How To Sing Like David Coverdale And Sammy Hagar

They are street singers, they figured it out on their own.

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Well I think it is no secret that Sammy Hagar is my cousin.

Does that make me "great" (like I have "the gene" for singing) no way.

I chose to do a demo of these two singers combined for this reason.

They are street singers,

They figured it out on their own.

It's obvious they have not taken lessons and God has given them a gift.

Does this mean that their level of singing requires a "God given gift?"

No way.

What it means is that I want to break down what makes them great, but also what would be helpful to make their way of singing sustainable over time.

Let's start with Sammy.

If you notice, when Sammy goes up to his upper register (like David) he squeezes off the chord to get his notes.

Strangely enough, he is able to relax his chest neck and throat at certain points ( with a LOT or power and energy from the lungs) to go even higher.

In my past articles you have heard me refer to "pairing down the sound" (or thinning down the sound) in order to ascend to higher scales.

Sammy is able to do this from his own "street technique" probably not even realizing what he is doing.

Many of us do this in our singing.

The most challengingpart aboutthis approach is that it creates "moving targets" for yourself. You never "really" knowing if you are going to be able to "hit the high note" or not.

This is one of the reasons I created the how to sing - Better Than Anyone Else course. With proper vocal coaching you will find that there are some things called "release valves" that will enable you to be able to reach those notes EVERY time, without the "wonder" if you can sing a certain song tonight.

Sammy does this "naturally" but can't fully depend on it and his vocal compression is different every night. You can clearly hear that in his singing now.

Now for David: - David (like Sammy) is also a "natural born singer".

One of the differences is in David's "approach" to open throat vowels. Notice when he sings "Still Of The Night" on the line Na NaNa Na The Still Of The Night....

David had learned that if he keeps his throat open (in contrast to Sammy) that he can create a "bigger" sound by keeping his throat open but here's the thing:

Just to keep the throat open is not enough.

It may work when you are young.

It may work "most of the time".

But over time, unless you understand about vowel modifications (meaning to create release vowel sounds that allow you to ascend to high notes and how to come down from those vowel sounds) you will again always be "wondering" if you can hit those ever illusive high notes..

With that said:

There is a very specific way to get to those notes safely (even with distorted compression like Sammy and David) that I cover in my DVD series "How To Sing - Better Than Anyone Else" at my vocal academy, you may enjoy.

OK enough talk.

I chose to use an original piece "in the spirit of" Sammy and David but will also be posting their actual songs.

Hereis the video on how to sing like Sammy & David:

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    idk about you guys, but there is no way in hell i want to sound like hagar. ROTH ALL THE WAY!
    It would be nice if your 'in the style of..' youtube video's actually gave some hints at how to achieve such a sound rather then just a demonstration that you can do it. In these articles you do explain a bit of it, which is just so much more helpful. Don't get me wrong though, I think you're a wonderful teacher and singer and if I was serious about my singing I'd sign up immediately. Anyway, the adress at the end mentions KenTamplinVocakAcademy with a k instead of the l, so small production error there
    I'm thinking that I'd like to sound as good as Lou Gramm of Foreigner or Liam Gallagher of Oasis/Beady Eye.