Metal Forum Recommends. Part 10

Come on in and listen to 5 attractive studs recommend you some tunes, don't forget to bring another pair of shorts!

Ultimate Guitar

Welcome to another fine edition of Metal Forum Recommends. In this week's edition, we'll touch on a softer side of the metal forum, and a side that many of you have come to love over the years..Sheer brutality. But will it be enough to amuse you for a small portion of the day? Let's take a whiff of some juicy recommends..


Bio: Occult black metal from Norway, presumably a new band, since their first release was in 2009. Shrouded in mystery, the band has only given one interview, in which they explain their message, which touches upon the ideas of anti-creation, among many others.

Sounds Like: If evil were a sound, it'd be Ddsengel. Abject evil.

Why Listen? You need not to ask why.

Recommended material: Mirium Occultum

Alor Mal Ki

-The Wildchild


Bio: Crazy amazing 80's French Heavy Metal band in the vein of Iron Maiden with Judas Priest-like vocals. Insane vocal melodies, great riffs, never ending fury, you can't not like this band. At the prime of the mid 80's, these guys influenced tons of bands in the genre of Heavy Metal and has in fact never written a bad song.

Sounds Like: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, French NWOBHM

Why Listen? Why the hell not, just do it!



Sadistic Intent

Bio: Legendary Los Angeles Death Metal band, staying true to the black oath of 80's Death Metal. This band takes the frantic and demonic style of innovators such as Morbid Angel and Possessed (whose live lineup is now 4/5 made of this band) and takes it a step further in intensity and extremity, but never forgetting the importance of powerful song structures and juicy riffs, saturating the listener with a kind of hellish conviction that few other acts can compare.

Vocals are a mid to high range evil rasp, never monotonous, the vocalist spews forth audial blasphemies with a very apparent passion. The guitars, a never ending stream of architecturally designed powerhouse riffs and sequences that are just as captivating as they are morbid, with atonal solo's winding around in bursts of emotive improvisation. Drumming consists of a large variety of atypical, but effective beats that highlights the power of the music very well. Sadly they have never released a full length, but a flawless discography of demo's and ep's more then makes up for that. It is definitely about quality over quantity when it comes to songs, and this band has it.

Sounds Like: Morbid Angel, Possessed, Necrovore, Goatlord, Blasphemy, Merciless

Why Listen? Incredibly affective Death Metal that retains a unique sound without resorting to gimmicks or obvious deviance from the original format.

Condemned In Misery Ancient Black Earth



Bio: It was a good year, the year of 2005...When two men, the heart of Lifelover, by the names of "( )" and "B" released a promo, soon they gathered the limbs..1853, and LR, and with that, we'll continue on...

A quiet beginning with the release of Pulver in 06', and all of a sudden, the world became dimmer. The sky was darker, and the streets, silent. The one band I have found to pass on this filthy beauty to it's listeners, with such accuracy and devotion to depression. Another release, Erotik, to wade in this water a little further, although our legs were cold and clammy, we were waiting to be submersed, the passion was lingering near, but we needed one more step..That step, was Konkurs, engulfing us in the hate surrounding. As we drowned, we saw reflections of our lives, our most desperate moments..

Sounds like: As a band with more roots in black metal, and dark acoustic, their sound is rather hard to pinpoint. Especially considering Erotik is more acoustic oriented, whereas Konkurs/Pulver are both more black, with rock influence and piano scattered amongst the riffs.

Why listen? Konkurs, Pulver and Erotik are all unique in their own aspects and it would be a shame for someone to miss out.

Spiken I Kistan Myspace


Continuing with our newly found discovery of trying non-metal bands in this, here is AnnihiSlater's piece on a man who needs no introduction..

Martin Simpson

Bio: Martin Simpson is a Folk musician, born in Scunthorpe England in 1953. He is well renowned for his guitar, slide guitar and banjo playing ability, winning awards for his playing and music from the likes of the BBC folk awards, and Acoustic Guitar Magazine who ranked him number 12 in the world in 2005. Whilst his roots lie in English folk music, he spent 15 years living in America, where he developed a very American style of bluesy folk music.

