Foo Fighters Songs. Part 2

A look into some more great Foo song's.

Ultimate Guitar

  • Learn To Fly (Theres Nothing Left To Lose)

    3rd track and 1st single from There's Nothing Left To Lose. A video, which featured Jack Black and Kyle Glass from "Tenacious D", was made to support the single. Often regarded as the biggest Foo hit to date.

    Released as a 2CD single. B-sides include Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd cover) & Iron And Stone (The Obssessed cover). A live b-side to Stacked Actors single.

  • Everlong (The Colour And The Shape)

    11th track and 2nd single from The Colour And The Shape. A video was made to support the single. The indecipherable whispering near the end of the song consists of three different tracks, each one recorded by Dave. Track one is a love-letter being read. Track two is a technical manual being read. Track three is a story about the father of one of the Grand Master Recorders studio techs. Cult fan-favourite.

    Released as a 2CD single. B-sides include Drive Me Wild (Vanity 6 cover), See You (live), I'll Stick Around (live).

  • Doll (The Colour And The Shape)

    First track on The Colour And The Shape. Dave is quoted as saying "it's not really a song, it's just kind of an intro". One of two songs that William Goldsmith played drums on.

  • Low (One By One)

    2nd track and 3rd single from One By One. A video, which featured Jack Black from "Tenacious D" was made to support the single.

    Released as a single. B-sides include Never Talking To You Again (live), Enough Space (live).

  • Times Like These (One By One)

    4th track and 2nd single from One By One. Two videos were made for this song. The original video, directed by Liam Lynch, was scrapped. The band then went on to shoot another videowith Marc Klasfeld. An acoustic version was recorded in March 2003 and has been repeatedly played on radio-stations across the world. The (acoustic) video is even played on some TV stations. Initially called "One Way Motorway."

    B-sides include Life Of Illusion (Joe Walsh cover), Planet Claire (B-52s cover, live) Normal, Learn To Fly (live) and video clips.

  • Halo (One By One)

    7th track on One By One. Reported to be about Kurt, but has been said it is not (just as "my hero" has been).

  • New Way Home (The Colour And The Shape)

    13th, and closing track on The Colour And The Shape. This song perfectly concludes an album that started with "I've never been so scared..." with "I'm not scared, I passed the boats and the kingdom...".

    Well that's all for now, thanks to "on a tether" for the help on some guides.

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      liam lynch directed a video for 'times like these'? anyone seen it? whats it like..
      what about hey jhonny park or monkeywrench my hero or even generator? not a very good column..
      Halo is probably my favorite song by them - grohls mix of singing and screaming was phenomenal
      why don't we just declare that all FF songs are great and all be happy. Oh and bengalaas i've seen the Liam Lynch video and it was crap and a lot of other people thought so so they made another. It envolved random objects being thrown around the band from a bridge by poeple, the objects got larger and larger until i think the last was a house! which thankfully didn't hit them also.