Hello MewithoutYou - Where Are You?

There are lots of excellent bands that seem somehow to have been missed when the world was looking around for good stuff to listen to... MewithoutYou is one of those bands, out of the radar of Alternative and Indie listeners.

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I'm a huge fan of everything bizarre - the weirder and more nonsensical it is, the more i like it. When something's bizarre AND good at the same time, well, you've got me.

I came upon MewithoutYou after wafting through a labyrinth of weird Alternative music on iTunes. If you like Of Monsters and Men... you'll like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros... if you like them, you'll like The Head and the Heart... and so on, and so on, until iTunes told me that because I was currently listening to a few songs from this absolutely awful screams-and-distortion band I'd probably enjoy listening to MewithoutYou.

Well, why not, I thought. I checked out their album. Winced a little at January 1878, but smiled at Elephant in the Dock and by the time I'd listened to all the songs, I bought the album.

I'm one of those people who would probably explode without at least one Arcade Fire song per day. I NEED a good song jumping around in my head, very often, or my brain goes haywire.

MewithoutYou's songs are everything I like, rolled into one crazy package: melodies as well as screaming, heavy guitar and drums as well as harps and accordions - and meanwhile, this guy's screaming things like "Well, I'm certain enough of this! In the last fourteen years there's only one girl I've kissed at the pier in the blistering heat at the top of the ferris wheel!" And then he goes on to explain about foxes jumping from log flumes and crashing up against the rocks, etc. - absolute nonsense, but the BEST kind of absolute nonsense.

It's too bad that MewithoutYou seems to be so under the radar. They've got one hit, "In A Sweater Poorly Knit," which wracked up about half a million views on Youtube - but otherwise, it's the one-hit-wonder-phenomenon. I've yet to hear a MewithoutYou song on the radio and if I mention it in conversation people look at me and say, "What's that, a boy band?" Maybe they're more popular than they seem - I don't know - but all I'm sure of is that even the weirdest Alternative rock kids I talk to have no idea who they are.

I hope that MewithoutYou gets the recognition they deserve. They should be right up there with Arcade Fire and The Black Keys and Of Monsters And Men, and so on. I understand the screaming parts of their songs can be hard to adapt to if you don't usually like screaming parts, but their kind of screaming is a lot cooler than the usual punk/heavy-metal mindless shrieking into the microphone that so many bands do.

Anyway, I hope to see these guys next time the higher powers put together an Indie rock concert. I'll even buy their t-shirt, no matter if the name might sound a little like a boy band.

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    I just happened to stumble upon this write-up somehow, and created an account just to respond to this post . I'm a long-time fan, and glad to see this post. They're my favorite group of all time. One interesting thing, especially when you go back to the flagship albums "Catch For Us the Foxes" and "Brother, Sister" is that Aaron started to patent not so much of a "scream" but really more of a talk/yell tone of lyrical projection. It's incredibly unique. I have a feeling that you'll absolutely fall in love with those two albums.
    Already fell in love with "Brother, Sister"-- so I'm ahead of you there. I still have to convince myself ten dollars for "Catch For Us the Foxes" is worth it, (which I'm sure it is.) I'm thrilled that you took the time to create an account just for my obscure post. It's much appreciated!
    I just checked back on this thread. I recommend checking out the official video for 'January 1979' on youtube. That might convince you of the value of $10.00 going towards the purchase. Happy listening!