Guitarists Of Our Generation

Its hard to pick up a guitar magazine, or read this sight without some complaining rock is dead or dying, am I right? Here is a proof that not all of our idols date back to before we were born.

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Its hard to pick up a guitar magazine, or read this sight without some complaining rock is dead or dying, am I right? It seems that Page, Clapton, May, Hendrix have "done everything" and people constantly moan that there are no great guitarists of our generation. Or their all underground. Well its time to set the record straight. The following is a list of guitarists that we ALL know and are equal to the fore mentioned giants. So here goes.

  • John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    - Member of one of the most beloved bands ever. - Tastefull solo player. - Unselfish player. - A definate legend in his own time. From funk to traditional rock and roll John has dominated our ears, on the radio and our cd collections.

  • Tom Morello (RATM, Audioslave)

    While Cornell might be dragging his reputation through the mud (everyone wants Zack, lets be honest) this man has changed the way we look at a guitar. He approached with a number of angles (and tools!) and brought the distinct sound to Rage. He will be forever remembered for the style Rage brought and the many causes he stood for.

  • Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)

    Radiohead are famous for their obsession with killing the past, making an album different each time. Every Radiohead song is different from the last and as such, Jonny earns a place here. He tought us that effects are a garment not a mask, add them to you guitar dont hide it. And that instrument wise, why stop at the guitar? Striving for perfection is something we could all take away from Radiohead and Jonny.

  • Mike Einziger (Incubus)

    Recognized as a genius among many circles. A very talented member of a very talented band and proof that its possible to be tastefully heavy. He is one of the reasons why it is so impossible to pin down the incubus sound and a varied band always go further.

  • Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan)

    I thought long about this one. He is not famous for his guitar playing but drawing insperation from the Pumpkins is easy. An expression of the thoughts we all feel and branches to every type of rock are what you find in the Pumpkins back cataloge. Every bit as talented as Cobain, he just didnt kill himself and as such didnt get the attention.

  • Matt Bellamy (Muse)

    They are pretty adored right now and rightly so. Riff wise, solos and piano playing are all huge becons of his talent and the undead corase of rock. Its still very much alive and this man prooves it. With MTV touting this bands videos its easy to see they will become legends.

  • The Edge (U2)

    I'd love to see their awards cabinet! Another tastefull guitarist. You see unlike the past legends, many of these guitarists arnt "widdlers" "morse code senders" and Edge is a perfect example. Solos are sadly dying yet its not all bad.

  • James Dean Bradfeild (The Manics)

    Written many classic tunes and one hell of a player. To play and sing like that is something we should all be envious of, but thats why the manics are loved so much.

    There you go, all I can think of, in 1/2 an hour. Feel free to agree disagree and add you own. Note any dead or retired guitarists didnt make it. The rock scene aint dead, its just resting. These guitarists, like them or not are talented and influencial.

