Jersey Boys. Part 4

The day before their 1st gig as a full band at The Town Tavern, The Truth get a practice in, and egos start to flare.

Ultimate Guitar

Brian looked at the clock on the dining room wall as he slowly savored his bowl of lucky charms. It read 2 pm, yet he was still exhausted from the previous night. Every muscle in his body screamed "Go the f*ck back to bed, jackass!" with almost crippling soreness, yet he was too wide awake to go back upstairs. The special treatment he got from Jess didn't exactly help to keep his muscles from beating him up in addition to the fight from yesterday, but damn did it feel good.

As he zoned out a bit to contemplate the previous day's events, he heard the shower come on upstairs. The bathroom was right above the dining room, which made it easy to tell when someone was preoccupied, which in turn made it much easier to sneak out of the house unnoticed. This time however, Brian didn't want to escape, and ventured upstairs to the bathroom. When he got to the door, he knocked and called out to Jess.

"Yeah? Come in!" she replied over the rush of water coming from the shower head.

Brian opened the door and walked in, planting his ass on the bathroom counter after closing the door behind him. "I thought you took a shower last night. You alright?"

"Yeah, but I always like to take a shower after sex. Since we both fell asleep after we did the deed last night, I didn't have a chance to tidy up. That, and you made quite a mess of me. Having all that sweat dried and sticking to you isn't exactly healthy either, why don't you take one after I'm done?"

"Or I could just hop in with you instead."

"A mutual shower, huh? Those are always nice. Why don't you climb on in then?"

Brian wasted no time stripping down and hopping into the comfortably warm shower with Jess, immediately getting soaked from head to toe. His waist length dark brown hair became matted to his back, and he grabbed a washcloth and the bar of soap and began lathering up himself and the ridiculously hot girl standing before him. He was practically in heaven at that moment in time as he eyed her up from head to toe, noticing the various tattoos that adorned her perfect body. She had a black rose on the top of her left foot, a pair of demon wings on her shoulder blades where most girls would have gotten angel wings, a few different nautical stars in random places, and something he had never noticed before- a tat along the small of her back that read "Free Admittance" in a Metallica-esque font. As he continued to wash her down and grope various parts of her anatomy, he began to think out loud.

"Hey Jess?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah?"

"I was thinking. My band needs someone to help out with promotions, merch, booking, and other things like that. Since you're a manager at the store you work at, I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping us out?"

"You mean kinda like a band manager?" she asked as she lifted her arms straight up and spread her legs so Brian could get every square inch of her perfect body with the washcloth.

"A bit like that, but you'd be more in depth with it than just bookings and the like. You'd be like the 6th member- helping us design and sell t-shirts and bumper stickers, helping out with making and running the website, and doing promotions as well as helping look for new places to play at and getting us a slot and dealing with the venue owners."

"Hmm, sounds interesting." Jess arched her back as Brian scrubbed it down, moaning as he slowly went up and down it, and occasionally in circles.

"Like any other member you'd be getting a cut of the pay, too. Not as big as us at first, but it would increase the more you help out. I wouldn't expect you to work for free afterall."

"It sounds great. I'd love to help out anyway I can, but how about we stop talking for now?"

As soon as she finished talking, Jess practically shoved him through the shower wall as she pushed him against it, dropped to her knees and went to work on him, the water pouring over her head and causing some of her hair to fall in her face which she promptly brushed aside. About an hour passed before they exited the shower, shivering almost uncontrollably since the water had gotten almost ice cold from being in there so long. Brian pulled Jess against himself and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss as he dried them both off. Their body heat and the warm summer air blowing in through the open window helped to stop their shivering, and once dry they headed to their seperate rooms to get dressed.

Brian emerged with a pair of jean shorts and a black t-shirt with a red, yellow, and green picture of Bob Marley on it. Jess was still getting dressed when he came out of his room so he went downstairs, plopped himself on the couch and flipped on the History Channel while he waited. No less than a minute later, Jess came bounding down the stairs dressed only in a Lamb of God spaghetti strap half tee that only came down to right above her belly button, a pair of daisy duke jean shorts that were so short the bottom of her ass cheeks poked out a little bit, and 2 black, fuzzy wrist bands with the anarchy symbol on them. Apparantly she wasn't wearing a bra either, as she "bounced" liberally when coming down the stairs. She was in such a happy mood that she came down the stairs so fast she almost slammed into the front door that was right at the bottom of the stair case.

"Damn, Jess! I don't think you could look hotter if you tried!"

