How Well Do You Know Fingerstyle?

Test yourself.

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How Well Do You Know Fingerstyle?

Read our article about the history of fingerstyle already? Now test yourself, how well you know the basics and history of fingerstyle!

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    So you mean to tell me that the Spanish were using picks since the 16th century?
    Pretty much calling bullshit on those answers. The Spanish were playing fingerstyle long before anyone in the North Americas had a clue what a guitar was. What about the finger-picking in the middle ages with lutes and lyres? The writer of this quiz ought to be taken to a small room with some historical reference books, a few candles, a box of matches and some sandwiches and locked in there until they actually have a fucking clue. 
    This is by far the most stupid post on the site. I laughed so much at your response :haha: 
    A distinction needs to be made between steel string fingerstyle and classical fingerstyle, because half of the answers in this test are a load of crap. Fingerstyle is not exclusive to steel string, you think lute players and Andreas Sergovia were playing with plectrums? If the test were say "how well do you know steel string fingerstyle", then all these answers would be correct. Got 5/6, even though I knew most of the answers I was picking were technically incorrect.
    I have a feeling some of those questions are either flat out wrong or misleading. American blues invented the concept of using your fingers to pluck the string? Fingerstyle is primarily on steel string guitars? Not hearing it.