Interview with Neil Spies of S.T.U.N.

Ultimate Guitar

Here is an exlusive interview with Neil Spies - guitarist and lyricist of Los Angeles art-punkers S.T.U.N.

UGO: How is the Warped Tour?

Neil Spies: Good, but Texas is hot as hell.

UGO: I hear that.

NS: Yeah, and we just came from Sacramento, and it was like a hundred and twenty degrees.

UGO: How do you deal with the heat on-stage?

NS: We deal with it pretty easy, I think. Our show is so energetic that we don't notice.

UGO: I'm curious about the cover of the album, with the guy and the target on his back. What is up with that?

NS: The cover is kind of thought provoking. There are ideas behind some of the things that we did. Some give a feel for the record and some are mysterious. Overall, the cover is supposed to exemplify the record with look and feel. The target doesn't mean anything.

UGO: When people hear your music, do you want them to get the message, or are you just happy if they dig the music?

NS: I don't think you can listen to it and not get an idea of what is going on. It's not force feed. There are a lot of messages in the music and some of them are left up to interpretation. Some are information, and some are just thoughts.

Please read the rest of this interview HERE.

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    Actually i just saw STUN at a Free Concert at a college. I must admit it was a nice show . Though they were only one of the opening acts
    Personally I think 'The Movement' by them sounds a little RATM like. Heard of them from that Warped Tour 2003 cd and haven't heard anything from them since
    I saw them in KC opening for MM and some other bands and they played a good show. Like he said, they are very energetic, somtimes so much that it is funny.
    hey look, it's S.T.U.N. .... We hate the government but we live in the us and cash our paycheks from our music which expresses our right to free speach given to us by the government....oh wait...that's kind of hypocritical isnt it?
    i love s.t.u.n. bobby alts really nice and they put on a very... entertaining show if u saw the one in seattle!
    u know what.....metal sucks and anyone who duz like it shud burn in hell.....that's right hell.....yes i said hell =) colin
    hey foolstar... if you think about it... the best way to fight the system is through the system... if they didnt rely on their paychecks in order to spread the word theyd be some homelesss guys on the street and no one would listen to them.. .its hypocritical but it will change something... as for everyone else who's trashing them.. grow up.. so you dont like the music.. at least appreciate the message because we can all learn from it.. "one people, one struggle, stay united, stand peaceful" (anti-flag)