Jess giggled a bit at that compliment. "Thanks. I could say the same for you, Mr. Muscles." She sat down on the couch next to Brian and started running her hand up and down his chest under his shirt. While he wasn't chiseled to an Adonis like perfection, the gym Brian had joined a few weeks ago did help to tone him up quite a bit and get rid of the beer gut he used to possess. "What's on the agenda for today?"

"I just called the guys a little bit ago when I was getting changed. Kevin and Special K should be here any minute, and Rob and Rich will be here in about a half an hour. They went for a beer run and went to find some other 'intoxicants'."

"But I thought you said they weren't 21 yet?" Jess stuck her hand down Brian's pants as this point, causing him to jump a little bit as he didn't completely expect that maneuver.

"Rich's older brother is 23, the same age as me, so they're going with him to the liquor store. He also knows a few guys that work there, so that helps too when you're trying to save a few bucks. As for the green, the area's been kinda dry lately, so they were having trouble finding it. They said one of their contacts came through, but he lives in Camden and it's gonna take them about 20 minutes to get back from there."

"Oh, ok. For right now though, why don't we find something to pass the time?"

Jess climbed off the couch, got on the floor in front of him on her knees and started to unbutton his shorts when a sharp knock was heard at the back door. With a groan of displeasure, they both went to answer the door. Brian opened it, and kevin was standing there, guitar and amp in hand. They gave eachother the customary handshake and arm around the back greeting and went through the gate to the back yard, setting up on the patio that was attatched to the back of the house. A few minutes later, Special K showed up. He backed his white van up to the gate so they could unload his massive drum set easier. The size and complexity of it rivaled George Kolias's set, and he put it to just as good use. It took them almost 45 minutes to unload and set up the entire thing, and by that time, Rob and Rich had shown up. They both came strolling up the horseshoe shaped driveway, Rich with his bass guitar in it's soft case around his back, amp in one hand, and joint in the other. Rob had a box with his PA system mic stand and Mic in it in his left hand, half smoked blunt in the other. After setting down their equipment, they went back to Rob's old '75 El Camino to grab the coolers that held the beer and hard alcohol.

By the time they got everything all set up and had consumed what they deemed to be a proper amount of booze and cannabis, it was almost 5 pm. Their pre-practice mind altering rituals were just as important to them as getting in as much time practicing.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road." Being the front man, Rob took most of the initiative during practices and shows to get the ball rolling. " And a 1, 2, 3..."

Brian started in with a slow, melodic guitar line that got the mood set, a perfect song for their state of mind. Kevin followed with the rhythym part, and a few bars into it, Rob and Special K came in with their designated parts.

Every tiiiiime that I looook in the mirror, All these liiiiines on my face gettin' clearer, The past is gooooOOONE.....

After playing some classic tunes, they immediately transitioned into some Lamb of God covers, toned it down for a little bit by playing Bob Marley's "Jammin" and the acoustic version of STP's "Plush", and as a curveball threw in their metal cover of the B-52's "Rock Lobster". Most of their practice consisted of heavier covers though. They did some Godsmack, Disturbed, Megadeth, Sacred Reich, and Metallica covers, along with a few from King Diamond, Motorhead, Helloween, Mudvayne, and Judas Priest. Rob's vocal abilities really shined through when they started up Painkiller, Ram It Down, and Metal Meltdown. They finished off with all their originals, which up to that point had been about 8 or 9 songs. Since they didn't want uneeded attention from the cops especially because of the illicit happenings that were being partaken of in the back yard, they decided to stretch it as close to the 11 pm noise ordinance as possible and finished up at 10:50, and by the time they got everything packed up it as about 11:30.

With everything packed up neat and tidy, the different band members went and did their own thing, even though it was on the same property/at the same house. Rich and Special K went inside to watch TV in the AC as they had broken a decent sweat in the heat and humidity outside, presumably something on , such as Aqua Teen or Metalocalypse, which suited their incredibly high state perfectly. Kevin sat on the picnic table and played his Dean without an amp, and Rob, Brian, and Jess started another circle after Rob broke out his bowl, sitting on the trampoline that was behind the 4 foot above ground pool in the middle of the yard. Brian held the bottle of Jack that Rob and Rich and gotten for him like it was his lifeblood. As Jess passed the bowl to him from the left, Brian held the bottle up to inspect how much was left. "Damn, almost completely drained", he thought to himself as a frown crossed his face. That quickly disappeared when he smelled the acrid smoke making its way around back to him. He set the bottle down and took the lighter and bowl in hand, inhaling deeply as he re-lit it. He then passed it to Rob who in turn went to pass it to Jess after his turn, but she excused herself to the bathroom.

"So, who's the hottie?" asked Rob as he re-packed his swirled black, red, and blue bowl.

