Guilty Pleasures: 15 Songs Metal Fans Secretly Love

Are you embarrassed that you like these tunes?

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Often criticized as narrow-minded, rock and metal fans are still human beings and simply can't resist a catchy tune or two. And we're not talking about liking such genres as blues, jazz, reggae or classical, we're talking about the stuff that rockers are ashamed of liking. Check out some of the guilty pleasure picks and share your own favorites in the comments.

OutKast - 'Hey Ya'

With all the commotion going on with their latest reunion announcement, OutKast get to open the list with a definite guilty pleasure of many rockers and metallers out there. A solid portion bashes them as rubbish, but just as many rock fans praise Andre 3000's musicianship and songwriting skills. Which side do you stand on?

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The Prodigy - 'Smack My Bitch Up'

This one can be described as a mild guilty pleasure, since the Prodigy come fairly close to the rock domain and are even headlining many rock events these days. However, a certain portion of rock fans still find it hard to admit liking them.

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Bee Gees - 'Stayin' Alive'

If "Stayin' Alive" doesn't get your head bopping or booty shaking, you're not human, it's that simple. Did you know that the song's 103 bpm groove is ideal for performing CPR? No, seriously, it is, Google it.

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Celine Dion - 'My Heart Will Go On'

On the sappy side of the guilty pleasures realm, many metallers have treated their heartache with a massive dose of "Titanic" hit theme. Are you one of them?

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Gorillaz - 'Feel Good Inc.'

This one's a bit of a stretch, but Gorillaz are often disregarded as a rock act and bashed by rock and metal fans for various reasons. The very same fans who share the universal opinion that "Feel Good Inc." has one hell of a smooth bass line.

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Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Call Me Maybe'

You're probably jumping all over you car when this one comes on the radio. If you're alone in the car of course. Some of the contemporary pop acts still know how to strike that guilty pleasure chord. Several Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and even Miley Cyrus tunes work just as fine.

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Tom Jones - 'Sex Bomb'

You just can't dislike Tom Jones tunes and "Sex Bomb" is no exception. Berry White tracks could also apply.

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Eminem - 'The Real Slim Shady'

The fact that rock and rap can go together was proven over 25 years ago, but a great deal of rockers simply refuses to give rappers the props they deserve. Many rap artists can be named, what are your favorites?

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Skrillex - 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites'

Believe it or not, rock fans sometimes like a taste of dubstep. You can't deny that the movement's vibe has many similarities with the rock spirit, even Lars Ulrich said it.

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ABBA - 'Dancing Queen'

If you're one of those rock fans bashing ABBA as garbage, your cluelessness has no boundaries. Not that you have to like them, but props are definitely in order.

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MC Hammer - 'U Can't Touch This'

Song title says it all, a guilty pleasure classic is what it is.

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Rick Astley - 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

That awful troll song is actually a pretty good tune. It took the world a while to realize it, but even more stubborn rock fans have stopped bashing "Never Gonna Give You Up" these days.

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Shakira - 'Whenever, Wherever'

Taking a walk down the early 2000's memory lane, Shakira's "Whenever Wherever" has guilty pleasure written all over it. "...Baby One More Time," Aguilera's "Fighter" and a few other tracks can also apply.

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Haddaway - 'What Is Love'

If you're still saying that you don't like "What Is Love," check out Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer grooving to it, it might change your mind.

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Daft Punk - 'Get Lucky'

Finally, a fresh tune, one of those that marked 2013 actually. A lot of rock fans openly praise it, but to a good deal it's a guilty pleasure.

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Do you hate yourself for liking these tunes? And if you genuinely dislike them, could you tell us why? Of course, feel free to share your own non-rock guilty pleasure tunes in the comments.

