you want to do is make it interesting. music terminolgy like octaves and harminzation aren't really going to get it there. remember, why should the reader care?
    I hate to be a downer, but what's the obsession of all this White-style UG fiction concentrating solely on laboriously describing live shows? It gets a bit dull. The stage banter is also completely unrealistic - who stands up and lists their influences? Just try and write something a bit different, rather than just a description.
    I agree with guitaruboy and webbtje, it's a bit of a joke writing an entire paragraph detailing to the reader the technical terminology for playing a chord!
    keep at it dude. it's there. but tone down on the musical terms, and make it more a story. tease the reader a bit.
    keep at it dude. it's there. but tone down on the musical terms, and make it more a story. tease the reader a bit.