Five Albums Metal Fans Are Ashamed of Having in Their Collections

They still like 'em, though.

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There's nothing like a juicy pop guilty pleasure to spice up one's record collection, especially a young metal fan's collection. We all have a tune we'd sort of like not to like, but we still do, so we might as well get a discussion going here. Five records metalheads secretly like, go!

Nickelback - "Dark Horse"

As much as it's a trend to bash on Nickelback, even the strongest haters tend to have a soft spot for at least two of the tunes from the "Dark Horse." We're of course referring to stompin' rockers opening the album, "Something in Your Mouth" and "Burn It to the Ground."

In some cases, folks even might start humming "Gotta Be Somebody" or God forbid "I'd Come for You," and that's when they're really screwed. If it's of any consolation, this album was produced by one of the most renowned producers of all time - Mutt Lange, the guy behind "Back in Black," "Hysteria," and quite a bit of classic records.

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Limp Bizkit - "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water"

Fred Durst and his ridiculous red cap are an extremely easy target for metalheads to hate, which only makes it worse when you confess to yourself that you actually "Rollin'" very much. You might feel like a complete douche while listening to it, but you just can't escape the groove.

Add "My Way," "My Generation," "Take a Look Around," and "Boiler" to the mix, and you've got yourself the winning combo that made this record the fastest-selling rock album ever, breaking the record held for seven years by Pearl Jam's "Vs." 1.05 million copies sold within a week is pretty darn impressive.

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Eminem - "The Marshall Mathers LP"

When "The Marshall Mathers LP" was unveiled back in 2000, it established Eminem as a force not to be recked with by becoming the fastest-selling album by any solo artist in the history of American music. Packed with hits, the album made it quite difficult for many metal fans to resist the catchy aspect. Songs like "Stan" and "Kim" even had some genuine killer lyrics and dark imagery, but it was hip-hop, and liking that stuff was a no-no. So out of all the guilty pleasures of young metalheads, this one was perhaps the most difficult to resist.

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Daft Punk - "Random Access Memories"

Packed with some genuine quality musicianship and songwriting, Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" shook the world in 2013 with some quality funky ditties. Being the furthest thing away from metal, it still managed to find its way to hearts of many metalheads, at least as a guilty pleasure.

"Get Lucky" became a worldwide hit, and at one point it seemed like everyone was humming that ditty, causing many metal fans to openly praise it.

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Maroon 5 - "Songs About Jane"

With Maroon 5 steering deeper and deeper into the territory of "bland pop," their earlier albums became more and more of a guilty pleasure. And many fans of heavy music still enjoy to crank up one of their early tunes from "Songs About Jane," whether it's "Harder to Breathe," "Must Get Out," or the popular "This Love."

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Ultimately, everyone has guilty pleasure, just check out what these guys like!

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So, what's your guilty pleasure? Let us know in the comments.