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    My Last Words
    The only embarrassing thing here is this article.
    The only embarrassing thing is that you actually took the time to write this pointless and asinine comment, instead of contributing to the conversation.
    My Last Words
    Alright, next time I'll write up a 25-page long methodologically correct essay entitled "why the only thing embarrassing here is the article", if that eases your mind.
    Actually i din't like any of those. but i like this
    Out of the whole list, I only like "Staying Alive". It seems I'm not that much of a 'Metal Fan'.
    I was about to make the same comment. Staying Alive is the shit.
    People scroll through my ipod all the time and see nothing but metal.. until they get to the entire Beastie Boys discography. I love me some beasties
    Whoops, I only like about three of these songs. Is it possible that it's just a list of 15 songs of varying quality that some metal fans probably like because - shock horror - some people like more than one kind of music? I genuinely don't have any guilty pleasures, because if I like music I've got nothing to feel guilty about. T Swizzle or Enslaved, if I like it I'm perfectly happy with other people being aware of that.
    Who keeps writing all these random list of songs? '15 Songs that dogs would like' '8 Songs you wouldn't want as your alarm clock!' '99 Songs with verbs' I just don't get it, nobodies ever going to agree on all of them
    Why would anyone of any Musical taste bash ABBA?
    I don't know. They were talented, and I don't know why people would bash them. But, they aren't my cup of tea.
    I kinda liked it until we had a school project with like 12 songs of ABBA. The two live shows were fun as hell, especially when we performed three of the songs with a nice metal-vibe. Sweeping and shit. After those shows, however, I haven't been able to listen to ABBA D:
    Abba is the worst band I can think of. When it plays it sticks in your head for days. It's disco crap. How can they be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame when the likes of Rory Gallagher is overlooked. There is a great group on facebook called I hate ABBA, I urge anyone with musical taste to join up.
    What a terrible, terrible article, lad. By the way, guilty pleasures are stupid. It's a good sign of lack of personality and self-confidence. PS: I like almost everything mentioned in this article, and I also love metal.
    This article seems more like the author saying "Songs I'm Ashamed Of Liking; Please Agree With Me".
    This is awfully specific considering it's trying to cover a lot of bases at once. I can't say I like any of these songs except one - Feel Good Inc. OutKast were really good before 'Hey Ya' and all that psuedo-funk nonsense, that's the song that marked the bands downfall for a lot of people. Gorillaz are awesome, thou shalt speak no ill words of them. Especially Feel Good, that song has friggin De La Soul on it man, you'd be insane to turn that down. The Prodigy are sort of alright, Smack My Bitch Up is a bit of an awful song though. Music for the Jilted Generation was a much better album imo.
    The fact that the description on the home page says" are you embarrassed that you like these tunes?" is everything wrong with this site. You shouldn't feel "guilty" for liking music that isn't metal.
    Its silly to say Metal fans only like a single genre. Yes, we like to listen to metal most of the time, but any good piece of music that stands out in other genres is equally appreciated.
    Mr Winters
    I like some of these songs and I'm not ahsamed about it at all. "Guilty pleasure" is a stupid concept.
    Prodigy, Skrillex, Gorillaz, Bee Gees, Rick Astley and Eminem i can agree on. Especially the Bee Gees one. WHo doesn't like Stayin' Alive.
    I love Gorillaz, Eminem, and Daft Punk. I don't see why they would be guilty pleasures. Can't ****ing stand Skrillex or CRJ. Don't really feel too strongly about anything else.
    I'd say maybe 3 of those I can listen to without stabbing my ear drums with knives
    Daft Punk is not a guilty pleasure, especially not when combined with Nile Rodgers - it's awesome and I'll happily tell people so! Other than that, this list is scarily accurate.
    Nero Galon
    I can definitely agree on Shakira's song. Call Me Maybe is also a really catchy tune.
    I'm probably more guilty in not liking Get Lucky. I love Daft Punk and their new album had some great songs but that single just kinda annoyed me. Didn't help it was played everywhere .
    Yay let's celebrate and acknowledge that annoying portion of metal fans that hate on anything not metal, except for a few "guilty pleasures". I like a good portion of the stuff on this list... don't know where the **** Carly Rae Jepson came from though (cba to check spelling on that name), that's an undeniably awful piece of music.
    Yep. I agree with you completely...wish I woulda read yers before posting mine...
    You can still be a huge fan of metal and like other songs/genres of music. Music isn't something to be secluded. Jesus.
    this could have been an interesting concept if the author would have dove into why guitarists are attracted to these particular songs, or if there was a common link. I didn't see any relation rhythmically, harmonically, or theoretically however. we're getting there ug! nice attempt!
    I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone - fans of rock, metal, or otherwise - bash the Gorillaz.
    ok. good idea for a topic, but get some research. and yes, you can count yourself, but not as the only one. also, yes im the real shady, all them other slim shadies are just imitating
    I'm the opposite tbh. I get guilty if I listen to metal 'cause most of my friends listen to some of the stuff above.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I kinda have to agree, but for me its just because I hate the whole scene and culture associated with Metal music these days, despite the fact that I was really into it in middle school and early high school. Or maybe because thats when I was into it. I still find myself headbanging now and again though.
    Guilty pleasures... *sigh* I don't personally know all of those songs, but I do like some of those listed. Heck, Eminem is one of my favorite artists period. His stuff is amazing, sometimes I just sit down an merely read the lyrics and am in awe at the stuff he comes up with. I also listen to metal, classical music, techno, dubstep, shit, I even have the first two Avril Lavigne discs here at home. Sure, I bought them when I was younger but I won't deny that I still listen to that occasionally when I feel like it. I suppose that whenever, wherever we get lucky enough to be stayin' alive, we can touch the fact that there's a slim shady in all of us and just feel good about it. Please just don't be somebody that only likes music because of the genre but because you actually enjoy it.
    Of course I like ABBA. How could you not? They are not something I listen to often, but like them, yes. They are one of those bands you know 20+ songs by even without ever remembering listening to them. Take A Chance On Me is my personal favourite song by them. And yes, I'm from Sweden.
    I put taylor swift. sorry, I am less 'metal fan' according to the author
    Why should you secretly love something? Why can't you be open about it? Or is it metal or GTFO? I would be more embarrassed to be one of those guys ("metal or GTFO") than like a good variety of music and be open about it. I mostly listen to rock but don't really care about genres that much. If I like it, I like it and can be open about it. I mean, IMO if you dislike something just because it's not metal, you are pretty close minded. I also find it ridiculous that there are artists you are not "allowed" to like. I mean, it's my music taste, not yours. I think there's no good or bad music, there's just music. If you like it, it's good. And there's really no music everybody loves or everybody hates.