Happy Holidays From Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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Happy Holidays from Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Well, guys, it's that time of year when your fellows here at Ultimate-Guitar.Com have left the office to celebrate the holidays and prepare for a full year of hard, but still pleasant work in 2005. We'll be off until January 3 ? that's when we'll start updating the site again with more tabs, music news, reviews and columns!

In the meantime, we've left you with some holiday columns to keep you entertained over the break. Ultimate-Guitar's Top Ten Discs Of 2004 are live, as well as our massive Top Events Of 2004 coverage and The Best Columns article. Head to these pages and have some fun!

Once again, all of us at Ultimate-Guitar.Com wish you and your families a happy, safe holiday. We'll see you in 2005.

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    Well if you have ever submitted tabs to UG than it says that their office is closed saturday and sunday.. so thats why theres no updates on the weekends either..
    HAAA..!!! Happy...spring...? Do not see the point of typing here now *rolls eyes*
    no offense
    wow now i heard this office is in russia... do the moderators have to work from the office???
    Nah nah, when they say office, they mean zappp's laptop while he's on the toilet.
    Now when they say office, they actually mean "Parent's basement with an internet connection"
    lol Happy holidays !
    awwww aint that nice? Happy Christmas to you too and have a great new year!!! thanks for keeping me sane for the past year :S
    Now when they say office, they actually mean "Parent's basement with an internet connection"
    I thought you ran this from home. Wow. Can I come work at UG? Puleeze? Merry Christmahanukkansa. Oh, and A Flakey New Year.
    The local radio station runs an ad that goes like this "merry chritmas, happy hanukka, happy quansa, oh and if your an athiest have a nice day" Oh yeah I cant spell!!!