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Come one, come all..To our beloved premiere, a special edition that will knock your socks off, give you shakes and clean your bowels. Take a seat, grab a treat, rub your feet and grow some plants in some peat..Let us take you away with power..from one love, to another..From Russia, With Love


Bio: Temnozor are a Russian folk metal band from Obninsk, who formed in 1996 as a way for the members to show their Slavic pride. Initially, they where a black metal band with folk influences, but over time the folk element has become a more prominent part of their sound. Whilst the band isn't a part of the notorious Blazebirth Hall, over the years they have had people in the band whose other projects included Blazebirth Hall bands. They are however part of the Pagan Front. Since their first demo in 1996 the band has released 4 full length albums.

Sounds like: It's hard to pin the band down to one sound really, due to the way the band's sound has progressed throughout their discography. I suppose the best place to start would be the present, with Urochisha Snov or Haunted Dreamscapes as it translates. This is quite an appropriate description, as the atmosphere is dark and evoking of another world at times, almost dreamlike one might say. Folk-like vocals are mixed with a more traditional black metal style of vocal just as folk instruments and melody are mixed with a more typical black metal instrumentation and style of playing.

Why listen? Of all the folk metal bands who try to mix their folk with black metal, I think Temnozor pull it off best. And they do this with integrity too, they have stuck true to the folk music of their region, rather than some bastardised generic folk that seems to be all the rage these days. They also avoid falling into the trap of writing a pretty boring metal song and sticking a naff melody over the top played on a whistle or violin of some sort. The way their music is crafted, it seems like the folk elements were an integral part of the composition, rather than just an afterthought as seems the case with a lot of bands I could think of.

Serdce Zhuravlinyh Prostorov White Thunder Roars Metal archives



Bio: Russian thrash from behind the steel curtain? It's every bit as awesome as it sounds. It's cool to think that even in Soviet Russia there were three like-minded gentlemen determined to drink some beer and play some loud f--king metal. Great riffs abound, consistency is the name of the game when it comes to their debut album We'll Bury You!.

Sounds like: Not really too much to say, Hellraiser thrash and they do it well. I guess in a way they're notable for being above average 90's thrash (the 90's and I'd argue the 00's were not good to thrash at all, but that's just me being an asshole). No-frills riffing combined with good aggression and a neat atmosphere make their debut (their best release by far) a great choice for a spin.

Why listen?You like thrash? Good.

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Bio: This funeral doom band was formed in Russia sometime in 2005. They are very mysterious and nothing is known about the band. I have even heard rumors that they are actually from the States, but MA says they're Russian and I feel that is the best source for a band this secretive. The lyrics are all written in a dead language which was recreated by archaeological studies. They are based off sacral texts of ancient civilizations, presumably something Sumerian, seeing as how the band is named Ea. They have released three fantastic albums and will probably continue to do so for a good while.

Sounds like: Crushing funeral doom. The atmosphere will suffocate you, and the melodies will lead you on in hopes of escape, only to leave you destroyed under the weight.

Why listen? Because it's incredible funeral doom.

Laeleia, Part 1 Taela Mu Metal archives



Bio: This four piece technical thrash metal group spawning from Volgondonsk, Rostov Region, although it's not like it matters, considering a large portion of you aren't even reading this. Frankly, I could say they were three gay clownswith half of their brains missing and a transvestite midget and you still wouldn't care. Despite your clear and present apathy towards the bio, they were formed 1988 and released one album deemed Extravastation or Krovoizliyaniye in Ruskie.

Sounds Like: Lots of things, you know..Thrash metal, Giant Dragon looking monster things, guy shrieking, all gathered into one blistering Russian bonanza.

Why Listen? omg d00d, u'd b mizzin owt, but really, there's a large array of flaming poop music scalding your ears, listen to this because you'll look cool.

Links: Towards One Goal Intro/It Came


Bio: A mirage of men gathered under the starlight, were they desolate souls lusting for riches, or just forlorn gods come down from the heavens..Whatever they were, they spoke of the sky, and the clouds. From their tales, such vivid detail and beauty, how was my mortality able to fathom this majestic scene? I kept hoping for dream, and obtained clarity..This was reality, and as soon as I grasped this grace, it was taken away from me, and they spoke one last word to me.."Scald"

Sounds Like: A cascade of swirling emotions wrapped into one of the most unknown doom metal bands to have ever existed.

Why Listen? I don't need to convince you, you're a man now.

Links: Night Sky


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    Hmm wow Темнозор are actually from my hometown in russia. neat, didn't know that.
    Bio: Russian thrash from behind the steel curtain? Iron Curtain actually.
    Hellraiser sound cool. Some of these descriptions of the sound are hilarious though "Sounds Like: A suffocating wall of despair unraveling in your anus to spread fear and make you lose faith in humanity"...sounds awesome lol
    Emenius Sleepus
    Stranglehold wrote: No Korrozia Metalla makes me sad. Great work as usual gents.
    heh the guy in that band is a ****ing nut, but his interviews are inevitably a cause of fits of laughter.
    Emenius Sleepus
    romencer17 wrote: Hmm wow Темнозор are actually from my hometown in russia. neat, didn't know that.
    They're based in Moscow now, but yeah from Obninsk originally
    jthm_guitarist wrote: I love being recommended metal! Keep it coming as often as possible!
    Every week broseidon. Nice job again contributors :cheers:
    AnnihiSlateR wrote: Fair enough, I had a feeling it would be something like that, I just wanted an excuse to share the band Vostok :p
    Never heard of it before,so mission accomplished.
    A few slight problems, but nothing too major. Thanks to the russian boys. :cheers:
    krvolok wrote: Vostok(or istok as we Southerners say)means "east".So I said East,east,east.
    Fair enough, I had a feeling it would be something like that, I just wanted an excuse to share the band Vostok :p
    Senor Kristian
    Who wrote the Aspid one? Sounds like it's written solely based on the cover and the genre tags... But I was entertained so who cares. Will add that any thrash fan ought to check 'em up.
    I can never know too many funeral doom bands, thank you vewy mush
    Something has gone wrong with the Темнозор 00; one. All the Cyrillic letters look like they have been translated, which is fair enough, but I'm not sure where came from. Other than that, looks like one of the best yet.
    AnnihiSlateR wrote: Something has gone wrong with the Темнозор one.
    Fixed, thanks.
    This. Is. GENIUS. Good work with the Aspid, Jon, summed them up better than I could have. Also, looks like the amount of readers from outside the metal forum has more than doubled - there's four of them now!
    Senor Kristian
    we_built_a_tree wrote: Good work with the Aspid, Jon, summed them up better than I could have.
    You are being too modest.