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    Daft Punk and Eminem are awesome, though. No need to be ashamed of having their albums at all.
    Same goes for M5, now when I hear them on the radio it's like, whatever another crap pop song, but Songs About Jane is pretty damn good album with catchy funky tunes. And say what You want but I love Chocolate Starfish ( ... ) not as great as SO but songs like Itll be Ok, The One, Boiler, My Way, Take a Look Around or beautifully crafted Hold On make this album at least 8/10 and surely one of my favourites
    Chocolate Starfish is a perfect example of a band just going under after making it big, aweful collaborations to make up for a band running out of steam, Significant Other & Three Dollar Bill Y'all are so much better.
    I really don't get the concept of guilty pleasures in music. Music is music.
    Yeah but you lose cred with your metal compadres when you admit that you like "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys. I mean, I'm not saying I like that song....I'm just sayin'
    I once saw a rather heavy hip hop group at a festival that cut out their song randomly half way through to lead the crowd in a chorus of I Want It That Way. Everyone picked up on it instantly. Forget your shame and just have fun.
    None, really. Only people who have no faith in themselves have guilty pleasures.
    I prefer Significant Other over Chocolate Starfish. And MMLP is a fantastic album, no need to be ashamed about that one.
    I'd say out of the first four (only 4 I actually thought they had) Starfish Is the only one I thought was complete crap. The other 3 were decent musically (Lyrically is another story) and contrary to what people say because disliking LP is the cool thing when it comes to them (which when really do they come up?) Fred could actually sing and hold a melody if he wanted to. He's no Mike Patton, but he's better than most.
    If any of the music you enjoy is a "guilty pleasure" your priorities are wrong. I have 2Pac, Kanye, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Rihanna and James Blunt in my music collection, alongside the rock, metal and blues, and I regularly listen to Nicki Minaj and Florence and the Machine because, well, I want to. If you let the opinions of other people affect what you listen to in your free time you're losing out. Plus it's just really nice to have music in common with pretty much anyone you talk to.
    Everything was fine with me right up until you mentioned Nicki Minaj. It's cool that you don't feel ashamed though, because nobody should. That being said, that fat slut sucks donkey cock.
    Depeche Mode. Well, it couldn't exactly mean a "guilty pleasure". But I also ADORE each and every song by a Canadian band called "Dragonette" and sing 'em on the top of my voice. Yea, now that's a guilty pleasure, and I'm not ashamed.
    Depeche Mode is one of my guilty pleasures as well. I think they've got some really great songs.
    I've always thought guilty pleasure is something you aren't supposed to like because it's bad. Depeche Mode are awesome and if you have to list them as a guilty pleasure, there's something wrong.
    Well Michael Jackson's Thriller and Amy Winehouse's Back To Black are good albums too that some people might consider guilty pleasures.
    I don't think many people consider those albums to be guilty pleasures. I really like Back To Black as well.
    Liking one of the classic hip-hop albums isn't a guilty pleasure at all! However, I'm still coming to terms with the 6 months of 2014 where I thought Iggy Azalea was a goddess.
    How about an album by Creed? XD
    How about all their albums? Got 'em all. Stapp & Tremonti were superb songwriters together.
    That Weathered album, though. It had a couple killer tracks, but you could really hear the change that had gone on with that band. Overall, I wasn't a fan of Weathered. My Own Prison and Human Clay still have solid spots on my rotation--although I remove Higher and With Arms Wide Open from them. Lol! I just really don't like those two.
    To each their own. Weathered came out at a certain time of my life where it left a lasting impression. I love them all, but I almost prefer their 2009 record 'Full Circle'. Wicked riffs indeed.
    Not ashamed to admit I listen to The Carpenters every now and then. Karen has a beautiful natural voice.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I haven't heard a single one of these.
    Must be a pretty heavy rock you live under.
    Keyworks Kid
    From my experience even the most faithful of metalheads like a little sugar in their coffee every now and then. In the end music is music and a song either resonates with you or it doesn't. I have everything from Between the Buried and Me to J-Pop anime soundtracks. If you like it, just own it. Dance to it in the mirror or sing it in the car and just do what you want without caring that other people are looking at you funny.
    jerome snail
    Chocolate starfish is awesome. I am not ashamed to like good music. Love Gold Cobra too. And Silver Side Up. Great albums.
    Why is it that people constantly bash metalheads for hating on any music that isn't metal? Most metalheads I have come across are very open-minded when it comes to music and listen to anything from modern day pop to jazz and country music. Metalheads just don't live up to this stereotype at all.
    In one sense, I both agree and disagree with the label "guilty pleasure" - It all depends on the viewpoint. In my own head, none of the records I own are "guilty pleasures" - It's music which I personally enjoy, regardless of the esteem of the artist or their other works. Of course, not all people see it the same way, and rather than argue with them when they find out I listen to some oh-so-forbidden band, it's easier just to defuse the situation and say "yeah, it's my guilty pleasure, so what?"
