Jersey Boys. Part 8

The band finally get word on Kevin and further developments with Rob unfold.

Ultimate Guitar

"Shit. I'll be there in a little bit."

Brian hung up the phone and rolled over to let Jess know he was going back up to the hospital. Still half asleep she barely even acknowledged him even as he climbed over her and off of his twin sized bed to get dressed. "Thank god I'm moving out of here soon and will be able to have a nice sized bed for once" he thought as he stepped into his shorts and pulled them on. Using his phone to illuminate his room without waking Jess up all the way, he found a dirty Machine Head shirt that he had tossed onto the chair he used while he played his video games and softly closed the door as he exited. Throwing on his shoes, Brian decided to exit through the back door so as to cause the least amount of noise for Jess.

About 10 minutes later, he arrived into the emergency room parking lot and walked in the building. Special K was pacing back and forth in front of the sliding glass doors and his eyes lit up when Brian walked in. A quick look around also revealed that unlike what Special K had said, Rob was nowhere to be seen.

"Thank god you're here, dude. They just told me they were able to stitch Kevin back up, but that he had lost a ton of blood. They almost weren't able to save him."

"Well that's certainly a relief. Where's Rob? I thought you said he was here?"

"He went outside for a smoke. You probably walked right by him without even seeing him."

Suddenly the sliding glass doors behind Brian opened again and Rob walked in, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw Brian standing there. He probably would have stood there for a significant amount of time had he not dropped his pack of cigarettes. He quickly bent down to pick them up and then started to awkwardly make his way over to Brian.

"Oh, I didn't know you were gonna be here so soon. I just wanted to say-", Rob's words were cut short by a well placed punch to the gut from Brian. He doubled over in pain and fell to the ground, causing the nurse at the desk to look over at them. Brian hit him hard enough to knock the wind out of him, causing him not to utter even the smallest cry of pain as Brian withdrew his hand from his gut.

"What the f*ck was that for?!"

"For acting like a complete asshole earlier. Now get up." Brian outstretched a hand and helped Rob to his feet.

"Well I guess I deserved it. Sorry about earlier, I've just been under a lot of stress lately and I took it out the wrong way. This last thing with Kevin getting stabbed was really the last straw. I really don't believe those things I said, I really do have fun with you guys, no matter how much or little we get paid, and I just want to keep making music."

"It's cool dude, don't worry about it. Rich will understand. If he doesn't and he starts acting like an asshole we can always just throw him out." Brian's joke got a few chuckles out of the guys, and they went to take a seat. After a few minutes of bullshitting with eachother, a nurse approached them.

"Excuse me, but which one of you is Brian?"

"I am. What's going on in there, is Kevin ok?" Brian stood up and walked over to her.

"He's doing just fine, he's just getting some rest. He wanted me to make sure I told you first since his parents would most likely be asleep right now. The visiting hours are from 12-8 tomorrow, why don't you go home, get some sleep, and come back then? From what he told me, you guys could probably use the rest yourselves."

"Thank you very much, and yeah, I could definitely use the sleep after tonight." The nurse barely said a word other than "you're welcome" as she walked back into the restricted area. Well that's a relief. Come on guys, let's go. We can come back in the afternoon."

Brian motioned for his friends to follow, and they were right behind him as they exited the hospital. When they got to Brian's truck which he strategically parked in the darkest area of the lot, they formed a circle as Brian pulled out a blunt, lit it, and passed it to the right to Rob. They stood in silence for a few tokes before Rob finally spoke up.

"Hey Brian. That girl Jess, how good is she at drawing?"

"She's pretty good. I've seen some of her stuff and apparantly she was an art major for the 1st two years of college. Why" Brian asked Rob with a puzzled look as he took another toke and passed the blunt to Rob.

"Well I got to thinking earlier about what you said, with her helping the band out and all. It might not be such a bad idea afterall. We could probably use the extra help. We really can't do everything on our own anymore with how popular we're getting around here lately."

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    good. but like the others said, its short. i hope the next ones are a bit longer
    broken record. its tooooo short!!! its awesome but i put aside 10 minutes to read this and it only took like 4 and a half. other than that its ****ing awesome dude!! This story is amazing. keep up the good work. and thank you for making mondays tollerable
    Well I kinda wrote it in a rush since I was extremely exhausted and wanted to get enough sleep before Ozzfest yesterday. Sorry about it being too short and all though.