Guitarist Of The Year 2003

Ultimate Guitar

Now in its ninth year, the Guitarist Of The Year competition is again being held at the massive Music Live show this November.

Music Live 2003 takes place at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre 21-23 November and, as usual, will feature hundreds of manufacturers and distributors showing the latest gear.

The Guitarist Of The Year competition will run all three days of Music Live from 8 to the 10 November, with finalists having their performances judged by a panel of industry experts and top player.

How does it work

For the electric category, you can submit any style of playing you like. For the acoustic category we're after more of a showcase of song writing talent than guitar wizardry - although instrumental pieces are also welcome. A vocal mic will be available on the day for singing finalists.

Finally the Young GOTY category can only be entered if you are under the age of 16 on the day of the competition. Once again, any playing style you like as long as it conforms to the rules below. Tune in next month for full details of the superb prizes that we have winners and finalists!

Competition rules 1. Entries must be of original material and no longer than four minutes in duration. Your entry must arrive at the address stated on CD, Cassette or Mini Disc - no DATS please! Entry to include full track plus backing track minus your guitar. You'll need a back up of your backing track for performance if you make the final.

2. The closing date for entries is Friday 17 October 2003. Please note that proof of postage is not proof of delivery, and no correspondence on this subject can be entered into.

3. You must include your name, your age (for Young Guitarist Of The Year you must be under 16 on the date of the competition), your address and a daytime telephone number.

4. You must be available to perform at the Music Live show 2003 in Birmingham on the relevant dates:

Friday 21 November - Young Guitarist Of The Year Saturday 22 November - Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year Sunday 23 November - Guitarist Of The Year

No exceptions can be made, as this is a condition of entry.

5. You may enter any or all competition categories, but only one entry per category, per person will be permitted.

6. All entries will be judged jury-style by the editor and the entire Guitarist team after the closing date. Finalists will be contacted by phone and a follow-up letter in due course.

7. Finalists will gain free entry to the remainder of the show, along with two complimentary tickets for family and friends.

8. The editor's decision is final and no correspondence can or will be entered into.

9. Guitarist reserves the right to reject unsuitable material without notice to the composer.

10. Unfortunately no entries can be returned, so make sure you make back-ups!

Competition Address Please mark your entry with one of the following first:

YGOTY - Young Guitarist Of The Year AGOTY - Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year GOTY - Guitarist Of The Year

...then send to:

Guitarist Magazine, Future Publishing 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW

Good luck!

