How To Start A Career In Music And Succeed With A Mentor

Do you dream of starting a career in music, but are uncertain about what you should work on first?

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Do you dream of starting a career in music, but are uncertain about what you should work on first? Fact is, there are many musicians just like you who are very enthusiastic about becoming a professional musician; but do not make it very far in their careers due to a lack of understanding for how the music business works. On top of that, most musicians do not truly know how to utilize the knowledge they gain about the music industry in order to sustain long term success in their music careers.

If you would like to start a career in music and quickly reach success as a professional musician, it is crucial to find a mentor who has already achieved great things in the music business. By learning about the music industry from a professional who has already done big things, you will be much more likely to succeed in your own music career.

Take for example basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, Jordan achieved the highest levels of success by winning championships, breaking records and earning many millions of dollars through endorsement deals plus his own player salary. While it is certainly true that Jordan was an incredibly talented individual; it is not true that he accomplished all of his success entirely on his own. In fact, during his career, Jordan took the advice of MANY mentors, trainers and personal coaches. All of these people had previously achieved the results that he was looking to achieve for himself. Due to this, Jordan was able to leverage his great natural talent in order to propel himself to the very highest level of his sport. It is simply unimaginable to think that after achieving such high levels of success, that a great athlete would continue on without a trainer even after breaking records, winning medals or other types of awards.

Similar to Michael Jordan, if you are starting a career in music, it is absolutely essential that you find a great coach, trainer or mentor who can help you leverage your natural abilities so you can achieve the highest possible success in your music career. To make the process for choosing a mentor much easier for you, I have written down the top 3 traits that your mentor should possess in order to help you start and maintain a successful career in music:

1. Is already highly successful in the music business, and is able to help you solve any problems that get in the way of your music career goals.

Many times when musicians first begin a career in music, they become overwhelmed. The reality is, you can gain more access to information about the music industry now than ever before due to the speed of the internet. The downside of this is that most of the sources you will find online about how to build a career in music offer very broad information that is intended for a general audience of musicians. If you use basic information on the internet as your only source of understanding how the music business works, you will likely end up very confused because you have not yet learned how to tell valuable information apart from general information (that is useless in your own specific' music career). The key to solving this problem is to seek the advice of a music career mentor who has a lot of experience building success in a similar area of the music business as the one you want to get into (for instance, becoming a recording artist, touring the world in a band, doing session work as a musician, etc.).

Once you have found a mentor who possesses this trait, you will be able to get specific advice that will help you in YOUR music career (not simply generalized' advice for the masses). This person will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your musical goals, and how to do it. This will eliminate any confusion on your part, and help you to follow a clear path toward building your career in music.

2. Has the ability to pay attention to the small details of your music career while also helping you to stay on track toward your larger, long term goals.

For many musicians, one of the greatest challenges is to stay on track toward their long term music career goals. These musicians will often become distracted by things that do not truly matter for their success, and will spend too much time on unimportant details or activities. Most commonly, it is thought that developing a successful career in music requires great musical skills. Although it is important to improve your musical skills, your success as a professional musician involves many more factors. It is important that you create an effective strategy for reach your goals in music, and stay focused on seeing it through. One of the worst things that could happen to you (I see this all the time! ) is that you invest many years of your life into music, only to fail because you did not pursue what TRULY mattered.

A solid mentor can help you determine the best strategy for achieving your music career goals and show you how to do so in a quick and effective manner. Additionally, even if you have all the right' information and strategies in place for your music career, you may still lose your way due to lack of inspiration, external distraction or issues with procrastination. Without the guidance of a great music mentor, these problems can easily cause your career to fade into obscurity. Your mentor should be highly perceptive when it comes to noticing your progress (or lack of progress) toward your greater music goals. This person will instantly notice subtle signs that you are going down the wrong path, and will quickly step in to help you find your way again.

If you have not determined specific goals for your music career yet, it is important that you do so immediately. Take this music career assessment to get a clear picture of exactly what you want out of a career in music.

3. Has already helped many other musicians reach their highest music career goals (and has proof of this!).

To build a career in music, you will not need to complete any university program, become certified, or take any mandatory testing. This is something that sets the music industry apart from other industries. That said, it is very easy for amateur musicians to make claims of expertise when the reality is that they have not really achieved anything significant in their own career. It is very important that your music mentor is able to give you reliable, accurate and helpful advice that is truly effective for building a successful career in music.