Sounds Like: There are a lot of styles he incorporates. Notable musicians who have been a clear influence are Nic Jones and Bob Dylan, both of whom he has either covered tracks of, or has at least covered their interpretation of traditional song. He has a lot of English folk ballads in his repertoire, but also Celtic airs, bluesy folk songs from America, and even tunes he writes himself, that in my opinion have a somewhat distinctive style. Martin likes to experiment with tunings and often includes the tunings for his songs in the notes for his albums, so it's not just a conventional standard tuning strum along that some might associate with folk music.

Why Listen? I honestly rate him as one of the best guitarists in the world at the moment. Whilst he might not shred like Batio or Cooley, what he plays is tuneful, sometimes technical, and fitting to the song. Masterful finger picking, wonderful use of the slide, fantastic interpretations of traditional songs, great compositions. Even if you're not a fan of folk music on the whole, I think anyone who plays the guitar can find something from his playing, whether it be enjoyment, appreciation or both. I really can't praise him enough.

I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes She Slips Away Official Site Myspace


Sad for this to end? Don't be! We have nine previous to this and more on the way! See you next week!

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    The Wildchild
    Before someone decides to jump on my ass for the "Why listen?" part: Ddsengel makes grandiose music with a twisted edge. Deathly guitars battle with absolutely diabolical vocals over a bestial skinpounding assault. The songwriting also deserves a mention, as their songs are structured in a rather peculiar manner, in which sections are rather abundant, occasionally into ambient territory while still maintaining coherence. Certainly a must hear.
    Most of the people involvd in this hate Djent,it would be more likely that a Prog Rock band gets added or something.
    You should do some progressive metal artists one day. I'm sure you would find some sick artists to show us. Maybe some "Djent." Otherwise, great article although i don't favor this type of music but it is clearly not mainstream typical bands you hear about every day, so +1
    severed-metal wrote: Yes I edited the part where you stated, and I quote, "It's like getting your dick blown by a french hooker"
    Well it is, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    well given NWOBHM was more movement that genre they can't really play it. Neal Kay came up with the term as away to lump the current crop of British heavy metal bands together. The likes of Venom, Witchfinder General, Iron Maiden and Praying Mantis all come under NWOBHM but all sound quite different.
    Yes, it was me. I felt the line was a tad inappropriate and not sure where UG sits with their articles, concerning swearing and vulgarity.
    Yes I edited the part where you stated, and I quote, "It's like getting your dick blown by a french hooker" French NWOBHM sounds exactly like french people playing NWOBHM, which in itself doesn't make sense in retrospect..Actually, I wonder if I did edit it..I'll check Andy's rough draft, because I mostly just copy/paste and fix spelling mistakes.
    whoever edited my sortilege entry is an idiot, it was funny before, now it's just kinda lame. And french nwobhm ? Damn it severed, was this your doing ?
    Shite. You guys clearly don't know what's up. Go listen to Slipknot you poseurs.
    You're the ****ing retard for taking me seriously, and how has that user not been banned yet? They've posted more than enough times for a moderator to catch on. And it doesn't even have to be an adbot; there aren't enough to posts on Ultimate Guitar to event warrant one.
    Nah Miley 'Crus' is well too kvlt for me. I prefer the soothing melodies of take that personally.
    u guys r cleerly posers and not black metallurs becuz u havint even hurd ov cockhammer album 'satans acrid ejaculate drenches your face while beelzebub films' or poosex album 'the eternal sorrow of ethiopians as they stare at the oily sump of collective anal seepage after the anal rapings of dusk' you just pretend to be kvlt but you really listen to miley crus new single 'I'm eighteen now and may legally suck any penis I so desire'
    Ddsengel: not normally what I would listen to but I loved the tension in the guitar work! Very cool
    Martin Simpson is incredible, and he's from Sunny Scunny too, haha, about 10 minutes from where I live. Respect for the Metal forum has just gone right up, great choices this time.
    French NWOBHM is a bit of an Oxymoron to be fair. I've not listened to any of the first 4 bands. I shall remedy that immediately.
    severed-metal wrote: Yes I edited the part where you stated, and I quote, "It's like getting your dick blown by a french hooker"