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    personally I'm not gonna go for that, all gonna be amazingly good experts. Might try go up though and check out the exhibition. cheers for that nice piece of info Zappp
    listen all of you retarted "guitarist" who have been playing for a coulpe of months and think your the s&*%. get a grip. stratocaster=$249 24 private ssessions=$89 laughing at your lame ass when you get blown away by a 58 year old hippie at the competition= price less you kind of people pisss me off. you stick to one kind of music and talk shit about every other kind. you go to a metal concert and bad mouth some peoples religion of metal and you will get your ss kicked and maybe after that youll have a new appreciation for all kinds of music. and if not go play your bigassed amp (that your parents bought you when you first started to play)and play in th rain. you kids dont get it take in all kinds of music listen to metal,punk,hardcore,indie ,jazz,blues,indie,and whatever the hell you can get your yet to be torn up fingers on thats it im done im too pissed off to go on
    i dont get why all of you are bragging. you havent even heard each other play. quit bashin people's music, too. i really only listen to rock, but i can still appreciate qther kinds of music and recognize the talent that goes into it. plus shredding isnt everything. some of the best songs arent hard to play, theyre just well written songs, and in th end thats what counts could be able to play the speed of light, but if it sounds like shit, you cant call yourself a good guitar player. quit hatin on other instruments, too. they dont take any more or less talent than guitar. i play guitar and bass, but plenty of my inspirations are great drummers, too. and just play for the love of it, and nothing else. dont worry about how good you are. okay ive said enough. peace.
    randy rhodes is way better then zakk wylde and thats how u spell it..does anyone know all of dee?
    can anybody send me the full song of dee by randy rhodes plz that would help a bunch and if u start cussing at me on the inernet and think ur cool plz dont i dont need it....(>.
    dude i got a yellow tom delonge strat beat that motherf***ers ill kill you all with my solos and s**t!
    it's me i'm the best nanananananananan to you all:A GREAT FUCK YOU ALL whawhawhawhawha-ev il
    You guys are all sad. I think I lost brain cells reading all of your stupid, uninspired posts.
    i think people should just register so their name isnt UGStranger, that way, you dont get the dumb ***s asking way UGStranger keeps posting mixed oppinions, I mean Come on, it doesnt take a genious to work it out!!!
    hey tom martin, it is hard to play drunk! And bein stoned never hurt my guitar playin!
    Oh, and I used to play for 4 hours everyday on average I'd guess...he played for 1 maybe....Interesting how effort and skill relate to each other....
    Whoever said that you should learn on an acoustic because then you'll find the electric easy, well, maybe that's true, but I learned on electric and I can fingerpick most anything on an acoustic, and play some fairly fast stuff like metallica on an electric. My friend learned on an acoustic, he can't play anything decent on electric, can't move up or down the neck fast or clean enough, and I can even fingerpick better than him. And we've been playing about the same amount of I think it's got alot more to do with how much you want to get better than the guitar type you choose.....
    I like what ur saying you dont have to have a good guitar to play good, my bass is shit( probably because ive never changed the strings) but i have the skills of cliff burton
    ok jus gotta say this to stop ppl making idiots of themseleves .. UG stranger is the name the forum gives to users who dont log in!!! so in otherwords most of tha time if a ug stranger says one thing then says a different opinion - then ITS A DIFFERENT PERSON!!!.. sorry that has nuffin to do wit the topic jus really annoying when ppl r too stupid to realise simple things...
    ill bet i could get into top 100. i try to be modest, but the only people better than me at soloing are people that 1. are my music teacher, hes hella good or 2. have a contract w/ warner lol(you know what i mean) im serious...i wont get top because theres gonna be some 15 yr old with shred skillz yknow..
    you guys really shouldnt even try, i have people that pay to hear me play guitar...dont get your hopes up to win cuz i will be there...BRACE YOURSELVES
    hey stranger...some of ur comments are kinda weird but i gotta agree w/ u on one thing playin someone elses solo is not worth anything u gotta improv and come up w/ ur own...but i shouldnt be talking
    you kno as good as you think you are there are gonna be prodigy's there, who were better then u like the 4 days after they picked up the guitar, they will be very good
    it gives me the s,h,i,t,s that UG post up something like this and idiots like UG Stranger just ruin the comments by just talking crap. And also i dont think that anyone cares whether anyone is good or not or whether they are going to go in it or not.
    hey y the hell u f***ers gotta be so angry all the time man i have been playin for like a year now and i have thinkin about buying that marshall 100 watt mgdfx i am pretty good i think for a ameture i play like 3 hours aday so can u give me some advice about the amp
    I think that words like "Cuz" and "Lol" Doesnt belong at a serious page like this. Get lost! Screw you guys
    yah, i play whatever i think sounds good or anything that sounds hard or challenging. not worried about "shredding" i love acoustic songs and slow solos just the same as i do maiden ones
    the guy that was 2 messages up is right man you people arent having fun any more your just playing to say that you can play. you guys dont get anything out of it. find your soul and not someone elses. Get some talent and go play at your school on stage. i swear that you will find no greater feeling than playing your guitar in front of people who can recognize your talent.
    Tom Martin
    has any1 else noticed how you get worse on the guitar when drunk, and a hell of a lot better when youve been smokin' the herb?
    Geez you guys are really rock n roll "ooh i hope no1 will be better than me!" Get it sent in
    Tom Martin
    this thing sounds so cool, ill prolly have a little go at it, but id mainly go just to see all the other amazing guitarists and all the guitar shops and stands that would be there... y'all should quit bitching about how crap you all are and for once... i been playing for over 5 years and i got a les paul and a warlock.... id still get absolutely washed by some genious who plays his guitar 24/7...
    you guys are weird i could beat all of you- shredding is worthless to my creativity