Metal Forum Recommends. Part 12

The angels have called for you, it is your time..To enlarge your metal ego with these fantastic recommends.

Ultimate Guitar

Hey ya'll, I hear you like recommends pertaining to your tastes, so I grabbed 5 random bands from people that like to spread their glory all over your face. Enjoy!

Wicked Lester

Bio: Don't skip this thinking this is the band that became KISS. This is a wholly different beast. Truly a band with a tragic history to say the least. Tragic in the sense they they only have one release, tragic in the sense that that's because the singer's death brought this about. It's clear he was at least aware he was going to die soon with the lyrical content, many of the songs are about being near death, or being ready to die. Unusual for its time, a USPM album in the late 90's that has such a strong 80's sound. A must listen for fans of power metal with balls.

Sounds like: Jag Panzer, Judas Priest, a touch of Iron Maiden.

Why listen? Sick of keyboard-heavy power metal concerned only with dragons, prophecy and prophetic dragons? Look no further.

Blinded Far Away Metal archives


Black Knight

Bio: Canadian band Black Knight were formed in the early spring of 1981 in Vancouver. According to bass player Glenn "The Hammer" Hoffman, the band chose the name after listening to the Deep Purple song of the same name one night at a band practice. The band started to build a reputation for themselves live, supporting the likes of Nazareth. In 1983 singer Chris Hopkinson left the band and was replaced by a female singer, Lori "The Scream Queen" Wilde. The band released their only official release, the EP Master of Disaster, in 1985. Not long after this the band split up. The EP has been reissued with 6 bonus tracks in 2002 by Cult Metal Classics on CD and vinyl. In 2006 Cult Metal Classics released a Best of CD called Black Knight, which was essentially the 2002 reissue with an extra track, bonus video, and different artwork.

Sounds like: Traditional metal, how it used to be made. Great riffs, catchy choruses and above all really well-written songs. The band themselves refer to their music as gothic metal, but with the way the term seems to have change in regards to metal, I think that would be a little misleading nowadays. Traditional heavy metal and power metal are closer to what most would associate their sound with. For fans of Iron Maiden, Dio era Black Sabbath, Diamond Head, Warlock and Omen.

Why listen? If the 'Sounds like' section sounded like it might be something you'd be into, I can't think of any reason whatsoever not to listen to them. They are a great band who just got a run of bad luck. I think had they been picked up by a decent label or things where different they could have been huge. In short a band this good deserves to be heard.

Dead of Knight Warlord's Wrath Metal archives Purchase the album at Sonic Age Records



Bio: Formed in 2007 in Helsinki, Swallowed play Death Metal with strong Doom influences. They self-released Putrefaction in 2007 and released 2008's Epitaph in Nauseum on Detest Records. Signed up to guitarist Samu Salovaara's own label Emptiness Records, 2010's Swallowed EP was released to great acclaim and with a full-length promised for early next year, these lads are certainly worth looking into. The newest EP is still available on the label site, though unfortunately the 2 demos before are very hard to get.

Sounds like: Slimy Death Metal with a dash of Doom. Slow churning guitars under filthy vocals. Pure Mental Funeral worship.

Why listen? Because these guys are writing kick ass Death Metal they way the Finns intended.

Horrifying Visions Metal archives Buy at Emptiness Records, Detest Records


Order From Chaos

Bio: Cult Kansas Death/Thrash group from the early 90s. Members went on to play in bands such as Angelcorpse, Revenge, Kerasphorus, Vulpecula and Ares Kingdom. The band played a unique take on 80s extreme metal that was sucked through some kind of vortex into an alien world. Deeply philosophical and occult themes get translated through a relentless stream of thrashing riffs with a ton of rhythmic flair and originality. The drumming shows no sign of typical Death Metal mentality, with blast beats and double bass being all but abandoned for the sake of pummelling punk beats. The vocals are a unique snarl that fans of Angelcorpse will be able to identify quickly, as Pete Helmkamp is and always has been one of the greatest metal vocalists. Everything about this band reeks of originality and quality. After three albums they disbanded, not wanting to get stale. An Ending in Fire served as an excellent final album and this band has one of the best discographies of any band.

Sounds like: Message me if you can find anything, I've been looking for a long time.

Why listen? If unique, savage and occult Death Metal is something you enjoy, then this band is for you.

The Edge of Forever Tenebrae/The Sign Draconis Metal archives


And now, beckon to the call, and indulge your senses to the heavily enjoyable...

Sabbath Assembly

Bio: A psychedelic rock band featuring Jex Thoth, of the band of the same name, and Dave Nuss of No-Neck Blues band. The band pays homage to a relatively peculiar entity called The Process Church of the Final Judgement through their reworking of the group's purification hymns. An engaging trip through 60s/early 70s psychedelics reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane and Coven, but with an occult atmosphere. Some vintage flavour manifests itself in the music, bringing to mind Ennio Morricone's film scores. It's not trippy in the sense that it is a flurry of otherworldly sounds, instead it lulls the mind into a trip, so to speak.

Sounds like: Coven, or a coven on a warm summer night in the woods.

Why listen? Their album, Restored to One, is in itself a trip from which you will benefit, mostly because of the smooth, laid-back music and cozy/earthy/warm atmosphere it radiates.


Farewell my friends, we shall meet again in the near future, but for now..I bid you, adieu.

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    I love the guitar tone on Stillbirth Machine more than you can imagine
    Who clicked because of the chick in Sabbath Assembly? (I did)
    Giorgi wrote: Who clicked because of the chick in Sabbath Assembly? (I did)
    I was going to say this. Yes, I did.