Iggy Pop's Guide to New Music

Female vocals, exotic tunes, and awkward melodies.

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Iggy Pop's Guide to New Music
In the 21st century, it's really easy to find any information you need at any given time. If you want to know the details of an early life of a favorite artist — you're only a few clicks away from it. Tons of interviews and articles are waiting for you. So nowadays we know a lot about the inspirations behind famous musicians' art. Bands that they've listened to, films that they've watched, books they've read. The more interesting question is what keeps genius minds going right now, in terms of contemporary music? In that piece, I'm going to find out what Iggy Pop's been listening to in the last few years. In the recent interview to Rolling Stone magazine which arrived last month he talked about why he wants to stop making records, how was it — to write "Post-Pop Depression" together with Joshua Homme and about his life in general. James Osterberg also hosts a radio show called "Iggy Confidential" on BBC Radio 6 Music where he puts on not only all-time classics from the 70's jazz, blues, and rock tunes but also modern bands that he personally liked. Here are some of them.


Mitski Miyawaki is a Japanese-American singer and songwriter with a powerful voice who has released four solo records until the present day. She started her musical career while studying at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music. Her last one, "Puberty 2" is filled with sharp tunes. It actually gave her universal acclaim, high positions in the charts and even joint tour with The Pixies. Iggy not only played her songs during his "Iggy Confidential" radio show but also mentioned that he liked her music while answering to the question about ways of searching new music:
"I think I found [it] because I was looking up Mitski songs – I like her – on YouTube, then the computer started to figure me out."
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Iggy said:
"There are three girls named Fémina from the Andes in Patagonia that are just terrific. They're just starting their U.S. tour, they actually landed in Miami today, and I might call and see if they want to have coffee after I hang up with you. I played them on my radio show the other day, and I don't think they're used to being all over the radio in the English-speaking world. But they're really, really good."
All I have to add is only the fact that their music with Spanish motives can really brighten up a rainy day.
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Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods are a duo from Nottingham, England, which creates a strange but exciting mix of hip-hop, post-punk and electronic music. In their interviews, they describe their music as "electronic munt minimalist punk-hop rants for the working class." They are not that young — the beginning of their career is the year 2007. One of the highlights of their career is 2015's collaborative track with The Prodigy called "Ibiza." The most recent album by Sleaford Mods came out in March 2017 and was acclaimed by the critics from all over the world. Listening to their music is a tough but rather exciting experience.
"I love Sleaford Mods. I think they’re just about the most credible new group going that don’t rely on the old conventions to make the music feel good.”
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Songhoy Blues

Songhoy Blues is a bunch of guys who play an exotic mix of "desert blues" (as they call it) and punk-rock. Originally they are from Timbuktu, Mali. They have released two albums in their career, in 2015 and 2017. Even Julian Casablancas from The Strokes was so amazed by their music that helped Atlantic Music with his own label Cult Records to release their debut in North America. Iggy himself sang on one of their songs from this year's album, "Resistance." If you are looking for something exotic, you should definitely try them.
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I'd like to add some words about the sources of getting new music. James Osterberg, being not a big fan of Internet and social networks, mentioned that he is reading a lot of musical reviews in American newspapers and has five or six friends who send him music from time to time. He noted that at the moment he is profoundly interested in what is going on in a French musical scene.

New music — that is one of the things which keeps us going.

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    See, this is what true artists do...stay up to date with the art that they love. All the old hasbeens are too busy living in the past to take the time and find new art...so they default to the "MUSIC IS DEAD, 30 YEARS AGO EVERYTHING WAS BETTER". Iggy is always in style
    Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. Ability to be open-minded towards anything that is new and fresh at any age — that is a great thing.
    I've never heard the phrase "music is dead." I believe you mean the phrase "rock is dead," and while it isn't completely dead, it is like pulling teeth to find good new rock bands. Mostly due to lack of interest from big labels that are only concerned with pop music and/or selling sex, and the abscense of them on the radio. Also, 30 years ago artists made timeless songs that will always remain classics, which is rare if at all these days.
    Am I the only person that likes Post-Pop Depression?
    Mitski is SO 90's, she must have studied every Radiohead, Nirvana, and Weezer album exhaustively.
    Sleaford Mods get a bit of airplay on a local independent station in my town.   I just love the right prop'ah Bri'ish accent on the lead fella  
    Femina's music feels like Calle 13 at times. Their lyrics are mostly about women, sexuality, latinamerican culture... And they have some powerful messages, I remember chocking up listening to "Los senos" for the first time. Btw, I wouldn't use the term "spanish" for their music, It's closer to cumbia and andean culture rather than spanish.
    If you make an album with a better vocalist than you on guitar, let him sing...Post Pop Depression.
    I'm expecting down votes, but that would have been a top-tier QoTSA album without Iggy Pop's vocals. They clearly collaborated well together. If it was young Iggy singing, it would have worked.