Made For Life. Part 2

Dan's audition.

Ultimate Guitar

Jimmy stood there gobsmacked as his beautiful angel expertly twirled her drumsticks round her nimble fingers. Al was the first to speak,

Hi, he said nonchalantly and shook her hand.

You must be Al, the guy I emailed? he nodded silently, she looked him up and down, you look big and strong could you help me carry my kit out of the car? Al followed her down the drive. Jimmy had yet to speak, looking from Al to Dan. Al just did his trademark shrug. Girl's don't play drums! They only have sex with guys that do!' Jimmy decided that he must intervene, he walked up the boot of the car where the other two were stood, they were talking. Dan was showing Al her kit and even Jimmy admitted silently that it was wonderful. He subconsciously pushed his budget Strat further behind his back.

Here's my baby, she introduced her kit to the boys. Sat snuggled like eggs in a basket was a pristine 6 piece Pearl kit, onyx finish. Al picked up the cymbal bag. Be careful with them they're Zildjian.

Impressive, Jimmy had yet to help,

How can you afford all of this? he blurted as the pair walked with their hands full up to the garage. Dan gave him her most devastating smile,

It's daddy's way of being a good parent. My parents divorced so to make himself feel less guilty he buys me and my brother whatever we want.

I'm sorry, Jimmy said looking down and suddenly finding his Converse rather interesting.

Don't be. Charlie's got a wicked motorbike, and I've got this really cool kit. Mum is happier than ever, and so is my dad. Everyone's a winner. Jimmy stood and watched as the other two set it up. He didn't know Al had perfect drum assembly knowledge, hatred bubbled through his body. Jimmy took it upon himself to close the boot and the garage door, his vital role in the band's first rehearsal. Suddenly the side door to the house opened and out walked Jimmy's mother, she was holding a tray with three glasses of orange juice and some Rich Tea biscuits.

Hello, Jimmy, Al. She chimed, Oh my! Aren't you pretty! I'm Vanessa, Jimmy's mum but you can call me Nessa." She placed the tray on Jimmy's amp. Mum, don't put it there! Jimmy rushed to save his equipment.

Oh get over it Jimmy, she held her hand out and shook Dan's hand. Dan liked her already. Always bloody moaning, just like his dad. Even when he was a kid moan, moan, moan. I wish I had a girl, can't be as much trouble as boys. She laughed at her own joke. All I ever wanted was a girl but I only got boys, Jimmy let me put him in a dress when he was baby. Dan laughed loudly.


Oh yes, he loved the pink puff ball one with the yellow sunshine on.

MUM get out!

Don't raise your voice at me, oblivious to Jimmy's plight. We used to call him Jemima. He made such a pretty girl. Not now mind, all he wants to do is wear black band t shirts. Why would anyone name a band after vegetables?

It's spelt with a K,

And they don't even spell it right. All that tub-thumping and you can't even hear the words. No not for me, can't like it. If you want any more to drink just help yourself. When she left it was silent.

Well, she seems nice, said Dan, as she sat down on her stool behind the drum kit so she could hide her smile. Jimmy drowned his embarrassment in a very grungy pool of E minor.

Right, this is still an audition. Why don't you show me what you can do?

What do you wanna hear? Jimmy thought about this for a moment.

Drum stuff.

Dan replied to this with a very simple 4/4 rock beat. Jimmy stood in a pensive pose, his chin cradled in hand. His stoic facade didn't last as Dan switched it up making the transition into a jazz fusion like fill. Jimmy was mesmerized as Dan hit each drum and cymbal with artistic reverie her hair flying wild. Jimmy was in love with this free spirit sat in front of him. She concluded her display with a flurry of snare to hi hat triplets, finally closing her grip on Jimmys heart by galloping into Rock Show' by his beloved Blink 182. Crash! Crash! Crash!

Dan smiled and breathed heavily through her teeth. Jimmy once again was gobsmacked, a solitary clap from Al cut the electric tension that crackled through the air. Jimmy poised himself before speaking making sure his throat was clear.

Well, that was good.

Very good, Al added.

Thank you Al, Jimmy said but didn't mean it, on behalf of The Stacks' I would like to offer you a place as our third member.

Great! So when's our first gig?


Yeah, those things that bands play at usually to an audience.

Well ya'see The Stacks' is well, in the well ya'know, early stages.

Very early stages.

Thank you Al,

Do you guys even have your own songs?

Now THAT we do. Jimmy said excitedly not willing to lose Dan to minor details. He picked up his battered writing pad that was covered front to back with potential lyrics and fully finished songs. He carefully passed his pad over to Dan, and waited with baited breath as she turned the pages.

Well, she paused, you don't have any up coming gigs but it looks like you guys have potential. OK I'll join. I really like the lyrics from Traffic Light wanna give it a go?

Sure, Jimmy said in his best I don't give a damn voice.

Just start and I'll pick it up.

Well there you go chapter two not as long as number one but need to get things moving. This isnt going to be a typical fiction about girl joining band, boy falling in love with girl etc etc as we journey into my ramblings, the title of the story will become clear.

Hope you enjoy I'm trying to give my characters' more 'roundness' for the reader. It's funny really because I'm not the biggest fan of our hero Jimmy but for that same reason he fit's the bill. Will be posting v.soon. Love Percypops123

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    This doesn't sound bad. Don't explain what's going to happen next though. It kinda ruins this. It gives us things to think about. Now we know it's not a romance at all. So leave us thinking man. Good stories though.