Knaggs Guitars Top Questions

Relative new-comers to the guitar manufacturing industry, Brian D. Johnston asks Knaggs Guitars questions on the uniqueness of what they offer and their challenges in a marketplace weighed down by a poor economy.

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Q. What niche in the marketplace was missing at the time for you to start up your company, and what general concept(s) were you bringing to the table?

A. I guess our unique selling proposition is having created a variety of designs. Both Joe and I have been working in this industry for a long time and we felt that what is considered classic designs' hasn't really been covered by one manufacturer/company in the past. Also, our reputation both on the design end and as far as branding/marketing/distribution is concerned are certainly unique for a start-up company.

Q. On a related note, what specific aspects or qualities within your product(s) are proprietary or unique to other brands or companies?

A. We came up with an entire line of instruments, incorporating our likes, experience and there are some proprietary design elements (such as our bridges) that we felt would improve tone, playability and overall handling of our instruments.

Q. What did you find most challenging when entering the music equipment industry?

A. The fact that we started during a very difficult economical phase (credit crunch), making it difficult to get financing and setting things up appropriately.

Q. What was your most difficult product to design and/or develop and why?

A. We didn't really have difficulties in designing and developing our models. The challenge lays more in offering so many different models, especially as far as programming and purchasing/sourcing parts and materials are concerned.

Q. What is your most popular model or product, and why do you think that is so?

A. That's hard to say this early in the game. We have not made enough instruments of the different model lines we offer to get a clear reading.

Q. Which product are you most proud of and why?

A. We are proud of all of our Babies!

Q. Do you offer artist collaboration in product design? If so, what were the best and worst experiences (mentioning names not necessary)? If you only accept artist endorsement without collaboration in product design, what was the best experience you have encountered?

A. We are open and interested in working with Artists. For the moment and until we have all programming complete and needed jigs and fixtures in place, we feel we have enough on our plate. Of course, this does not prevent us from working on ideas and concepts with players of all levels.

Q. Do you have an artist endorsement program to receive equipment or some other compensation? If so, what are the requirements?

A. We would like to work with people who are into what we are doing and have to offer. That's where it starts. Everything else is dependent on the individual situation.

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