Made For Life

Jimmy, college student and rock star extraordinaire is trying to start up a band, all they need now is a drummer...?

Ultimate Guitar

Hello! Not a first time fiction writer but I am a novice when it comes to this genre, so be gentle.

We're gonna rock! Jimmy screamed as he jumped in the air strumming his ever ready air guitar.

But we don't even have a drummer. His best friend, fellow band mate and voice of reason Al muttered as he plucked the strings of his beloved shiny midnight blue bass.

Drummer, shrummer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry plays the drums now-a-days.

You don't.

That's cause I'm Jimmy. We'll put up posters in college and I bet you anything that we'll be snowed under with hopeful applicants. We may discover the next Travis Barker.

He's not that great. Over rated if you ask me.

Well nobody did. Jimmy picked up his budget Stratocaster copy, OK, Traffic Light, from the top. One, two, three...

Later on that evening after an average rehearsal Jimmy and Al set to work designing a poster. Using Jimmy's dad's printer they printed 50 copies of the flyer advertising their band, The Stacks,' and the available position of a drummer, who must have their own kit. It had been a week since Jimmy and Al had plastered the vacancy around college. They had put posters on every available surface, doors, windows, columns and even toilet seats. This had earned Jimmy a verbal warning from the principal. Jimmy argued his right for free speech and artistic license but the principal just told him that he didn't care and to get out. Jimmy and Al sat around Al's laptop in the college canteen waiting for replies. So far no one had even made an enquiry.

This is rubbish! Jimmy exclaimed, why would no-one want to join?

Maybe they don't like us.

Don't be stupid we're the coolest kids in college. Al remained silent. Maybe we should post further afield. Like in town nearer the tech, I know what you're thinking Al, only thickos who couldn't get good GCSEs go there but surely they'll have drummers who don't know who we are.

My sister goes there.

Anyway Al that isn't what's important right now, what is important is getting me a drummer.

Hey guys! Daisy their only friend who was a girl happily plonked herself down on the other side of the table. I saw your posters. Have you had any luck? She didn't wait for a reply and started to tuck into her humous sandwich. Daisy was a strict vegetarian, who only bought fair trade goods and tried to eat organic whenever she could. Today in her shaggy dirty blonde mane she had clipped little stars. Jimmy thought she looked like a hippie, Al thought she looked cute.

FYI Daisy we've had loads of offers, Jimmy lied. We're going to be totally busy with auditions so we don't need people like you bothering us.

You're lying. She said not phased at all by his rudeness.

No I'm not.

Yes you are. Added Al not looking up from his laptop as he continued to type. He lies so glibly. Hummed Daisy, she smiled at Jimmy and tilted her head. I just don't think there are any drummers in college.

Yeah, well what do you know?

I know a lot, my father plays a guitar.

No he doesn't he plays a lute.

It's a type of guitar.

From the dark ages, sorry Daisy but if you hadn't noticed we are in the 21st century.

Then why do you still think like a Neanderthal?!

Daisy one, Jimmy nil.

Shut up Al.

Thank you Al. Al smiled and Daisy blushed. Jimmy sighed and slouched back on the hard plastic red canteen chair. There had to be someone? How can you have a band without a drummer? Even Def Leppard had a drummer and he only had one arm'. At this moment in time Jimmy would gladly have taken a one armed drummer.

Here you go, Al pushed his laptop across to Jimmy.

What do you want me to do with this?

Read it.

Jimmy stared at the screen, it was an email. Daisy followed Jimmy's eyes as he scanned the page. His face transformed into sheer joy the further he read.

Hey guys,

I'm a drummer and I have my own kit, would love to come and audition for your band, have just recently split from mine, you know how it is creative differences and all. I'll come round tonight if that's OK because I've got a Lit essay to hand in for Friday. I know the address so I'll be there for about seven.




Someone replied? Daisy asked trying to get a look.