    Have all of 'em but the Daft Punk album. Dark Horse was the last Nickelback album I really liked. Chad Kroeger does play a few damn tasty solos on that record. Another one of my "guilty pleasures" has always been Good Charlotte's first two albums! Angry pop-punk GC was great!
    Sixx:AM. Which is why it was funny seeing them in that video when their music is like Take That with guitar solos.
    If anything, I don't have "guilty pleasures" so much as I have bands I feel guilty for not liking as much as everyone else. Like Pantera. I just don't feel all that strongly about Dimebag Darrell, even though just about every guitarist who plays metal thinks he was god incarnate. But people make me feel bad for saying "I don't like Pantera" so I just kind of go along with it for image's sake when I clearly know I shouldn't.
    You should try the "Glamtera was better" line and just watch suckers lose it.
    Second Rate
    Glamtera was better? It's not even that difficult to piss them off. Just refer to Darrell as Diamond Darrell and they launch into a fit. If you come across a particularly white trashy one, you'll get outlandishly comical death threats.
    I don't own any of these, but I do have The Eminem Show. And this is a fantastic record, I come back to it pretty much every year at that period, even though I only listen to heavy metal. Eminem is the only rapper that I can appreciate, because I can understand what he says, and 'cause the guy has an angry voice, it's almost metal.
    I ****ing love The Eminem Show. Eminem would be my guilty pleasure. I usually hate rap because of the generally disgusting lyrics, but Eminem's delivery of them is very tongue in cheek not to mention his rhymes have a lot of syncopated rhythms so they're extremely interesting to listen to. All in all, Eminem is awesome.
    Don't have any Eminem albums, nor do I own Daft Punk, nor Maroon 5. I have the two songs off the Songs About Jane album that I want. I've been a really big fan of the last few Nickelback albums. Dark Horse was really good, and Here & Now had a lot of really badass tracks. Sure, not everyone is going to like Nickelback, but a lot of the heat they get is petty and unwarranted. Being good and selling lots of records is an accomplishment; not something to be maligned for.
    I do not own any of these. Nor have ever heard of any of these. What has UG become.
    Why is Eminem shameful? And I actually really like Ticklesack up to Dark Horse. Dark Horse was so good, haven't heard it in forever but you can't hate on it just because they made it.
    I don't have any of them or listen to any of those bands/artists. I wouldn't judge anyone for liking them, though.
    I personally don't care about the genre, as long as it has good melody and lyrics.
    Daft Punk and Eminem are nowhere near a guilty pleassure, they are really great. P.S about the video at the end: I really want to like Slipknot, the guys just struck me as really cool dudes and they gave the best answer by far... But I just can't stand the music (I know they're good, just not y tipe)
    I've got Dark Horse and Songs About Jane. Dark Horse is quite a good album, but I've only listened to a few tracks from Songs About Jane.
    I think Niclebacks albums prior to Dark Horse are far better Thats when they got gay
    I'm proud to say I don't own any of these, although I have the first Daft Punk record. In all honesty, just listen to what ever you like. I'm sure that I have tons of music in my library that many people would find just stupid. Don't feel bad for anything, I certainly don't. Be proud of your musical taste.
    george michael, the cardigans, cinnamon, camera obscura, thats all i can think of off the top of my head. holy shit i wish you could all see my google play music "sad music" playlist. im such a fat lady.
    This post is either gonna go way up or way down. There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure, listen to what you want and stop caring what your supposed to hate because of liking another genre.
    Collective Soul "Disciplined Breakdown" is one of my guilty pleasures. Not that I'm ashamed, it's just not an album you would bust out after some Behemoth or Pungent Stench. Never owned any of the above, though I did buy "All The Right Reasons" when it came out. Gonna blame my ex-girlfriend for that one....yep...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
    dont be ashamed. that ****ing guitar tone on precious declaration is my dream tone. that ascending/descending main riff is what i think electric guitar SHOULD sound like. sounds very much like deleo's tone in "big bang baby"
    I will never feel bad for Eminem. He is an incredible artist. I don't have any of the others except for Daft punk though. The rest I genuinely don't like.
    i'm not a metal elitist, but had only daft punk from this list and eminem is gay, though. DMX rules
    I listen to Mariah Carey, Eminem and Daft Punk etc, etc. RAM is absolute gold! Music is music, no guilty pleasure needed.
    I got almost all of Eminem's CD's, but just 3 Dollar Bill Yall, I couldn't justify buying an entire CD for Nookie, so that left my Limp Bizkit collection at one album. Seriously though, **** Nickelback. And my guilty pleasure, perhaps I'm the only male in the world that likes them, The Calling.
    Not the only male in the world. I won the Calling cd in a radio contest and I like it also.
    link no1
    I own none of the albums. Not trying to be an elitist or anything, I just don't. From the video, I actually say the same thing as Corey Taylor said quite a lot. I don't have guilty pleasures, I don't feel guilty about the things I like. As primarily a metal fan though I know what albums I own would qualify. Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Black Veil Brides, Babymetal, Michael Jakson, Stevie Nicks, a ton of random singles by pop artists and that one song by Eddie Murphey (I think it's called 'party all the time').