Jersey Boys. Part 7

On the very edge of breaking apart, The Truth have a little disagreement between themselves.

Ultimate Guitar

"Great, so what th f*ck do we do now?" Rob slunked down in his chair as he asked the rest of his band, not directing the question at anyone in particular.

"What do you mean?" Brian picked his head up from out of his hands and gave Rob the evile eye.

"Well we're not gonna be able to use Kevin now, and guitarists like him are harder to find around here than bigfoot. What if we're done? What if we can't gig anymore? I don't wanna give up on my shot at making it big."

"Is that wahat this is about?" Rich swiveled in his seat to look Rob right in the eye. "Is making it big all you care about? The money, the girls, the fame. Is that why you're friends with us, so you can make it rich?"

"Don't pretend like it's not what you wanted too. You can't tell me you don't like the thought of rolling in cash and having groupies chase after you night after night."

"No one said that we never wanted it, Rob, but that's not the main reason we're doing this. We're doing this to have fun and make music for people to enjoy. The money and groupies are just a fringe benefit." Brian finished speaking, his hands clenched into fists, shaking, and his face curled up in an expression of disgust and disbelief at what who he thought was his friend was saying.

"You gonna tell Kevin why you're really in this once they fix him up in there?" Special K chimed in, also apparantly getting angry at rob as he, Brian, and Rich got up and started to approach Rob who now was starting to get scared that he had 3 rather built guys advancing on him. He saw an opportunity to escape before it became too late and made his way quickly to the exit.

"Whatever, man. F*ck Kevin and f*ck all of you. I'm outta here!"

As Rob practially sprinted to his car and peeled out of the parking lot, the 3 remaining members of The Truth stood there in a daze, dumbstruck by what had just transpired. Apparantly they were now down two members. Singer-less and now without a lead guitarist, it barely even registered in their minds how dismal the future of their band looked. They could always try and get Rob back, but Kevin might not even make it through the night.

Hours passed after their little quarrel with Rob, and barely a word was spoken between everyone. Brian looked at his cell phone for the umpteenth time and it read 2:30 am. Wiping the sleepiness from his eyes and shaking Jess awake, Brian stood up and stretched his worn out muscles.

"I think I'm gonna head home, guys. It's been an exhausting day for us all, and I'm about ready to drop dead on my feet. I'll give you guys a call tomorrow."

"You sure, man? I mean someone's gotta stay here and wait for the doctor to tell us about Kevin." Special K asked, his eyes closed and leaning against a wall in his chair.

"You gotta work tomorrow, Rich?" Brian asked his friend as he stretched one last time.

"Yeah, I kinda have a long day tomorrow too."

"I don't." Special K's eyes slowly opened, letting his friends know he was still very much awake.

"Well then it looks like you've been nominated. Just give us a call if there's any developments. I'm out, later dudes."

Brian made his way to his car, Rich and Jess in tow. When they made it back to his car, they noticed that he had parked in a rather dark area, so Rich reached into his pocket and pulled out a small joint. It only took them a few minutes between the 3 of them to finish it off, and they climbed into his truck as Rich saved the roach to be ground up and recycled into another joint. After dropping Rich off at the Tavern to get his car, Brian started making his way back to his house, Jess leaning over and putting her head in his lap to try and catch a quick nap before arriving home.

It only took about 5 minutes to drive from the Tavern back home, but it felt liek an eternity with how tired he was. More times than he'd like, he had nodded off and quickly jerked himself awake, swerving back into the lane when he started to run up on the shoulder. Luckily no cops had been around the entire drive home. Practically falling out of his truck, Brian and Jess made their way inside and upstairs where they promptly disrobed down to their undies and climbed in bed. Jess started to slide her hand down the front of his boxers but Brian shoved it away, being far too tired to do anything but sleep. With a harumph she rolled back over, her back facing him. He felt bad, especially since he was pretty much refusing sex, but Brian had enough excitement for the day.

About 2 hours later, Brian was in a deep state of sleep, so deep that not even a bomb going off in the same room could rouse him. He looked around and saw beautiful naked women all over the place. There were also silk curtains hanging from the cieling and giant goose down pillows strewn about big enough for 3 people to fit on. Many of the women were in various states of copulation. Others were Jello wrestling, and still others were having water gun fights with super soakers filled with chocolate pudding. One of the women was even on a gallows with her hand placed on the release switch. Brian looked over at the 3 faces on the condemned and was ecstatic to see the Jonas brothers with nooses tied around their necks.

The girl holding the lever pulled it when he winked at her from his throne of medium rare porterhouse steaks and solid gold, only when they dropped instead of hearing the satisfying triple snap that would indicate their necks being broken, he heard a phone ringing in the distance. He tried to pinpoint it but couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from. Listening harder, he pulled the recliner lever on his throne and leaned back, trying to find the source of the disturbance. As he clodsed his eyes to concentrate harder, it suddenly got very loud. Brian opened his eyes and saw nothing but darkness. It took him a second to realize that it was all just a dream before he looked over to the soft glow of his phone and answered it. Special K's voice came through the reciever.

"I got word on Kevin's condition."

Groggily, Brian answered his friend. "Wha...? What is it? What happened?"

"I'll tell you when you get here, but you gotta get your ass down to the hospital a.s.a.p. Rob's here too."

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    Lol at the dream, typical metalhead haha. I think they were all just stressed and took it out on Rob a bit.