How Music And Playing Guitar Have Helped Me In My Life

In this life one of the most beautiful things is music; what a simple thing, some different and ordered sounds, sounds which can encourage you or... also save your life.

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For first, I must say that this is a totally real story; my story. It happened a time ago, but it is still beating in my life, but now with a smile in my face. I'll start in the point where everything happened:

When I was 14 years old I had a musical taste based on punkrock (which my folks didn't like I must say), with Rise Against in the top of it. I really liked their songs, not in the usual way of "hey, it like this, it's cool", no; the lyrics, the sound and the rhythm easily entered inside of me. In these times I just had a very little idea of music (do re mi etc.) but when I was listening to the music, something strange used to happen to me; I could feel the guitar's bass' and drums sound in a special way. So one day while listening to "Heaven Knows" (by Rise Against) I decided that I wanted to start playing electric guitar. At first my parents feel quite happy but I could see that they would have preferred I liked more quiet and acoustic songs... But I didn't mind. My neighbor borrowed me an acoustic guitar for my begginings, and I started going to music lessons in an academy. There for first I learnt the basic chords and some rhythm from songs such as "Hey Joe", "All Along The Watchover" or "Zombie". After a month my cousin gave me his old Strat-sembled electric guitar and a little 2watt amp. Passing from an acoustic to an electric was great! Now I could feel like my heroes! And also my teacher said I was improving my skills.

It all seemed great, but the truth was that I had too much time to practice... My family members weren't at home all the time I needed, and my friends; yes, the friends I had had for years, weren't so near to me as before. I used to think the problem were the new girls who have entered into the friends group, but all still was more or less ok.

The summer arrived and it was gone too fast. I didn't have a lot of time, and the time I had I spent in improving my skills, learning to play the songs I liked and also looking for a brand new guitar in the internet because I started to realize that my teacher was right when he said that my Chinese Strat was "the worst guitar he had ever used". So by the end of the summer I could play some easy solos and my best friends and I were as we were before. And in the last day of holidays, my parents bought me the guitar I wanted; an Ibanez RG 350DX.

And I was at school again, it all seemed well among us but... Bit a bit, also that hateful girls I talked about before and a guy who (I don't know why) hates me were also among us and... Bullying started.

That guy and some more were practicing that against me and that girls made my friends don't help me and abandon me, and when I came home from school, I didn't want to tell anything because all the psychological pain would re-appear.

Luckily, I had the key to my personal paradise in my room, in this paradise all I had were my mobile phone with the songs of my favorite bands, my lovely shiny guitar (I felt in love with her and I still am) and the amp. It was all I had and all I needed to be happy, no pain, no hateful people, no sadness, all was music. Some ordered sounds which can help you and change your life.

But I arrived to a point where there were no more forces to go on, because the situation was going worse. Yes, I'm talking about thinking about suicide, what ironically thing; finishing my life just in the same way as the protagonist of Heaven Knows, the song which encouraged me to started playing.

But don't be sad, because the best things are in the way, and they came all together. A new shiny summer was coming; my parents knew all the trouble and know the hateful haters were in a big trouble. It could be better? Yes! My marks and all my guitar skills had improved a lot, I had a new Peavey amp and my friends and I were as before because they apologized and now that girls and that haters are far far away (and I don't care about where are them now). And my fate was becoming even better because girls now were interested in me, what a surprising idea for me!

Now I'm 17 years old, the beginning of the end of this summer is here, but life now smiles at me. I'm still with my friends, sometimes we have really good afternoons and other times I'd like to kill'em (they don't want to date with me because of their laziness but if a girl tells them to date they don't refuse, for example). I'm really happy with my love life, I have a great family and a great future. As you can imagine I still have bad days (as all the people) but the people and things I love are with me.

Well, this is the story of my life and my bad times and how music helped me. To finish this article, I want to render thanks to the music in general, this website and all the people who selflessly helped guitar rookies as I was, my favorite bands, Rise Against specially, and of course, my family.

BTW, if you are wondering which my favorite bands are, here they are:

Anti-Flag Bad Religion The Bouncing Souls Bullet For My Valentine Chevelle A Day To Remember The Distillers Flogging Molly Funeral For A Friend Green Day Lagwagon My Chemical Romance Nirvana The Offspring Pennywise Rise Against System Of A Down The Unseen

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    H8ed H3r0
    Jesus Christ why does everybody have to keep going on about the grammar issues? 90% of UG users have nothing better to do all day than sit and hate on everybody. Get a life
    thank you so much, when i did this article, it came out from my heart, so it was really difficult to transcribe it to English
    Good for you man, glad you're alive and well. Rise Against are one the few bands where I enjoy all their albums. Well, almost.
    thank you so much i agree, all their albums are great (but in my opinion endgame could be a bit 'noisier'). And yes, now i can say i'm Alive and Well
    You sir! Have a good taste in music! Rise Against \m/
    thank you so much! i'm a newbie here and it's my second contribution to the page, but i haven't made friends yet :S so for me yours is the first good comment i have
    Nice story, guitars and music in general is just a way to escape yourself, even if you don't have any problem, it feels just good. Almost like being high.
    yes, it's some kind of magic, it's great to listen to your favorite music, but when you play it... there're no words no describe it
    Good story man. I'm 36 years old now and was probably in the same exact spot you are in when I was a teenager. I think a lot of people are but never find a useful, creative outlet for that angst. I can't even explain why music and the guitar helped me get through so much stuff, it just did. Through the years, I just found that when I was the most down or depressed, I wrote some really creative stuff. And now that you are a little older, you will find that the guitar GREATLY helps with the ladies. Once you are in your 20's and 30's you'll have a skill that 90% of the country doesn't have and that can be quite attractive to women and instill quite a bit of confidence in a person. Keep on rocking and don't the the BS get you down!
    thank you so much man! i really like you comment it's great to find people who understand you and who know how are you. i use to think that most of the people are just stupid, but we have to live with them u.u and i agree with you in the way when you are depressed you do the best artistic stuff, also if you have a look to the history, when the economical social and political situation is ****ed, is when the best art appear and finally, i must say that my guitar receives a lot more compliments than me x) i started to go to the gym but i must say that musical skills and bands knowledge help A LOT to find your girl; i dated for first time thanks to rise against
    Hey man, I've had a pretty similar story. Except for me starting guitar at 9, my first "deep" musical experience being with Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin, and my favourite bands including the Foo Fighters, Coheed, Queens of the Stone Age, and Deftones. Plus playing guitar has always been my major hobby. Due to financial issues, I had to give up hockey, guitar, skateboarding, but I always stuck with music, even started playing drums.
    only in this website i've found people who understand me :') i hope you'll return your guitar-hobby!! and you have got exactly de same hobbys as me DD
    Shouldn't articles get proofread/edited by someone whose principal language is English?
    well all i could do was correct the gramathical errors in microsoft word and hope ug's moderators update the column
    Anti-Flag Bad Religion The Bouncing Souls Bullet For My Valentine Chevelle A Day To Remember The Distillers Flogging Molly Funeral For A Friend Green Day Lagwagon My Chemical Romance Nirvana The Offspring Pennywise Rise Against System Of A Down The Unseen what is this i don't even
    it's the list of my favorite bands, if you like, you can imagine there's a white square over it