Jersey Boys. Part 11

The song remains the same and some people never change, or learn for that matter.

Ultimate Guitar

"Johnny? I thought you got locked up. What the hell are you doing here?" Jess composed herself enough to actually button her pants.

"I was, baby, but my cousin posted bail for me. I've been living at his place for a while to get clean. I haven't touched a drop of booze in weeks." He was obviously lying, as Brian's nose scrunched up at the smell of whiskey on his breath when he spoke. The screen door did nothing to block the stench.

"Johnny, don't bullshit me. I can smell it on you from here. Why are you even here? I would have thought that beating I gave you would have knocked some sense into you." Brian nonchalantly started to very slowly close the inside door.

"I'm here to get you back, baby. I've been hurting inside and I can't live without you. You make me who I am, you complete me. Please take me back, baby."

"No, you f*cker! Johnny, you hit me. More than just once, too. I didn't have the courage to stand up to you before, but ever since Brian beat you half to death, I've seen just how much of a piece of shit you really are. All you care about is getting laid. Why don't you go f*ck one of the girls that you're using as a punching bag now instead of me?" Jess started to get visibly angry, but she also stepped back a little bit to hide behind Brian, obviously still terrified of the man at the door.

"Johnny, I think you should leave. No one wants any trouble, and I'm pretty damn sure you don't want another ass whoopin'."

"I can't do that. I came here to get my woman back and I'm not leaving without her." Johnny set the flowers and chocolate down on a chair on the porch and turned back to Brian and Jess as he folded his arms. Even though Brian had thoroughly kicked Johnny's ass once before, he was still an intimidating sight when he got angry.

"I told you to leave. Now get lost before I call the cops on your ass, you piece of shit."

"F*ck you! I'm taking my bitch back!"

Brian attempted to close the inside door and lock it, but Johnny was too fast. He opened the screen door so fast that he practically ripped it off the hinges and grabbed Brian by the shirt collar, yanking him outside. Pushing Brian against the railing and almost over it, Johnny nailed him with a right hook as he bent him backwards, still holding onto his shirt with his left hand. He almost got a second shot in before Brian nailed him in the gut with a quick left hook, knocking the wind out of him just long enough to push him off. This afforded Brian the opportunity to put him in a half nelson while he pummeled him in the kidney with his free hand.

This didn't last long however as all the weight lifting Johnny did payed off, easily breaking free of the hold that was being put on him. Whipping around, he caught Brian square in the nose with his left elbow. A crack could be heard as blood started to stream down Brian's face and chest, soaking the front of his shirt. The adrenaline was running so high that it barely registered with him, but still hurt enough to slow him down a bit.

Brian nearly got nailed in the face again by a quick jab from Johnny but ducked out of the way and using Johnny's momentum, grabbed his arm, rolled backwards and flipped him head over heels over himself. Luckily for Brian, he was positioned in a way on the porch that Johnny ended up tumbling down the cement steps, smashing his face on the post to the railing at the bottom. Almost immediately his left eye started to turn purple and quickly swelled up, limiting his vision a little bit. He barely had enough time to react and bring his arms up in a defensive position as Brian came flying at him, leaping off the steps to tackle him to the ground.

After rolling around and struggling with each other for a minute or so, Brian got the upper hand as he knelt on top of Johnny and began pummeling with with punch after punch as he held his arms up to protect his face. As Brian started to slow down a bit, Johnny took the chance and pushed him off. Brian stumbled backwards and immediately Johnny was on top of him. He first landed a left jab in his gut then a right hook to his jaw, sending a spatter of blood flying everywhere. A left hook caught him in his kidney and sent him stumbling back even further, slamming up against his truck parked in the driveway and smacking the back of his head on his window. He winced for a second and opened his eyes, just long enough to see a fist coming for his face and ducking out of the way in the nick of time.

As Johnny's right fist connected with the rolled up window, multiple cracks could be heard. Brian looked back at the window but not a scratch could be seen it it. What could be seen however was Johnny falling to his knees, clutching his broken fist. As Brian grabbed his uninjured arm and bent it back almost to the breaking point illiciting a scream of pain from his assailant, they both froze as they heard the distinctive "ka-chunk" of a handgun being cocked.

"ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!" Jess screamed at the top of her lungs as they both slowly turned their heads to see her shakily pointing a 9mm handgun in their general direction, her nervous finger precariously brushing the trigger with tears streaming down her face.

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    :o.. nice. as usual can't wait for the next one!..but that's probably also because you always stop them at the most interesting point
    I do not like this story. you try way to hard to make it really extreme but it comes of kinda clumsy. try putting less detail into describing what exactly happens with every single move, and try improving the actual story. don't stop though, it's got potential
    I half agree with JohnnySolo. Also, it'd be better if the chapters weren't so short... This piece covered what, 15 minutes of time in the story?
    Good chapter, your writing style is very informal but fun and it suits this format well Not much happened though
    Krieger91 wrote: :o.. nice. as usual can't wait for the next one!..but that's probably also because you always stop them at the most interesting point
    What can I say, I love cliffhangers