In order to find a mentor who truly knows how to help you succeed in your music career, look first at the success of the musicians he is training/has trained in the past. If this person is truly a great mentor, he will not need to tell you so. Instead, it will be obvious due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback given by the current and former musicians who have worked with him. Once a great mentor has helped many musicians achieve their musical goals, they naturally will feel a need to voice their approval. This can be observed commonly in the form of testimonials on your mentor's website or in other areas online.

As a music career mentor myself, I have personally trained a lot of musicians worldwide to reach their musical goals. In addition, I too have my own mentors who have helped me achieve the level of success I am at today. That said, I can tell your first hand that finding a great mentor has a HUGE impact on your music career success. Regardless of your current experience in the music industry, I encourage you to seek out your own music career mentor as soon as possible so you can quickly begin reaching your full potential for success in your music career.

Begin building a successful career in music by checking out this music career development page.

Do you still have uncertainty about working with a mentor? Determine your greatest strengths and weaknesses in your music career and see if a music career trainer is the best choice for you.

About The Author: Tom Hess s an online guitar teacher, music career mentor and the guitar player in the band Rhapsody Of Fire. He trains and mentors from all over the world on how to develop a successful career in music. On his musician improvement website you can find a lot of free music career resources and music industry articles.

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    "If this person is truly a great mentor, he will not need to tell you so" "As a music career mentor myself, I have personally trained a lot of musicians worldwide to reach their musical goals" Well this rules somebody out...
    cause all of us know these successful musicians who are known for their building up of several other successful other acts...
    Ideally a mentor would be of great help, but to be realistic a mentor would be: 1) very hard to find/get 2) expensive 3) may not even care about you unless you are very unique and great at what you do already Now I'm not trying to disagree with the author because you do need some sort of a mentor (for example George Martin manager of the Beatles without him they never would have gotten far), but this article just made it seem as if a mentor is easy to get and have.
    Danjo's Guitar
    You know its bad when you smell a Tom Hess article after only reading like 3 sentences. And this one seems like blatant advertising to me. "You need a mentor. (Like me!) Choose someone who's helped a lot of other musicians. (Like me!)" I'm pretty sure if you're finding your mentor on a website you're going about it wrong. What you really need is a manager.
    Just reading this title before I even clicked on it, I thought to myself "Oh boy, yet another Tom Hess self-promotion". Nailed that one.
    Its not even just Sport. Chef' take it in a similar way. A lot of top chefs were mentored by older top chefs. They have to learn so much to get there career, and its not all stuff you can learn at school. You can apply this to many many careers.
    ^ I always draw the comparison between music and martial arts myself. Of course, there are many other similarities out there as well.
    All this article tells me is that Steve Vai was extremely lucky to have a mentor named Frank Zappa. Of course, he was apparently already skilled in guitar to get noticed but have Frank Zappa mentoring is like luck of lifetime. There would have been equally hundreds of guitarists who were as good as him in the same position but didn't manage to find a mentor.
    very cool, never thought about the connection between music and sports like this.
    Good idea Tom. Sean in Musicians Talk is a great free mentor for guitar.
    Just play more, and talk less. This guy Tom Hess, has too much theory speach, and less teaching
    contrary, he has too much BS speech. he talks very little about actual theory - his whole program is basically "here's a bunch of shapes, use a metronome and play cleanly at 200bpm"
    ' In fact, during his career, Jordan took the advice of MANY mentors, trainers and personal coaches.' NO Tom, we're not going to spam you to be our teacher after this one xD. Man... He just tries too hard.
    Yes....MJ is one of my most favorite athletes of all time..for sure he has worked with many trainers. Never really thought about this in relation to a music career..but it makes total sense. Cool article.
    You can't compare sports to music Music is largely subjective. Now if people would vote for every acceptance of a goal after one was made, it would be different, but it's not. This is misleading people.
    Very (unintentionally) funny article. I couldn't but read it in the voice of the karate teacher with the ridiculous pants from Napolean Dynamite. P.S. Who is that guy in the picture? It might be a decent article but his facve kept making me laugh.