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      haha, he is ugly. Murderers by john frusciate rips it up, its weird cos the red hot chilli peppers stuff is not too flash
      michael angelo, ever heard of him? if you havent then go look him up, top shredder in the world, he even kills yngwie
      Hey what about Paul Reynolds of A Flock Of Seagulls, he was an amazing guitarist.....Considerin g he joined the band when he was like fourteen or fifteen
      not everyone wants Zach you ***ing idiot, Audioslave is better than anythign Rage could imagine. tom Morello is a legend, so is Cornell. De La Rocha was a fricking rapper. Get a clue
      hey angel guitar...since when was jack white a good enough guitarist to be on that about pop culture
      Ok, Let's get this across people. When you say "OUR GENERATION" Im guessing were going to go with the 90's. Ok, sounds good, cause thats most of our "generation". But i feel i need to explain something to you people. SANTANA, IOMMMI, and a load of others, just because they are STILL around, they are NOT our generation. They are and were huge guitarists in the 70's and 80's. So When a band is still going, and just putting out more amazing GUITAR riffs, it doesnt mean they are our generation. IOm sorry. And you people that give examples, should actually tell WHY they are great guitarists, and not just say," This list sucks, it needs _____." OK, COntinue
      I offcourse agree in some of them, but you definately lack the best. Where are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and so on?? They may not be mainstream but they are without doubt some of the best guitarplayers I've ever heard of
      i say who cares, just enjoy music if the guitarist aint the best o well at least rock music isnt dead
      The RX Bandit
      ah! there it is! disappeared... now its back... in the space of one refresh... I'll just act like this never happened.
      The RX Bandit
      ..For that matter, ha ha... Kurt Cobain. What made him so great? He was a mediocer guitarist.
      The RX Bandit
      Hahaha... Dave Grohl... Funny... Anyway, I think some of these people should listen to some Muse songs. Muse are far from by fvaorite band, and Matt Bellamy is far from my favorite guitarist (although I do recognize him as the most talented singer I've ever heard) but the stuff he DOES with his guitar... Damn... I'd say he is better then Jimi Hendrix or at least equal (cos saying 'better' is just an opinion). I mean, he is a FANTASTIC piano player and the effects and speed he does the guitar blows me away. Some cool songs to listen to for those un-awares of Muse (in the US i didn't meet one person who knew em, so...): Recess, Yes Please, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Sunburn, and basically anything.
      angel guitar
      i think that The Edge should not be there.Dave Navarro should be here 'couse hi is very talented,also Jack White should be here 'couse his music ic so f***ing good!!!one more thing:i'm 16,and i think that Kurt Cobain is still my generation.he should be here!!!
      Tom Morello is just a god, but i disagree with Chris Cornell losing his reputation. Some of the songs on audioslave are on a par with, or even better than some soundgarden stuff. Which is another point, Kim Thayill!
      hey! whats this about " everyone wants zach back"???? i like chris better that zach, and i think all the girls would agree with me... if you know what i meen.
      look, every1 of these guys are great guitarists in their own right. Personally, the best guitarist for my style isn't found on US soil...
      And hurt Cobain wasn't shit he had his own style that was different, but of course all u think about is speed and soloing, thats to u Animuswh and deadkennedy
      and yes deadkenedy.... kurt is a shithead who only plays power chords and couldnt handle a lil pressure and killed himself... wat an example for the kids
      they r all great guitarists thats for sure... but they r surely no jimmy page or hendrix or clapton... painful but tru
      dude what about stone gossard of pearl jam or jerry cantrell of alice in chains two very accomplished guitar players and for the love of friggin god where is hammet?????
      whether you like him or not, John Mayer is an incredible guitarist, i would also like to add the brothers from the Darkness
      oh, and Wilson8, Carlos is a great guitarist, but his tone pisses me off. I can't stand it, otherwise a great guitarist and deserves to be on the list...great article btw...stop bitching about the 00's not being the 70's.
      Ok you want a guitarist who should mentoined jonathan Donais from Shadows Fall. If love guitar solos listen to Shadows Fall. Johnathan knows how to carry a 1 to 2 minute solo. Another guitar player is Adam Jones of Tool. He has made TOOL sound like no ohter band in history along with the greatest singer. What about Zakk Wylde. Who else could play ozzies classic songs and Black Label Society is a metal band that is kick a@@. What about Kerry King of Slayer or Dimebag Darrel of Pantera/Damageplan. If you want hear good guitar playing look at underground metal. These guitar play hard and technical and who says metal/rock is dead. Just becasue it isnt mainstream doesn't that great guitar playing is dead. Real guitar playing lies in metal now so open your eyes and ears people and turn off MTV the non music television.
      I do agree , CARLOS SANTANA dose get the lest amount of fame out of a lot of guitar player . I tip my hat to him
      i personally think the best guitarist(Mind my spelling)Is the guitatist who play with heart. Example he might have really music to play, but man u could tell when he plays, It all cam from his heart, So i think kurt cobain should be a legend in guitar.
      glad so many people agree that guitar isnt dead. u missed many people, but it got everybody thinkin, so thats good. nicely done my friend.
      John Mayer is very talented too... but his genre of music keeps him limited to what he can really do. The only one that really stood out was Mike Einziger... he is a real artist... all the guitar riffs and interludes are perfect with the song and very organized. Tom Morello is alright... he is just more of a guitar-pioneer than a guitar-God.
      noodles is god
      two words.....daron malakian. ok he may not be playing some of the hardest stuff ever but he sure as hell is original. o and the dude with the eyebrows from busted is amazing