Yes, his name's Dan and he has his own kit. We'll still have to audition him though because I'm not having someone who's rubbish just for the sake of it.

I bet he's good.

You would. Jimmy started to rhythmically slap the table with his hands. Didn't I tell you Al? I knew it would work. Do you know him? Al just shrugged his shoulders. Do you know a Dan, Daisy? You do willy nilly literature.

There are three other classes in the year, and it's not willy nilly it's wonderful and creative, just like your band. Hmmm there isn't a Dan in my class though.

Email him back and tell him to come and meet us now.

He said he's coming tonight, Daisy butted in. Give the guy a minute.

Daisy's right. Agreed Al, who had silently unpacked his lunch, let's not scare him off just yet.

Fine, but that's the problem with you two you never grab a moment by the scruff of it's neck. Jimmy ranted some more about the need to live for the moment. Al quirked an eyebrow at Daisy causing her to nearly choke on her carrot juice.

Jimmy paced his garage come practice area, his Strat slung across his body. Al was sat on his amp tuning his bass.

Where is he? Jimmy asked to the heavens. Jimmy checked his watch, it had gone seven and no sign of Dan. With the garage door open Jimmy had full view of his street. A couple of the neighbours' kids were playing cricket in the road. The younger brother of one of the kids was standing at the end of Jimmy's drive watching the pair. He wasn't saying anything he was just stood there with a small yellow ball in his chubby hands. He was giving Jimmy the creeps.

Haven't you got anything better to do? Go and play cricket. The boy just stared, then said.

My dad says your band sounds shit. Jimmy couldn't believe his ears, Glenn the kid's dad thought he was shit, and Glenn's son swore like a pro. Tell your dad to piss off.

Leave it James, you'll only lose Al said from the background.

And you can piss off as well. Jimmy glared at Glenn's son. The young boy remained motionless and unblinking. The stare off only lasted a few moments before the little boy had to move or be mowed down by an old grey Volvo estate, pulling up outside the house. Ha! That'll teach ya, Jimmy said shaking his fist in victory at the retreating child. Jimmy didn't recognise the car nor did he recognise the female getting out of it. Her long brown hair hid her face. Her white vest complimented her olive skin. Pink boxers peeped over the edge of baggy blue jeans, this made Jimmy feel funny. Standing at full height she pushed her hair out of her eyes, and smiled brightly at Jimmy, a right dimple appeared in her cheek.

Hi. She said and started to walk up the drive. Jimmy looked back at Al, who said nothing.

Er... started Jimmy as the girl stopped in front of him and held her hand out. Jimmy looked down as if she had handed him a severed head. The girl waited then slowly retracted her hand. She tilted her head and placed her hands on her hips. Finally words came to Jimmy, can we help you?

I think I'm the one that can help you. She winked boldly at him.

Oh my God how did she know?' Jimmy thought, as he silently thanked whoever had sent this angel to rid him of his pesky virginity. He watched as she reached into her back pocket, probably for protection, oh God I've never put one on before. What if she thinks I'm too small?' Jimmy's hopes and dreams came crashing around his rapidly flaccid member as two long, hard, wooden drum sticks appeared in front of his face.

I'm Dan.

Now I need your help, what kind of drum kit is dan going to have? Is having a really pretty green Pearl kit too much for a 17 year old college student? Any other suggestions for other makes and models much appreciated. Please leave reviews and be constructive!

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    she should have a DW kit, 6 or 7 piece, in a natural, or a "Broken glass" finish, or onyx finish, with a set of Zildjian cymbals consisting of 13 0r 14 inch hats, 15 and 16 inch crashes, a 19" china cymbal, and a 20 or 22 inch ride cymbal, with axis pedals and DW hardware...
    Colourful characters, nice flow to it with a refreshing dash of humour. Lovely read, look forward to seeing where it goes.
    needs some twists and stuff. Plus i think setting out the scenes more would read better