"She lives, or rather used to live across the street with her scumbag boyfriend. Kevin and I had to give him the business last night. Little f*cker got in our face because he thought I was trying to steal her from him. Typical angry roid head bullshit. Ended up getting himself locked up."

"Haha, nice. I can't blame you though, she's got a slammin' little body on her. One question though. Why was she here? I thought we agreed no chicks at band practices? The other guys didn't wanna say anything because they thought she was cool, but I could see your eyes keep darting right over to her and when she made eyes back at you, you kinda had a bad habit of screwing up." As he finished talking, Rob took the 1st hit off the now re-packed bowl and handed it to Brian.

Taking the bowl, Brian took a hit and passed it back to Rob. "Because of what happened last night, she ended up spending the night here, and in my bed no less."

"Lucky f--k. But why is she still here?" Rob inhaled deeply, coughed a few times and passed it back.

"Well that's the thing. I got to thinking this morning that we've really just been doing self promoting, self booking, self recording, pretty much everything ourselves. It'd be nice to have someone help promote us, work the website, and help scout out new places to play and get new gigs. We're not gonna grow if we keep relying on word of mouth from friends and the same 3 or 4 bars in town to play. We need more exposure, and someone who's not actually in the band would be a perfect way to help us get bigger."

"You mean a manager? I don't like it. What happened to brotherhood, to bros before hoes? And a chick you're f--king as the manager no less? It's not a good idea, man." Rob started to get visibly irritated, and even the massive amount of weed they were smoking didn't do much to calm him down at that point.

"I never used the word 'manager', though we're eventually going to need one if we want to get on big bills like Mayhem or Ozzfest. All I was suggesting was that she help us out. You know, help design and sell t-shirts and bumper stickers, promote the album we're gonna release soon, help book gigs at new bars and clubs. We'd still be handling all the details like time slots, set lengths and payment. I wouldn't expect her to work for free though, so I'd want her to get a cut, even if it's only $20 at a time for gas money."

"Now you're saying she should get some of our cut, too? Dude, this is getting out of hand. I only just met this chick and now you wanna pretty much make her part of the band? It's not a good idea, especially since you're f*cking her. What happens when you two break up? You know how chicks are, dude. They're f*cking evil. She'll find any way possible to screw us if you f*ck her over."

At this point, Brian started to get a little defensive. "Dude, relax! I never said I was 'with' her, I only said I was f*cking her. Plus, I didn't say she had the position yet, we'd still have to run it by the other guys, see what they say."

"If it were up to me, I'd tell her to f*ck off." Rob lit the bowl back up and took a huge hit, no doubt because he was pissed.

"Well it's my and Special K's band since we started the damn thing, so I guess it's a good thing it's not up to you." Out of the corner of his eye, Brian saw Jess come out of the back door and into the yard. "We'll talk about this tomorrow after the gig. For right now, let's just enjoy the night."

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    Laying the sex stuff on a bit heavy in my opinion. Apart from that it's pretty good. Although, maybe it's just me, but it seems a lot more average than the first part... I dunno. Whatever. Totally agree with Rob about not having the chick be manager, that's a bad idea.
    okay now the sex stuff it aint bad you know but it does take away from the main story imo. but none the less it's a damn good read
    Some good stuff there. I'm really liking this. I'm very sorr, but I'm gonna have to be a tad bit pedantic on a few things, they are very minor details and not really a problem, they just bugged me a little.
    While he wasn't chiseled to an Adonis like perfection, the gym Brian had joined a few weeks ago did help to tone him up quite a bit and get rid of the beer gut he used to possess
    A few months would be more realistic than a few weeks, I've been in the gym for three years and still have my gut, and even my friend who went to the gym every day and ate the diet Arnold Schwatzenegger had when he was training for Mr. Olympia took a few months before he had toned up in any noticeable way.
    Rob had a box with his PA system mic stand and Mic in it in his left hand
    I could be wrong but in my experience I've never seen a PA system small or light enough to be carried in one hand (in fact some that I've used were a two-man lift). Admittedly my experience is as a techie running gigs/parties not a singer with equipment for practice, so I could be wrong. I'm sorry for being so pedantic, neither of those spoil the quality of the story, and it really is a great read. Looking forward to more of it.
    Skater901 wrote: Laying the sex stuff on a bit heavy in my opinion.
    Haha, probably shows where my mind is at most of the time.
    Lots of pr0n, but wtv, you wrote it decently. HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE A METAL COVER OF ROCK LOBSTER TOO!!!!???
    lol not that I know of, but I wanna make one so bad. I figured people would get a kick outta that one.
    Helloween_rox wrote: Haha, probably shows where my mind is at most of the time.
    Lol. Well it's your story bro, you can do what you like with it.