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In this article you'll discover why the future of guitar lessons is online and how you can get started and make money as an online guitar teacher.

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If you love playing guitar and are passionate about music then the idea of getting paid to spend all day playing the guitar probably seems like a dream. But, thanks to the Internet and modern technology, not only is it possible to get paid to play the guitar, but it might be a lot easier than you think and best of all you get can started right away.

Whether you've been teaching through private lessons or even if you're brand new and have never even taught guitar, now is the perfect time to get started as an online guitar teacher.

Through modern technology and high-speed Internet connections, video is now common place on the Internet and this has opened the door to a boost in online lessons with more and more new guitar players now turning to the Internet when looking to learn the guitar.

While traditional in-person won't completely disappear anytime soon, there certainly is a shift happening towards online lessons.

How Are Online Lessons Taught?

There are two main methods of teaching the guitar online, each with its own set of advantages and benefits over one another and traditional in-person lessons.

The most common and also most popular type of online guitar lesson is through the use of pre-recorded videos. These are the type of video lessons you might find on YouTube where the lessons have been recorded ahead of time. This works by recording yourself playing and talking directly to the camera instead of a real person like in a live situation.

If however you or the student prefers the 1-on-1 approach then live lessons can be conducted over the Internet using Skype. This recreates the traditional in-person environment where you can the student can talk, hear and see each other during the entire lesson. This means students can learn from a real person from the comfort of their own home.

What Are The Benefits For The Student?

Online lessons bring many benefits to the student with the most common factor being the convenience it offers. People can now switch on their computer and learn the guitar at their leisure without the need to travel to lessons.

This means taking lessons online allows the student to be in complete control over their learning experience and development as a guitar player. Students can watch video lessons at their leisure any time of the day or night and can even pause, rewind and watch videos over and over until they have mastered the lesson.

Another benefit compared to traditional in-person lessons is that students have a much larger range of teachers and lessons online. In any given town or city, there may only be a handful of guitar teachers available so many times it's unlikely for a student to find a perfectly matched teacher.

Online however, the student can search for the exact topic they wish to learn. For example, a student may struggle to find a jazz teacher locally; however there are hundreds and thousands of high quality jazz lessons available online.

What Are The Benefits For The Teacher?

Many of the benefits to teaching guitar online are actually quite similar to the benefits enjoyed by students however there additional benefits which you may not have thought of...

Teach What You Want To Teach

As an online guitar teacher the Internet provides you with a massive platform of potential students and so best of all, it allows you to teach what you want to teach.

If you decide to go down the route of pre-recorded video lessons, one option you have is to create guitar course products which sell access to. This allows you to choose the topic and content for your guitar course.

For example, if you're favourite type of music is rock, then you could create a guitar teaching people how to play rock guitar and rock guitar techniques. This means you'll never have to worry about teaching a topic you're not comfortable playing or a topic that you don't understand. You can focus on teaching just the things you enjoy and the things you are good at.

Not only does this make teaching the guitar a lot easier and a lot more fun and enjoyable, but it's also great for the student as it means they have a teacher who they can really relate to and share the same musical interests.

Easy To Start In Your Spare Time

Another benefit to pre-recorded videos and online guitar courses is that it's easy to start in your spare time or on a part-time basis around a current job or other commitments and your lifestyle.

Instead of being bound by lesson schedules and being required to arrive for a lesson at a certain time like in traditional guitar lessons; creating online guitar courses allows you to be in control of when you want to record the lessons.

This gives you a great freedom as you can start at your own pace, recording lessons whenever you have spare time around any other commitments.

In fact, when I got started as an online guitar teacher, it was actually around a full time job.

Like everyone else, I was stuck working the regular 9 to 5 life, however I always wanted to do something different, and something I enjoyed, that's when I looked in to teaching the guitar.

However, rather than go down the traditional route of in-person lessons, I opted to use the Internet and it allowed me to teach and create video lessons whenever I had free time around my full-time job. Not only did this allow me to make additional money on the side away from my job but it also allowed me to build up my online student and fan base until the point when I was able to make the switch to teaching guitar full time.

Make More Money

Compared to teaching guitar traditionally with 1 on 1 in person lessons, teaching the guitar online actually provides with multiple income streams and a variety of ways to make money. Teaching online allows you to utilise your time more effectively and ultimately make more money.

When teaching in person you're limited to how many students you can fit into your available teaching time, for example if you have a 2 hour window to teach, you can only fit in 4 students at 30 minutes each per lesson into this time slot.

However, with online guitar lessons there are ways you can teach using pre-recorded videos (guitar courses, membership websites) that allow an unlimited number of students to view your lessons at the same time, at their own leisure, any time of the day (even when you're asleep!)


If you're serious about making a change in your life and would like to use your love of the guitar to make money on either a part-time or full-time basis then I really encourage you to give it a go and follow your dreams.

Hopefully this article has provided with a good understanding of the basics of teaching guitar online and I hope that after reading this article you are still very much interested in becoming an online guitar teacher.

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    The problem with teaching with pre-recorded videos is that a student (especially one starting out) may make a mistake in some way and the teacher has no way of rectifying this mistake, to the point where the student practises the mistake until it's second nature. e.g. Bruce starts learning classical guitar from online videos, but has absolutely terrible fretting hand technique. without a teacher he has been practising bad technique and as a result has not reached his full potential (and may end up with wrist injuries later on).
    well have a look at, thats all i can tell you, when a 2m30 exercise is broken in 35 videos, i don't know how one could not make it
    Hi, it was good to read your article. I am interested in getting an online guitar course started. I was thinking of doing a 'learn the guitar in 30 days beginner course where I had 1 video each day. I would like to encourage my students by rewarding them with points for each video they watch. My question is - Are there any online course platforms that you would recommend for me that would suit guitar teachers? I am doing this as a trial for now so would like a platform that is cheap to host. Any advice would be much appreciated! Brad
    I'm not sure where to find your comments so if you can could you please email me at it would be much appreciated!